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2013: BQ, 3:40 in a full. Sub 40 10 km. To run Boston marathon!! To support people who are healing.

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  • 15 miles
  • 02:49 time
  • 1933 calories
  • 2 workouts
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  1. RUN
    18 km 02:15 12:04 pace

    Nathan hydration pack kept failing so I kept stopping to fix it.

    Guessed distance - Garmin died. Ran with Nathan to avoid dehydration headache. Drank whole time - 8:45 to 11 due to child care cons... read more

  2. RUN
    6.04 km 00:34 09:03 pace

    Back onto DM as it graphs my runs. Signed up to pace a 2:00 half in April, and a 1:50 half in May. Here's hoping fitness returns!

  3. Went to see Star Wars with a 2:20 marathoner. Yes that is his full marathon time. I like him A LOT!

  4. FIT
    good ClimbFit 02:00

    Loved it. Also quite enjoy the beauty of watching other people's upper bodies in motion. And love the challenge of pushing myself. Back for more tonight with the rugrats.

  5. RUN
    good Curl Curl Park run 5 km 00:25 08:08 pace

    Shoulda run slower for foot tendons. Anyway, had fun!

  6. RUN
    Taper run 5 km 00:45 14:29 pace

    With coach. Was good. So easy. We walked a lot. The last doctor diagnosed me with adrenal insufficiency or adrenal fatigue and told me to not run for 3 weeks and only do yoga, so I've been tak... read more

  7. FIT
  8. RUN
    Epping Run club 8 km 00:45 09:03 pace

    Felt good. Training must be paying off. Oh - paid a doctor $250 to tell me I have 'adrenal fatigue, stop running and read books more'. Hmm. Race day in 3 weeks.

    Missed Pippa ! Come to E... read more

    • Harry 5k
      Harry 5k

      Sometimes doctor's are and other times not so much! Good running!

      12 months ago Like

    • David G.
      David G.

      I thought most doctors didn't even recognize adrenal fatigue as a condition...good run Mel, glad you felt good!

      12 months ago Like

  9. FIT
    MQ yoga with work buddies

    The nice yogi bought me a coffee after. I like him.

  10. RUN
    blah FAIL! 18 km 02:00 10:43 pace

    First 10 km were on a Treadmill at 5 km pace (no child care today). Felt good. Then I went outside to do 60 mins of hill repeats. Had a massive side cramp, I ignored it, did the thing where you bre... read more

  11. RUN
    Queenscliff 9.3 km 00:49 08:28 pace

    Felt good. Invited to speak at a conference in South Africa and THEY are paying. This excites me. YAY!

  12. Found these people - expensive but if I could find a reason for my fatigue I'd be stoked. Adrenal testing, DHEA, cortisol, etc. Interesting!

    • David G.
      David G.

      Hmm, yes can't put a price on well being/health Mel!

      12 months ago Like

    • Peneloperae

      Interesting for sure. Go for it!

      12 months ago Like

    • Mel Z.
      Mel Z.

      Turns out she stops returning emails when you say you're from Australia. Hmm.

      12 months ago Like

    • Pope Jan
      Pope Jan

      Probably a stupid question, but have you had your vitamin D levels tested? I took one vial of D3 and my perma-fatigue has gone.

      12 months ago Like

  13. blood tests show ferritin is on the 'low' side of normal. Not totally low but, maybe part of why I'm feeling less than perky.

    • David G.
      David G.

      Perhaps some more asparagus and dark leafy greens in your diet Mel? You already drink smoothies with some of that stuff though don't you?

      12 months ago Like

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    • Kent V.
      Kent V.

      I had to google that! So needing more iron rich foods. I'm guessing liquid spinach is probably the best way to get the amount that you need to give you a boost. So lots of smoothies.

      12 months ago Like

    • Mel Z.
      Mel Z.

      Yeah - I have lots of leafy greens each day. LOTS! :-) I could get some more molasses. I'm taking Floridix.

      12 months ago Like

  14. #dailymission: Sometimes the Garmin makes me angry. Best to run for fun, quite often.

    • David G.
      David G.

      Yes, being too regimented in anything makes it unfun:-)

      12 months ago Like

    • Paul S.
      Paul S.

      You need some 'naked' runs! Go on some routes you know where no Garmin is needed...refreshing! Or just switch to time of day!

      12 months ago Like

    • Peneloperae

      I agree!!! In the winter I hide it under my sleeve so that I don't look at it - damn thing!

      12 months ago Like

  15. Predators: Was messaged by a sleazy predator on a running forum. Spent much of the time thinking what to tell him. Ended up sending him a message saying 'Imagine if your daughter was asked to ... read more

    • Adina L.
      Adina L.

      Good on you!!! Well done for acting and not just letting it slide.

      12 months ago Like

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    • Peneloperae

      Gees, I'm so glad you took a stand - that is not always easy to do. Very creepy person. Oh my, please remember we are allowed to wear whatever the f@#ck we want - if someone is a creep they just are, we don't cause it!!! There is always a tendency to want to blame the victim - we are surrounded by it :(

      12 months ago Like

    • Mel Z.
      Mel Z.

      So true Penelope. There was quite an emotional cost. I can understand why women don't report rape. And he probably feels zero remorse. I'm hoping in 2015 that more men and women call out sleazebags so younger women don't get preyed on. UGH.

      12 months ago Like

  16. RUN
    Hills with coach 10 km 01:00 09:39 pace


  17. RUN
    Manly Dam recovery 6 km 00:36 09:39 pace

    Should have worn orthotics. :-)

  18. RUN
    Manly Dam - trails 15.9 km 02:06 12:45 pace

    Long run on trails. Was messaged by a sleazy dick predator on a running forum. Spent much of the time thinking what to tell him. Ended up sending him a message saying 'Imagine if your daughter... read more

  19. RUN
    Awaba st hill repeats 9 km 00:58 10:22 pace

    Wanted to do 6 reps but for a lot of the time I thought I had 6 fingers. Oops!

  20. Any good races around Flagstaff in August 2 to 9th? Taking a week annual leave!