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Run! It's the only drug left that's still legal!

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  • Dnyaneshwar T.

    Dnyaneshwar T.

    Navi Mumbai, IN, To run maraton with 20km/hr speed

  • Collin


    Mumbai, IN,

  • Viv M.

    Viv M.

    Mumbai, IN, Have a healthier lifestyle. Maintain my weight. Run a HM in sub 1:45 hrs, Do a Half Iron someday

  • Praveen Giriya

    Praveen Giriya

    Chennai, IN, Injury Free Running for lifetime ! Time Goals Sub 22 5k, Sub 45 10k, Sub 1:40 HM ,Sub 4 FM .

  • Sudhir S.

    Sudhir S.

    Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Running injury Free

  • Ashok T.

    Ashok T.

    Bangalore, IN, 2014 Do 2x1000km+1200km brevets, 500km in 24h Do FM this year

  • Petite


    , T25 Beta, Daily Planks, 1st trail race attempt in September, Marathon #5 Austin Marathon training commence Mid November. Do your thing Dailymilers!

  • Paul B.

    Paul B.

    Wolverhampton, GB, Rock and Roll Liverpool Marathon 2014.

  • Jenny


    Edgerton, WI, Goal for 2014: sub-22:00 5k, 1000 miles, some half marathons, at least 1 marathon, and anything else in between!

  • Helene W.

    Helene W.

    TX, Being able to run / race for a whole season without any injuries :-) And maybe race a darn @$$ fast 5 K?

  • Manish R.

    Manish R.

    Mumbai, IN, This year, get a sub-2 hour finish in a HM under the belt, a sub 25 min 5K, and a sub 55 min 10K! Do a Triathlon!(Done the Sprint Tri)

  • Suresh S.

    Suresh S.

    Bangalore, IN, run happy and keep listening and learning

  • Sanjeev P.

    Sanjeev P.

    Bangalore, IN, 2014 : Two Full Marathons Long term : Be fit.

  • Nishad


    Pune, IN, Get stronger. Run better.

  • Christine M.

    Christine M.

    Littleton, CO, ~ Never give up!

  • Shashin R.

    Shashin R.

    Mumbai, IN, Fitness.

  • Nitin K.

    Nitin K.

    , To complete half marathon in sub 100 mins and full marathon in sub 4 hrs. I know its bit too high, but i am not in hurry.

  • Ram


    Mumbai, IN, 2500

  • Pratyush S.

    Pratyush S.

    India, My Goal for 2014 is to complete Full Marathon sub 4.30 hrs.

  • Kapil T.

    Kapil T.

    Hyderabad, IN, Run 1000 kms in 2014. Run first FM. Run a sub 2hr HM.

  • Vikram


    Mumbai, IN, 5km sub 20mins; half marathon sub 1:40 and complete a full by the end of the year.

  • Kartik M.

    Kartik M.

    Mumbai, IN, 2014: 1. Sub 4.00 FM. 2. Sub 1.50 HM. 3. Remain injury free. Permanent Goals: 1. Have fun! 2. Bring more people into running world.

  • Hyenapete


    Tamalpais Homestead Valley, CA, Try & keep running and biking fun while I challenge myself and freak people out! :) Take care everyone...

  • Himadri B.

    Himadri B.

    Delhi, India, IN, Injury free running

  • Nidhi S.

    Nidhi S.

    , To keep a routine for now... increase my stamina ..