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Run another half. Enjoy running just to run, not race or PR. Get the knee completely healthy.

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  • Erin M.

    Erin M.

    Houston, TX, To finish my first half marathon, the Aramco Houston Half Marathon, in 2hr 24mins or less!

  • Genna C.

    Genna C.

    Amherst, VA, Get back to running, biking, lifting post-baby and get ready for 3/2015 marathon for St. Jude. Wear sleeveless shirts with pride! Fearlessness forever!

  • Ron G.

    Ron G.

    Youngsville, NC, To get my half marathon time below 1:20 and to get a sub 3 hour full. I also want to run at least 3,000 miles in 2014.

  • George R.

    George R.

    The Woodlands, TX, To cycle a minimum of 10 miles daily!

  • James S.

    James S.

    Hobe Sound, FL, I plan to run 1000 miles in 2014 while achieving PRs in the 5K, 10K, 1/2M and full. And I plan to have lots of fun doing it!

  • Ryan S.

    Ryan S.

    Bedford, VA,

  • Tammy P.

    Tammy P.

    Wilmington, NC,

  • Trent V.

    Trent V.

    Los Angeles, CA, To keep running races for as long as it's fun. I hope to get at least as many full marathons under my belt as possible - including the Boston Marathon!

  • Kat M.

    Kat M.

    Rockville, MD, To enjoy running for as long as my body will let me :)

  • Jen R.

    Jen R.

    Charlotte, IA, Find running mates, delve further into the ultra world, continue trying the tri's all while seeking balance

  • Stephanie T.
  • Alison C.

    Alison C.

    Richmond, VA, BE FIT! RACES: 3/29 - Monument Ave 10K

  • Shelby T.

    Shelby T.

    Wilmington, NC, Short Term- Pick a race. Any race. Long term- Incorporate running into a healthy lifestyle!

  • Eva R.

    Eva R.

    Charlotte, NC, catch up to my 5k PR and set a new one; half-marathon in the fall

  • Jeff G.

    Jeff G.

    Mechanicsville, VA, 2012: 3:45 at shamrock, do a marathon in Fla/ Utah/ NC. Complete my first Ultra!

  • Colleen


    US, Lost 120# and finished my first 100 miler. BQ 2x and now working on the bucket list of ultras. Crazy in love with ultra running and my life! Gluten free vegan!

  • Scott B.

    Scott B.

    Lynchburg, VA, 2013 Goals: not make my back pain worse, VA 10-Miler PR; have fun, be healthy; run some fun new races.

  • Joe M.

    Joe M.

    Austin, TX, Stay Happy, Healthy and crush Austin 2/15/15.

  • Shannon J.

    Shannon J.

    Bedford, VA, More half marathons :)

  • Jenny W.

    Jenny W.

    Waxhaw, NC, Run often. Run happy. Simple as that. Marathon Maniac #6965

  • Misty W.

    Misty W.

    VA, To continue training after my first half marathon and complete a team race!

  • Angie S.

    Angie S.

    Bedford, VA,

  • Carolyn M.

    Carolyn M.

    Wilmington, NC, run. bike. swim. whatever.

  • 7and7 Monster

    7and7 Monster

    Stuttgart, DE, Goruck Selection 2013 Marine Corps Marathon >4Hr Run 3 Mi >18:00 (16:48 7/13) 10 Goruck Challenges 2013 B2B / MCM Have fun, get Faster, & Stronger :-)

  • Tara L.

    Tara L.

    Centennial, CO,