Friends (41)

  • Kris G.

    Kris G.

    , To keep active and healthy as our family serves as missionaries in Costa Rica.

  • Joseph T.

    Joseph T.

    Oak Lawn, IL, Run a sub-20 5k - PR: 20:04 Run a sub-33 8k - PR: 34:12 Run a sub-1:35 Half PR: 1:37:36 Run a sub-3:30 Marathon PR: 3:34:42 Run a sub-4:30 50k PR: 4:55:30.

  • Christine E.

    Christine E.

    Palatine, IL, In 2014, I plan to start the year building higher base mileage minimums, run some half-marathons in the spring, and try to tackle my first marathon come fall!

  • Trisha P.

    Trisha P.

    Chicago, IL, To have my picture advertised in more races!! To keep living the dream!!

  • Rob R.

    Rob R.

    Elburn, IL, Fox Valley Marathon 2014 as a Pacer Chicago Marathon 2014 as a Runner Something in November 2014 and maybe become a Marathon Maniac.

  • Melissa W.

    Melissa W.

    Wauconda, IL,

  • Kaarina M.

    Kaarina M.

    Evanston, IL, Complete my first Half Ironman in 2014: Racine 70.3

  • Ria H.

    Ria H.

    Carol Stream, IL, I'd like to get "less round" and be able to run again..

  • Cathy S.

    Cathy S.

    Mt Vernon, IA, Getting fit and furthering the challenges I take on. Made it through the Rock n Roll half and Galena Lead Rush. Let's try some tris!

  • Scott S.

    Scott S.

    Chicago, IL, 2500 miles in 2013. 150 at POT. BQ. Break 1:27 in half marathon.

  • Grace A.

    Grace A.

    Honolulu, HI, New 5k PR -- 28:54 on September 25, 2011 (Cane Haul 5k) Finished my first HM (Hapalua Half Marathon) Vibrams! -- March 2012 Working on being a speed demon

  • Melanie A.

    Melanie A.

    Tampa, FL, Keep running injury-free. Still in "getting back into running after giving birth" mode. Just ran my 1st 5K with the jogging stroller.

  • Patrick T.

    Patrick T.

    China, Great Wall Marathon 2013

  • Monika F.

    Monika F.

    Naperville, IL, Be Healthy and improve my speed/ distance

  • Jennifer C.

    Jennifer C.

    Chicago, IL,

  • Jim T.

    Jim T.

    Chicago, IL, Have fun, stay healthy.

  • Hobe S.

    Hobe S.

    Fort Meade, MD,

  • Tim D.

    Tim D.

    Elgin, IL, Run all 6 World Marathon Majors (1) Chicago 10/7/2012 (2) Tokyo 2/24/2013 (3) Boston 4/15/2013 (4) Berlin 9/29/2013 (5) New York 11/9/2014 (6) London TBD

  • Andrew



  • Dominic K.

    Dominic K.

    Arlington Heights, IL, Never gonna stop!!!:P

  • Christy S.

    Christy S.

    Arlington Heights, IL, To complete a Sprint distance triathlon & to run a half marathon in under 2 hours

  • Mark G.

    Mark G.

    , Improve my marathon time

  • Mark P.

    Mark P.

    Aurora, IL, 10K

  • Terese T.
  • Greg R.

    Greg R.

    Arlington Heights, IL,