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Sub 3:25 Marathon Chicago 2013 (3:36:51PR)Sub 1:30 Half(1:33:55 PR), Sub 42 10K(43:50 PR), Sub 20 5K(20:13 PR) Train hard, have fun and make new friends:)

Wall of Motivation (258)

  1. Dane S.
      Post a workout!

    Hope you are healthy and happy!

  2.   Post a workout!

    Happy New Year, Michael!

  3. Dane S.
      Post a workout!

    Hey Michael, everything alright? My friends here in West Palm Beach and I wer... read more

  4. Alejandro
      Post a workout!

    Hey Michael. Hope everything is well with you. I never saw the Chicago Marath... read more

  5. Marcelo S.
      Good Luck

    Tomorrow is day..You what to do!! on a workout

  6. Marcelo S.
      You're an Inspiration

    nice way to finish a great week!! on a workout

  7.   You're an Inspiration

    Such an amazing athlete you are !!! YOU got it done !!! on a workout

  8. Marcelo S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Beast mode on!!! Excellent run Michael!! on a workout

  9. Alejandro
      You're an Inspiration

    Finishing strong! Good job! on a workout

  10. D M.
      Great Performance

    WTG! Great! only in my dreams would I be that fast! on a workout

  11. Marcelo S.
      Great Performance

    that's what I call fun!! great work!! on a workout

  12. Alejandro
      You're an Inspiration

    Great run and good job in toughing it out! on a workout

  13. Marcelo S.
      Nice Job

    Beast workout!! on a workout

  14. Alejandro
      Nice Job

    Happy running... on a workout

  15. Alejandro
      Get Better

    Sorry to hear about the injury. Good job toughing it out. on a workout

  16. Alejandro
      Nice Job

    Great job! on a workout

  17. Marcelo S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Good sleep is gold! Great run any way! Enjoy your power nap! on a workout

  18. Danielle K.
      Great Performance

    see our 3 mile flat paved tempos can be run faster! hehe on a workout

  19. Ria H.

    Wow, that's fast!!!! on a workout

  20. Marcelo S.

    Amazing!! Fantastic race and awesome finish!! on a workout

  21. Alejandro
      Great Performance

    You will get it soon. Congrats on the podium! on a workout

  22.   Congrats

    YOU are awesome !!! on a workout

  23. Marcelo S.

    Great race Michael! Enjoy your family day!! on a workout

  24. Danielle K.
      Nice Job

    sweet splits! on a workout

  25. Marcelo S.
      Great Performance

    Zooooommm!! yes you will!..Great work Master!! Are you doing the ALS 5K/10K m... read more

  26. Ines E.
      Great Performance

    wow 19 min for 3 miles!!! that's amazing. that's my goal for the 5k corporate... read more

  27. Alejandro

    Amazing job Michael! You worked hard for this, very well deserved. Now enjoy ... read more

  28. Marcelo S.
      You're an Inspiration

    incredible my friend!! that's awesome!! congrats!!! on a workout

  29. Meg G.

    Woohoo, yay for new PR! And fantastic time/pace! on a workout

  30. Ines E.
      You're an Inspiration

    i have to say you are super fast on a workout

  31. Marcelo S.

    Super job Michael!!! on a workout

  32. Christopher M.
      Good Luck

    good luck at the ING Miami Half! get after it ! on a workout

  33.   Good Luck

    Go get 'em, MB! on a workout

  34. Danielle K.

    way to be competitive today! sometimes conditions don't allow for great times... read more

  35. Alejandro
      Great Performance

    Congrats on getting to the podium! on a workout

  36. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Super sweet 7+ miler. :) on a workout

  37. Christopher M.
      Nice Job

    nice run! on a workout

  38. Felix V.
      Nice Job

    Very nice! on a workout

  39. Alejandro
      Nice Job

    Still great result Michael! Congrats. on a workout

  40. Ria H.
      Great Performance

    Wow, that's a killer workout, Michael!!! Man, you ROCK!!! on a workout

  41. Ria H.
      Feel Better

    That's pretty amazing for someone who doesn't feel too well.. Rest up and fee... read more

  42. Bianca F.
      Great Performance

    Awesome pace!!! on a workout

  43. Alejandro
      Good Luck

    Good luck tomorrow! on a workout

  44. Marcelo S.
      Nice Job

    awesome run Michael!! didn't see you, maybe next time! I want you to meet my ... read more

  45. Ria H.
      Great Performance

    Great going, Michael!! I would say that's an outstanding tempo! on a workout

  46. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    What a great run, Michael! Superb miles and pace!! on a workout

  47. Ria H.
      Feel Better

    Awesome run, Michael! Take care of the back! on a workout

  48. Eve
      Great Performance

    Holy Speed Racer! Congratulations!! on a workout

  49. Shannon W.
      Nice Job

    great job! on a workout

  50. Alejandro

    Excellent Michael! Congratulations!!! on a workout