Michael Given #dailymission why did...

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#dailymission Why did I join DM? What have you gotten from it that surprised you? Like MANY others it was because I wanted to journal my running and post updates and engage in discussion, but got the sense that my Facebook friends were sick of even one running related post every few weeks. What I've gotten is a very good community that motivates and encourages one another.

  • Brenda B.
    Brenda B.

    LOL Hey me too, all my FB friends knew I did was run or some sort of XT. DM has been my place to share it all while being motivated!

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  • Cammy H.
    Cammy H.

    I agree, I love this community too.

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  • Deonna B.
    Deonna B.

    I love the encouragement and it makes me accountable. I need both! :)

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  • Mid

    TOTALLY AGREE ...and now I ask my FB friends to just join DM so we don't have to see their exercise post all the time (it makes the rest of us look bad)...haha ; )

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  • Christine Z.
    Christine Z.

    I agree! my friends were pretty tired of my running/cycling talk. They all said I made them look bad. lol

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  • Amy D.
    Amy D.

    I totally agree. The funny thing is I started using it to track runs for a year or so before I joined the "community". I am loving sharing this life with all of you!

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  • Laura J
    Laura J

    I joined DM to log my workouts. I did not expect to make many friends when I first joined, but after only a month all of you wonderful DM members have given me a support network. I am so thankful for having joined this inspirational community. You guys are awesome! :)

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  • Shannon Alana C.
    Shannon Alana C.

    I joined DM to keep up with my couch25k training. Now I'm so glad I did-everyone keeps me so motivated!

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  • Ian N.
    Ian N.

    A friend put me onto it and I stayed holed up in my little corner of DM just so I could log my exercise to help motivate me to do something. Finally decided to open the doors and welcome in customers a little while ago and haven't looked back . Intially motivation and support but I like having a joke or two in my posts as well. In addition there is a wealth of information on here which can be tapped - you just have to reach out and ask. Nicest bunch of peeps on here too just to add icing on the cake. :)

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  • Vera M.
    Vera M.

    for support and encouragement and to provide that to others. And it has done just that! Very supportive people and I only hope others have felt the same :)

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