2764 total / 318 in 2014

Run a half marathon in under 2 hours and 20 minutes(made goal 11/12). New goal run a half under 2:15!

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  • 3 miles
  • 00:31 time
  • 400 calories
  • 1 workouts
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  1. RUN
    alright treadmill 3 mi 00:31 10:28 pace

    I have been sick since Friday so this was my first workout. Still not feeling up to par so I kept the run nice and easy. May try and bike later on. I need to get more bike riding in before the t... read more

    • Carolyn B.
      Carolyn B.

      I wouldn't worry about any of it till you feel better! you'll be fine:)

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    • Megan M.
      Megan M.

      Take it easy if you're not feeling well! You'll do great at the tri!

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    • Lisa S.
      Lisa S.

      I am sorry you've been sick. I hope you are well now! Don't worry about the bike. I was nervous to death because I am very short (under 5 feet) and can barely get on my bike (I look very awkward!) On race day, I was just fine--you will be, too!!

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  2. RUN
    good Beach run 1.5 mi 00:15:00 10:00 pace

    Just wanted to get something in today so I ran first thing this morning and spent the rest of the day building sand castles!

  3. swim
    great Open water swim Yeah! 00:35

    I feel so awesome right now! I swam out to the buoy and back twice! My husband was on the shore with the girls so I felt pretty safe. I mean if a shark was going to get me, ce la vie!

  4. RUN
    good Indian Rocks Beach 3 mi 00:32 10:39 pace

    My legs felt heavy after the swim but I went ahead and ran 3 miles. Going to tan by the pool now!

  5. walk
    good Another family walk with a we... 2 mi 00:35 17:30 pace

    I admit that I am opting for family time vs exercise! Took a family walk/run this evening. It was an option I wanted instead of running on my own. Megan and Maddie ran with me for a mile on and ... read more

  6. walk
    good Indian Rocks Beach 2.5 mi 00:45 18:00 pace

    First day of vacation and we went on a family walk through the waves! Very choppy out there but the girls were running in and out of the surf.

  7. VELO
    good Stationary Session 10 mi 00:35 17.1mph pace

    I was supposed to go to CrossFit but my husband had car trouble so I had to turn around and go home. Set the resistance on 3 and just rode until I reached 10 miles...

  8. swim
    good beach condo pool brick part 2 00:45

    I am not even going to try and figure out how much I swam today. The pool was a little shorter than 25 m so I swam about 65 laps. It was heated and just perfect!

  9. RUN
    good beach run brick part 1 2.8 mi 00:30 10:42 pace

    I was very tired this morning from yesterday so I just ran for 30 minutes. Almost got 3 miles in but I knew I still had to swim!

  10. RUN
    Treadmill run 5.1 mi 00:52 10:11 pace

    Ran at 6am. Oldest daughter had a dance competition and we left at 7:45 am and did not get home til 8:30pm. I will catch up with you guys tomorrow. I am exhausted!

  11. RUN
    good Carrollwood Elementary Runnin... 3 mi 00:36 12:00 pace

    All I can say is that if it was already this hot in April, we are in some serious trouble! It was above 80 degrees with humidity and the kids were complaining the whole entire run! I will admit, ... read more

    • Lisa S.
      Lisa S.

      Maybe you guys could all bring spray bottles with water in it to squirt at each other--would be fun and cool you down at the same time! Or, afterwards, play sponge tag--each person has a sopping wet sponge. You throw it at someone. If you hit someone, that person "freezes" until someone else throws another sponge and hits him/her. (I was a cub scout leader--I know lots of silly games!) Great three miles in the heat.

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    • Kristy

      It was 80 in North Carolina this week too. Right from winter to summer

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    • Kellie W.
      Kellie W.

      My body is having trouble adjusting to the heat/humidity, too. They'll get used to it.

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  12. swim
    great YMCA pool 1500 yd 00:40 46:55 pace

    Felt great getting into the pool again! Lanes were wide open so I just swam. Had 40 minutes in between my girls dance classes. Arms are still sore from CrossFit but swimming helped loosen them u... read more

  13. RUN
    good treadmill run 4 mi 00:41 10:15 pace

    My legs were so heavy and sore from CrossFit. I had to keep the pace a little slower than I would have liked.

  14. RUN
    good warm up! 0.5 mi 00:04:15 08:30 pace

    Every bit counts!

  15. FIT
    good Rikr Crossfit 01:05

    Well if I thought I wasn't as strong as I used to be, this class confirmed it!
    Warm up: lunges across the room and back, mountain climbers, pull ups, jumping lunges and a 600yd run! We also... read more

  16. RUN
    good Davis Island 1 mi 00:08:57 08:56 pace

    Fastest mile on record for me! Legs were very heavy after biking but I was very happy with the end result.

  17. VELO
    good Davis Island Brick part 1 6.4 mi 00:33 11.6mph pace

    Riding outside is WAY different than on a stationary bike! We had a strong head wind the whole ride. However, I felt excited about finally being able to get a proper ride in this weekend.

  18. walk
    good Bayshore Blvd Wonder walk 3 mi 01:00 20:00 pace

    Excellent walk for charity! Cornerstone ministries helps children in need in the community. Focuses on Education as well, which is right up my alley. The girls ran several times during the walk... read more

  19. RUN
    good Early treadmill run 2.5 mi 00:25 10:00 pace

    Did a very quick, early run this morning pre Wonderwalk.

  20. RUN
    great Carrollwood Elementary runnin... 3.1 mi 00:33 10:38 pace

    64 kids have signed up for running club this session!! Absolutely amazed at the number of kids. We enlisted the help of a young man who works at our local running store, he is a Phys. Ed. Major a... read more