6573 total / 302 in 2015

sub-1:45 half marathon & sub-3:52 full in 2015

Friends (17)

  • Heather B.
  • Nicole


    CA, Sub 3:30 marathon Sub 1:38 half Sub 45 10k (Did it this year, time to edit!) Sub 20 5k (this one scares me the most. PR is 20:44, I've got a ways to go)

  • Anne S.

    Anne S.

    San Diego, CA, Get in 'race form' by March 2015. Finish the Alamo 13.1 and beat half the field a week later at the Carlsbad 5000. Then hike the Grand Canyon in April!!!!

  • Suzie S.

    Suzie S.

    San Diego, CA,

  • Cara V.

    Cara V.

    Pewaukee, WI, Lakefront Marathon - Done! 3:34:28 Someday Goal: sub 3:20 marathon

  • Monika C.

    Monika C.

    San Diego, CA, Keep running from cancer

  • Sandy S.
  • Sarah C.

    Sarah C.

    NH, Break 1:30 in the half marathon. And have fun!

  • Kristen


    St Louis, MO, Break 20 minutes (again) in the 5K.

  • Jules T.

    Jules T.

    San Diego, CA, 2014 Goals: Log 2014 miles between running and spinning, run four 10k races, and one half marathon. Have a healthy pregnancy and delivery for Baby Taggart.

  • Victoria


    Orlando, FL, half marathon in 2013 post-baby; PR half marathon in the Fall and maybe another marathon!

  • Christopher H.

    Christopher H.

    San Diego, CA, Half marathon - sub 1:45 Marathon - sub 4:00

  • Lindsey H.

    Lindsey H.

    Indianapolis, IN, Sub 3:05 for next marathon and race some shorter distances to improve outdated PR's.

  • Meghann A.

    Meghann A.

    Tampa, FL, Ironman Florida November 2013!

  • Kelly N.

    Kelly N.

    San Diego, CA, Get a PR in the Carlsbad Half Marathon 1/23/11 Train for my 1st Marathon...San Diego Rock N Roll 6/5/11

  • Michele G.

    Michele G.

    , Marathon: Sub-3:10 (3:21:23), Half Marathon: Sub-1:30 (PR: 1:31:57), 10k: Sub-41 (42:54), Sub-11:30 (Ironman)

  • Jared L.

    Jared L.

    San Diego, CA, Continue to run... make it fun.