Friends (125)

  • Saqeb L.

    Saqeb L.

    Islamabad, PK, I aim to run better 10k, and maiden HM in 2013.Need to slim down. As well in 2014

  • Marvin C.

    Marvin C.

    Weston, FL, 21k-1:30 (2/26 ran 1:40); 10k-39 min (2/5 ran 41:34); 5k-19 min (7/12 ran 20:04); beat best Army 2 mile time of 13:05 (DONE), BQ & ultra (DONE) barefoot

  • Kemal K.

    Kemal K.

    Istanbul, TR,

  • Toni Ortiz L.

    Toni Ortiz L.

    Terrassa (Barcelona), ES, gaudi de l esport i la natura enjoyment of sport and nature

  • Pep B.

    Pep B.

    Vilassar De Mar, ES,

  • Erika M.

    Erika M.

    Detroit, MI, To build on my Ironman 2012 finish, continue doing triathlons and be a great mom to my 2 girls!

  • Fatmacca74 A.
  • Iain


    Devon, GB, No goals for 2013 - YET!!

  • Grant E.

    Grant E.

    West Sussex, GB, Family life is the most most important thing at the moment but I'll maybe do an ironman before I am 40 in 4 years time.

  • Guadalupe G.

    Guadalupe G.

    Biloxi, MS, Stay healthy.

  • J


    Cape Town, ZA, Ironman South Africa 2015 and some smaller races.

  • Tom G.

    Tom G.

    United Kingdom, GB, August: 100 miles, sub 25 5k

  • Julien B.

    Julien B.

    Bristol, GB,

  • Timothy O.

    Timothy O.

    Annapolis, MD, Back in the US and committed to the process. Love to race and want that pro card.

  • Guillaume P.

    Guillaume P.

    Perpignan, FR, Marathon de Paris sub 3h45

  • Susan J.

    Susan J.

    NH, increasing my speed and my mileage and staying strong and fit for the rest of my life

  • Michael S.

    Michael S.

    Bath, GB, For 2014 - London GFA time. Current PBs - 19:34 (Mar '14) 40:48 (May '13) 1:25:18 (Mar '14) 2:59:20 (Apr '14)

  • Andy P.

    Andy P.

    Barcelona, ES, Beat any of my best times again. Next try will be 10 km.

  • Joe R.

    Joe R.

    Omaha, NE, Continue maintaining riding/running a century per week year-round & increase power. Also step up my power yoga and core work to increase overall wellness.

  • Jane L.

    Jane L.

    Swindon, GB, Just to get fitter and run

  • Michael J.

    Michael J.

    Swansea, GB, You can't start the new part of your life if you keep rereading the old one. The 2013 challenge is Ironman Sweden, and not let Cerebral Palsy get in the way.

  • Roger T.

    Roger T.

    MatarĂ³, ES,

  • Robert H.

    Robert H.

    Bielefeld, DE, 2014 Goals: Learn from my past mistakes to make 2014 the best fitness year I have had.

  • Scott L.

    Scott L.

    Medford, OR, Focus more on overall health while staying in tri shape leading into 2014 tri season.

  • Lisa M.

    Lisa M.

    Calne, GB,