Friends (13)

  • Alberto M.

    Alberto M.

    Minneapolis, MN,

  • Angelo R.

    Angelo R.

    San Diego, CA, Completed the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Marathon Time 4:22, first full 26.2.. Completed 2-more full 26.2, 2011 and 2013, 2-tough mudders, 1-spara1-atlas mud races..

  • Jonathan J.

    Jonathan J.

    Oklahoma City, OK, half-marathon / composing rock music for runners / charity

  • Andy P.

    Andy P.

    Tenafly, NJ, To enjoy the run. To get into the best shape of my life before I turn 42. To run 2 Halfs and 2 Marathons in 2012.

  • Lester


    Carson City, NV, Relax and Enjoy!

  • Bill S.

    Bill S.

    Honolulu, HI, Better known as billso. I have been wearing VFFs for more running fun in 2011. I carry a small camera when I run.

  • John F.

    John F.

    Houston, TX, Get leaner Get faster Spread the word on

  • Stephanie D.

    Stephanie D.

    Jupiter, FL, Race for the Pies 4 Miler Palm Beach Half Marathon ING Miami Half Marathon

  • Heather A.
  • Bill C.

    Bill C.

    Charlotte, NC, Team In Training walk coach - Start new season with walkers/runners for the spring/summer events. Training for 1/2 marathon San Digeo June 5th

  • Nick P.

    Nick P.

    New York, NY, Get back on the trails. Build up to regular runs, without injuries, in 2014. Perhaps a 5k if I feel solid.

  • Angie


    North Bergen, NJ, To be the best Mom ever.To enjoy life itself. For every breath we take is Priceless. My 2nd goal is to run my first ING NYC Marathon, for Team for Kids Charity.

  • Zed