Friends (125)

  • Rick L.

    Rick L.

    Pinckney, MI, This space intentionally left blank...

  • Yvonne


    Nowata, OK, 2016- train for & run a half (or full) marathon, lose weight, and stay fit.

  • James B.

    James B.

    Fairfax, VA, Sub 10hr 100k, Sub 7hr 50 Miler; Sub 4hr trail 50K; Sub 2:55 mary; Sub 1:23 half; Sub 18 5k; 155 gym trips; 250 sub 7:00 miles.

  • Mary Beth

    Mary Beth

    Detroit, MI, Stop being injured!

  • David G.

    David G.

    Rochester Hills, MI, First Spartan Super down, now next year, the Spartan Trifecta...a Sprint, Super, and a BEAST!

  • Adam B.

    Adam B.

    Ferndale, MI, To keep up with Drew. Bayshore Half and Detroit Half, among other races, in 2015!

  • Beth


    Detroit, MI, Get back into running and do the Rock CF half in March

  • Ben T.

    Ben T.

    Las Vegas, NV, Figure out what I've been running from.

  • Jennifer M.

    Jennifer M.

    Leonard, MI, Run Martian Half Marathon under 1:40:00, Traverse City Bayshore Marathon, BQ at Detroit Free Press Marathon

  • Dalila J.

    Dalila J.

    Adrian, MI, I am trying to maintain an active lifestyle while raising a toddler and a baby. I hope to run a half-marathon in the spring.

  • Jim W.

    Jim W.

    Raleigh, NC, SCAR, and running with my kids when they're old enough to run and I'm too old to run.

  • Angie L.

    Angie L.

    Novi, MI, Run Happy!

  • Delaino L J.

    Delaino L J.

    Westland, MI, Stay injury free, build speed and run Boston Marathon 2016

  • Dirtdawg50k


    Royal Oak, MI,

  • Melanie K.

    Melanie K.

    Santa Monica, CA, Run whenever I'm not working. Take Madeleine and have fun.

  • Sharon


    Dexter, MI, Still working on the sub-30 min 5K, and trying every day to be awesome.

  • Heather


    Ann Arbor, MI, IM Louisville...most importantly: enjoy the entire process along the way

  • Mikek


    West Bloomfield, MI, To never stop.

  • Arin


    Union Lake, MI, Before anything, be injury Free! Grand Rapids 70.3 Half Ironman-June 9th. Swim to the Moon 5k Swim. Dances with Dirt 50K-September 22

  • Lori B.

    Lori B.

    Citrus Springs, FL, To get back into racing shape again.

  • Joshua B.

    Joshua B.

    Warren, MI, |Rebooting the Machine|

  • Jocelyn


    Hamburg, MI, Run happy!

  • Laura L.

    Laura L.

    Novi, MI,

  • Greg S.

    Greg S.

    Shelby Twp, MI, Chasing Boston, 100 mile ultra, Sub 21:00 5k

  • Ngai G.

    Ngai G.

    Redford, MI, BOSTON!!!