Marsi K. it band issues?! pret...

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IT band issues?! Pretty sure that's what I have now. Because you know...double shin splints weren't enough. So lets mess with both IT bands as well, K?! @@ UGH!! I taped before I walked/ran earlier, but the tape only stuck on the left knee. (sucks. I'm using KT Pro. Pricey stuff!) Trying to decide how to tape the right knee tomorrow. Full support or IT only. Any suggestions? I have that annoying "popping" of a tendon or something just above and to the right of the right knee, and just above and left on the left knee. (confused yet?) Slightly sore when bending. *sigh* I've searched through the forums and didn't find much at all. :-/

  • Gavin

    Look at more specific sites rather than DM, it may well be well intentioned but I've never seen a sports medicine / physio CV on the forums. A lot of the advice is personal experience and perhaps not the sort that you require for strapping. Your problem does not sound simple have you a definite diagnosis? May be better having any techniques shown face to face

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  • Dave G.
    Dave G.

    I had *bad* IT band problems in the middle of my marathon training this year. Went to an MD & PT. They had me start hip exercises. Worked in 6wks. In the interim, try an IT compression band. (Pro-Tec's worked best.) Don't see them often, but they work better than tape. Once I figured out how to correctly use the strap it worked so well it felt like cheating! The doc said it was OK to use until the exercises kicked-in & wouldn't mess w/ muscle development. Get to a PT or doc before it gets bad, though!

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  • Nancy P.
    Nancy P.

    Ouch! Didn't understand a word you said, but it doesn't sound at all good! Hope you get it worked out!

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  • Marsi K.
    Marsi K.

    Thanks everyone! I will be making an appt with an orthopedic doc this week. I talked to a trainer today and there's more going on than I thought. :-(

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  • Sherri M
    Sherri M

    Sorry to hear it! Hope you get to see a doc soon and be careful while you wait.

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