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I'd like to get to the place where six miles are my short runs and ten is my weekend run. I'd like to someday run trail ultras. That's the dream.

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Misha logged 424 miles.

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  1. RUN
    my rebounder : ) 0.7 mi 00:10:00 14:17 pace

    Lots of snowshoeing and snow play last week that I didn't record (and it was AMAZING) - but this week I am giving it a go... I am starting out small (and hopefully wise) just with a slowslowbo... read more

    • Erinn H.
      Erinn H.

      i love this misha. i am so happy for you. tell me about this workout coach? i could use one!!
      praying against untoward things and hoping you are able to get back into the running groove.

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  2. walk
    good Two walks 4 mi

    Walked 55 min at 6:30am - not sure of distance, but freeeeezing & beautiful sky. I love frosty clear early walks. Then came home, loaded three kids & puppy again & headed to the lake tr... read more

    • Erinn H.
      Erinn H.

      nap emma nap! did you get to see the sunrise? oh it has been gorgeous (COLD!) the past couple days.
      wanna go for a third walk tonight? ;)

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    • Rachel A.
      Rachel A.

      Oh, I'm so jealous of those walks. Sounds beautiful!!

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  3. walk
    Forest Loop 2.17 mi 00:35 16:07 pace

    Much slower today. I'm tired from crazy interrupted sleep. But still got out there. And I always feel better for it. Poor puppy is still raring to go...

    • Erinn H.
      Erinn H.

      boo for interrupted sleep. yay for getting out there! way to be diligent this week! you motivate me to be consistent! :)

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  4. walk
    great New Favourite Loop 3.41 mi 00:53 15:32 pace

    (Up McGrath, down McLeod, up Woodside, through forest trail to the end, loop around Barkley, back up Chandler and at the end of Chandler cut through the multiple sets of stairs back to forest up, b... read more

  5. walk
    good Northlake 3 mi

    3 kids, a puppy & a stroller in the forest. The puppy is now napping & the kids are peaceful. The joys of it all! :)

  6. walk
    Chandler to the end, forest t... 2.87 mi 00:43 14:58 pace

    Picked up the pace a tiny bit more this morning (4984 steps vs 5153 yesterday with same distance) - it was cold and Emma was super excited. : ) I'll be happy when it's lighter a bit earli... read more

  7. walk
    great Up Woodside and Forest Loop 2.86 mi 00:48 16:46 pace

    So, so thankful. I have been having a hard week - just so exhausted and having to still get back into the school routine again. I knew I needed these outdoor times to survive. Today proved that. It... read more

    • Tonia P.
      Tonia P.

      So glad you are able to get out doing what you love, Misha. It makes such a difference to be outdoors. Love you.

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    • Erinn H.
      Erinn H.

      precious times, it sounds like. praise the Lord for this.
      ps, i can't wait for you to be running again:)

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Misha L.
      Misha L.

      Thanks, ladies. It is such a gift to be able to move again. I'm a way nicer person when I do, too. : )

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  8. walk
    good during K's piano lesson with ... 1 mi 00:25 25:00 pace

    (distance an estimate) The last two days my husband and I have been working out the details of me being able to go out again every day. So it's been a hit and miss a bit while he's adjust... read more

  9. walk
    great forest loop 2.12 mi 00:36 16:58 pace

    Well, this is my first attempt at getting back into a morning schedule since the surgery on Oct 11. I waited until January like I promised. I can tell my stomach muscles are shot - lots of lower ba... read more

  10. walk
    good 2.5 mi

    Family forest fast run & walk. Running not for me yet but gorgeous frost & pink rosy cheeks & sunrise. I needed to move so bad I was starting to fall apart. I'm really missing the ... read more

    • Erinn H.
      Erinn H.

      aw friend, hoping for encouraging walks for you.

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    • Lindsey

      That sounds beautiful, Misha! How are you feeling? When will you be able to run again? Take care of you

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  11. walk
    good 3.2 mi

    Northlake trail playmate for Emma & her girlfriend Rogue. Lionel & I got to chat with Rogue's owners. Not much grownup exercise but lots of beauty & fresh air.

  12. walk

    About an hour with puppy & family. Lots of hills & brisk pace. Gorgeous sunset, too!

  13. walk
    good 2 mi

    With kids on Northlake trail & with dog off leash. It's like keeping track of 3 puppies! But so pretty over there.

  14. walk
    good Northshore 3 mi

    With very happy to be off-leash puppy & husband - beautiful!! (& cold!)

  15. walk
    good Fairhaven 5 mi

    Walked interurban & then up steep hill in fairhaven & up & down Taylor stairs. Loved being by the water! I'm huffing more than normal but no pain... So happy about that. Thankful!

    • Rachel A.
      Rachel A.

      Oh how I miss walking by the water!! Glad you were able to walk with no pain!

      over 6 years ago Like

  16. walk
    good Chandler/Barkley and back 4 mi

    9 -10pm, 28 degrees, full moon, sweet friend listening to me talk ... Beautiful & I'm thankful! (distance approx)

  17. walk
    good The Woods and My Neighbourhood 7 mi

    Walked 1.5 hrs in the woods with the dog today. Super crisp & beautiful. Dog was spazzy & kids were giddy. First walk I've had with them for at least 8 wks. So wonderful! Then got to w... read more

    • Rachel A.
      Rachel A.

      Me too ... I much prefer walking/running in the crisp than in the HEAT! It must feel good to get those legs moving again!

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Misha L.
      Misha L.

      SO good. : )

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  18. walk
    good Moonlight date walk 2.8 mi

    Walked with my husband & the puppy up woodside & through the woods with the trails illuminated only by moonlight. And then we walked down completely silent roads surrounded by brightly ging... read more

    • Rachel A.
      Rachel A.

      That sounds amazing! Been thinking about you a lot friend. Praying for your recovery. I know how hard it is to take time off. Go slowly and be well ... I still have a package for you!! Really!

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Erinn H.
      Erinn H.

      oh I love this. so glad for you. did Emma behave?

      over 6 years ago Like

    • Misha L.
      Misha L.

      Thanks ladies! And, no, Emma is not in any sort of behaving season yet. Lol

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  19. walk
    good Walked three walks this last ... 7 mi

    First walk approx 2.5, second .5 and today 4m - in sunshine & recovering from some crazy virus no less. So so thankful! It makes such a difference psychologically!