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  1. FIT
    blah Mitchel Creek Canyon, Chuck's... 6.86 mi 02:24 20:58 pace

    Started out tired. Made it to the top, got better through Chuck's Loop. Sun took it's toll though, and the rest of the way back was awful. Mild heat exhaustion. Ran out of water about a q... read more

    • Heather R.
      Heather R.

      That darn sun is making this difficult! I'm glad you made it through :)

      3 days ago Like

    • Sherri M
      Sherri M

      When I told people I was going to CO for a few days, I heard, "make sure you stay hydrated!" even more than "watch out for the altitude." Tough conditions out there.

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  2. walk
    good neighborhood 4.26 mi 01:11 16:35 pace

    Kept up a good pace going uphill! Glad that's getting better. Ran .08mi. I know I wasn't supposed to, but the song on my mp3 was one I couldn't help doing just a little. ;)

  3. FIT
    good Personal Training session 00:50

    Amazed that so little did so much!

  4. walk
    good track 1 mi 00:16 15:46 pace

    bit of a cool down

  5. FIT
    blah home yoga 00:52

    tried a couple online programs, didn't like either. At least it was something.

  6. walk
    good neighborhood w/Erik 4.56 mi 01:17 16:56 pace

    A little tired going up hill, but over all pretty good. And I behaved and didn't run!! (Happy, doc? :P ) Saw some nice storm development in the distance, so that made my day! Nice much needed ... read more

  7. RUN
    good track 3 mi 00:47 15:39 pace

    This was a stupid decision, but I HAD FUN, DANGIT!!! :D I did 3 very fast sprint laps, and on the third one felt a zing in my left quad. I was just about done though, and it's not bad enough I... read more

  8. FIT
    good upper body circuit 00:24

    I need to remember to tell my trainer to change my settings on the key. Arm extension needs to be MUCH higher in weight!! I think it's set to 15lbs!! I do 45lbs and just feel that tiny burn th... read more

  9. FIT
    alright power flow yoga 01:00

    Dang. This is just tough. Bum knee isn't a help, at all.

  10. FIT
    blah elliptical with a different a... 0.78 mi 00:20 25:38 pace

    This one is set up on, basically, tethers. It's weird. Different angle on the knees though, so thought I'd try it. I don't like it. I thought the feet being flatter or even pointing ... read more

  11. RUN
    good run walk!! yay! 2 mi 00:29 14:36 pace

    I probably should have backed off to mostly a walk, but I felt like I needed to do this. So I did. I'll ice the knee later. ;)

  12. FIT
    good upper body circuit/core 00:31

    I'm still amazed at how weak some of my muscle groups are. I can only shoulder press 10lbs, but can do pull downs with 55lbs no problem. Seated row, I've done 75. Weird! Planks still suck... read more

  13. FIT
    ellip 0.78 mi 00:26 33:20 pace

    Definitely going to do one or the other of the two types of ellipticals for a while. (Haven't tried the other one, just the kind that has an incline ramp...that seems to be at about 15-20%...a... read more

  14. FIT
    blah flow yoga 01:07

    (left the hr monitor on a little while after.. oops) This was a tough class, but I got through it. At one point, I was really not feeling well. Glad I had decided to take a GU enhanced water in wit... read more

  15. walk
    track 1.33 mi

    Actually, I ran 4 laps. Slow, but wanted to see how my knee was doing, and it's been too long.

  16. FIT
    good lower leg circuit 00:24

    planks are not any easier yet

    • Sherri M
      Sherri M

      Has anyone ever reported them getting easier?! I have not seen it personally, although it does seem it would work that way.

      16 days ago Like

    • Marsi K.
      Marsi K.

      I figured after a few times I'd be able to actually get to the 15 seconds each set that my trainer wants me to do. Instead, I'm able to do less and less. :-/

      15 days ago Like

  17. FIT
    good ellip warm up 0.65 mi 00:20 30:46 pace

    oops. forgot to look at the miles. Pretty sure it was close to 1. **edited** it was NOT close to 1 mi. I don't know how they are calculating miles, but this stinks! Closer to about .65

  18. Been away too long again, but this time I was moving! Started vacation with some bad allergy symptoms, made worse by all the lawn mowing I did on my parent's property. Pine pollen sucks. But g... read more

    • Sherri M
      Sherri M

      This all sounds like progress, despite the temporary setbacks. I'd love it if someone could tell me what weights I should be using - so hard to find the right place between too heavy (and sore for days) and too light and a waste of time.

      19 days ago Like

    • Ines H.
      Ines H.

      Good to see you back, Marsi. Sound like you are doing some good work in the gym. Keep it up.

      19 days ago Like

  19. swim
    good sort of swimming 00:15:00

    water walking, treading, etc