Wall of Motivation (39)

  1.   Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2. Annette L.
      Nice Job

    I am excited to read about your journey. on a workout

  3. Greg G.

    Congrats on the the win! on a workout

  4. Keith A.
      Nice Job

    Nice run and pace Meg!!! Keep up the great work on a workout

  5.   Nice Job

    That's a solid 5K for having tuna in the tummy! on a workout

  6. Vince I.
      Nice Job

    haven't played that in a couple of decades. liked it better than racquetball. on a workout

  7. Elizabeth O.
      You're an Inspiration

    It is great that you are able to see and share the positive that came from yo... read more

  8. Candace A.
      Nice Job

    Way to go1 Yoga is tough - glad you are proud of your accomplishment! on a workout

  9. Greg G.
      Nice Job

    Nice run, it's so great to get the legs going again after a lot of time trave... read more

  10. Annette L.
      Nice Job

    I know it's hard! Awesome job getting back into it. on a workout

  11. Dee
      Nice Job

    Namaste! on a workout

  12. Randall M.
      Nice Job

    Nice work Meg! on a workout

  13. Jamie R.
      You're an Inspiration

    Sounds like a great hour! on a workout

  14. Jamie R.
      Nice Job

    Your on a roll today! on a workout

  15. Kevin K.
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome! on a workout

  16. Jamie R.
      Nice Job

    Nice job Mom!!!! on a workout

  17.   Feel Better

    nice practice! hope your shoulder feels better soon on a workout

  18. Posse R.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  19. Posse R.
      Nice Photos

    Wow, nice looking photos!

  20. Posse R.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  21. Annette L.

    Awesome job Coach M!!! on a workout

  22. Larry
      Great Performance

    Fantastic job, Meg! :-) on a workout

  23. Abueloruns
      Great Performance

    Great job! on a workout

  24.   You're an Inspiration

    Incredible!!! Awesome job, Meg! Super impressive stats on a workout

  25. Dee H.
      Good Luck

    Go mama! You're going to rock it!

  26. Rahmin P.
      Nice Job

    Awesome job nailing your T1. I had a horrible experience trying to shoe in wh... read more

  27. Kevin K.
      You're Funny

    Phantom coach! Try this...looked up and she was g o n e! on a workout

  28. Aristotle P.
      Nice Job

    Great swim and even better chat in the whirlpool! :) on a workout

  29. Kevin K.
      Nice Job

    Nice run! Can't wait to run that course. on a workout

  30. Eileen S.
      Feel Better

    ouch sorry to hear Meg! HOpe the back feels better! on a workout

  31. Jamie R.
      Nice Job

    Nice job Meg! on a workout

  32. Aliza
      Nice Job

    Hmmm do you work for REI? Hmmmm what is this Go Mama Go? Nice run on a beauti... read more

  33. Elaine B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Fantastic! on a workout

  34. Dee
      Nice Job

    That's my kind of morning! The coffee and sunrise that is, not the ball in th... read more

  35. Lou Ann
      Feel Better

    Nice miles and pace, hope youfeel better on a workout

  36. Elaine B.
      Great Performance

    Great job! on a workout

  37.   You're an Inspiration

    What a good one this morning, Meg! Balance is everything! on a workout

  38.   Great Performance

    Great run, Meg! Killer hills, no less! on a workout

  39.   Nice Job

    I'm watching the SOTU speech, too, as I'm fiddling around on DM and FB. Great... read more