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2013: BQ, 3:40 in a full. Sub 40 10 km. To run Boston marathon!! To support people who are healing.

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  1. RUN
    blah Hill repeats 4.6 km 00:51 17:50 pace

    Stairs, with a 10 kg back pack, and a strained ankle. Felt it on the glutes. Sports massage with a physio after. The archilles is a bit angry apparently. :-)

    • David G.
      David G. Feel Better
      Feel Better:

      Geez Mel,stairs are difficult enough without having 22 lbs strapped to your least the sports massage sounds good:-)

      about 18 hours ago

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    • Paul S.
      Paul S.

      Careful Mel...sounds brutal!

      about 7 hours ago Like

    • Mel Z.
      Mel Z.

      It's weird - I normally would run for say 60 or 90 mins but for this ultra, the coach has some race specific training. Lets see how it works out. Feels wrong, but maybe that's as I've been doing road marathons.

      41 minutes ago Like

  2. RUN
    Epping Run Club - with Pippa! 8 km 00:56 11:15 pace

    So lovely to see Pippa again. :-) Guessed distance. Perfect temperatures, and the rain held off. Humid as all crap though! But, a perfect run. :-)

  3. I think I'm an idiot. Seeing doctors, naturopaths, etc about being tired. More B12, more iron, magnesium, yadda yadda. I really need to just go to bed earlier, to deal with the 5:30am wake ups... read more

  4. Saw a health professional about energy levels, moods, hormones, etc. She says I need to (1) put on 2 kg, and (2) eat more protein, in particular meat. She has a low opinion of vegetarians, and hone... read more

    • Pope Jam
      Pope Jam

      (Be thankful I deleted my smutty comment. Let's just say it centred around the words "protein", "eating" and "meat".)

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    • Peneloperae

      You're kidding me! Fact: lower weight=much faster speed! Also recall all that research on very low body weight and longevity (even if not athletic!) Fact: we don't need THAT much protein for health! More and more doctors here strongly support veganism and vegetarianism for health. Ugh.

      3 days ago Like

    • Peneloperae

      I do think women athletes need to check their Ferritin levels (if it's very low, regardless of RBC and haemoglobin, iron supplementation is fantastic and important!). There is research to back this up- Ferritin level is more telling in athletic women than RBC etc. because fitness will elevate RBC and haemoglobin and mask the deficiency. etc.......

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  5. RUN
    Hill work after the trail run 3 km 00:20 10:43 pace

    Guessed time and distance. Still can't remember to hit start/stop properly.

  6. RUN
    Manly Dam 9 km 01:00 10:43 pace

    With coach Pete good chatting.

  7. RUN
    Hill repeats 9.6 km 01:02 10:23 pace

    Up and down a hill. Hill was the longest I could find round here. 2:30 to 3:30 mins. Nice and warm out. One lady shouted out 'be more careful' as I crossed the road. I held my tongue alth... read more

  8. Do I put a hydration pack in the washing machine to clean it? I was kindly loaned one and want to clean it. Will the machine ruin the fabric? What's the proper method? Thanks!

    • Heather

      Hand wash it!

      5 days ago Like

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    • Harry 5k
      Harry 5k

      I take mine & any similar running gear in the shower with me. Sometimes just to rinse it or I'll use a little soap. Then I'll let it hang dry in the shower.

      5 days ago Like

    • Pope Jam
      Pope Jam

      I've machine washed mine on a hand-wash program, though I put it in a washing net to protect the straps. Though obviously I didn't use the dryer.

      4 days ago Like

  9. RUN
    good Pre Striders Breakfast dash 7 km 00:40 09:11 pace

    Did short trails to be mindful of the plantar. Won a fancy dress prize at the Breakfast. I went as the "London Marathon". Won a book called "Older but faster".

    • David G.
      David G.

      Oh, have a bit of PF or just on the cusp of it? Any pics on FB? Nice wee trail run Mel! Is someone trying to tell you something regarding the book:-)

      6 days ago Like

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    • Peneloperae

      Great trail work. I hope the PF is ok!!!! oh no!!! Fun that you won :)

      6 days ago Like

    • Leah

      Yup I sit on the cusp as well - great run and costume :))

      6 days ago Like

  10. RUN
    great Striders 6FT - Lane Cove, Wha... 25 km 03:10 12:13 pace

    Lots of climbing. Scrambled eggs after!

    • Peneloperae

      Sounds pretty intense! Good to have that protein after!!

      7 days ago Like

    • David G.
      David G. Great Performance
      Great Performance:

      Good grief, did this involve carabiners and rope? A fine effort in the hills Mel!

      7 days ago

  11. RUN
    Harbour bridge stairs 2 km 00:27 21:43 pace

    Stair repeats with a 4 kg backpack.

  12. RUN
    Harbour Bridge with Run Mums ... 10 km 00:56 09:00 pace

    So fun!

  13. Working with academics is like herding cats. The flip side is inspiration to get on the treadmill and slog it out. Raining like cats and dogs in Sydney - at least it's warm and now snowy. Silv... read more

    • David G.
      David G.

      Sounds like things are going well at the Zeppel house..can't say I've ever heard a good or bad vegetarian joke, thankfully:-) Actually herding cats is probably easier, just open a can of cat food:-)

      9 days ago Like

    • Peneloperae

      That all sounds great!!! Enjoy the sun "tomorrow - tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, it's only a day away"

      9 days ago Like1 person

    • Melinda B.
      Melinda B.

      Things could be so much worse.... I've had a few reminders about the value of perspective this week.

      Great news on all counts.

      8 days ago Like

  14. RUN
    Treadmill 10 km 00:50 08:02 pace

    Nanny sick, run club cancelled and 10 km on the treadmill. Kids watched Minecraft and I said when I got to the next km they could swap turns on Minecraft. I got cheers each km! Win!

  15. FIT
    Manly Dam with Pete 01:00

    Cooler this time. Asked him one MILLION questions. Debated whether, for the second half of 2015, I should aim for a fast marathon or a long ultra. He thinks a long ultra. I think a fast ultra. What... read more

  16. FIT
    Hatha at MQ 01:00

    Was good.

  17. RUN
    Tuesday with Pete 10 km 60:00

    How could I forget to log this? Manly Dam trails with coach Pete. Guessed time and distance.

    • David G.
      David G.

      Tuesday! I'm afraid it's too late Mel, the statute of limitations has expired on allowable zombie run postings..I'm not sure any of that makes sense:-)

      6 days ago Like

    • Mel Z.
      Mel Z.

      If it was single track not a zombie run is it OK then?

      6 days ago Like

  18. RUN
    great recovery run 6 km 00:36 09:39 pace

    Finished with a soy cappuccino!

  19. RUN
    great WU/CD 3 km 00:18 09:39 pace

    Always useful. :-)