Wall of Motivation (62)

  1. Michael S.
      Nice Job

    Good job. Bet there is a hint of coolness in the air now. on a workout

  2.   Nice Job

    You could have just skipped it, but you didn't. on a workout

  3. Eduardo G.
      Nice Job

    Well done, that sound like fun. on a workout

  4. Eduardo G.

    That's great! We want pictures! on a workout

  5. Eduardo G.
      Nice Job

    That's really cool. And you had fun, on a great day to go out and get muddy on a workout

  6. Eduardo G.
      Nice Job

    Your workout makes me want a nap on a workout

  7. Eduardo G.
      Great Performance

    Well done! That was what, a good minute and a half faster than your previous ... read more

  8.   Great Performance

    Congrats Lynn - a PR in a HM is terrific. Sounds like you had fun. on a workout

  9. Keith A.
      Nice Job

    It was nice out for a run this morning, but heating up fast. Great run! on a workout

  10. Eduardo G.

    Great race, Lynn! And even better for sharing with your daughter. Congratulat... read more

  11. Eduardo G.
      Nice Job

    Extra hills? You're all in for that 15k, aren't you? on a workout

  12. James S.
      Great Performance

    Nice St. Patty's Day HM! on a workout

  13. Eduardo G.
      Feel Better

    Kudos for actually running when your stomach is troubling you. I hope you fee... read more

  14. Barbara K.
      Nice Job

    Super job Lynn! Amazing miles! on a workout

  15. Barbara K.

    Lynn that is fabulous! Your pace is wonderful! I think this sounds like somet... read more

  16. Barbara K.

    LYNNNNNN!!!! I am pissed I couldn't find you! You did amazingly well! I thoug... read more

  17. Barbara K.
      Nice Job

    Nice 10 miler Lynn! Way to "cave"!!!! on a workout

  18. Craig J.
      Nice Job

    good job! on a workout

  19. Barbara K.

    NICE JOB!!!! I am so happy I got to finally meet you! Thanks for taking the t... read more

  20. Craig J.
      Nice Job

    Great!!! on a workout

  21. Craig J.
      Nice Job

    Good Job! on a workout

  22. Craig J.
      Nice Job

    Great on a workout

  23. Barbara K.
      Get Better

    Glad to know you know what is going on...atleast this way you can deal with i... read more

  24. Barbara K.
      You're an Inspiration

    I am so sorry this happened!!!! I hope everything will be o.k...guess what..y... read more

  25. Atl M.
      Nice Job

    It was so cold and I had to wait for Leg 1ers for 90 minutes so I did not fee... read more

  26. Amy
      Nice Job

    great job Lynn.I never eat and drink right.i guess that's partly why I run! on a workout

  27. Barbara K.
      Nice Job

    Great job!!!!! on a workout

  28. Freddie B.

    Nice race Lynn! Were you pleased with your time? on a workout

  29. Barbara K.

    Dang it!!! I missed finding you, goodness knows why....all I wanted was to be... read more

  30.   Great Performance

    Awesome Lynn! on a workout

  31. Craig J.
      Nice Job

    Good Job!!! on a workout

  32. Barbara K.
      You're an Inspiration

    Mine must've heard yours...they were giving me fits!!! Great mileage...rock s... read more

  33. Barbara K.
      You're an Inspiration

    Why can't I be fast like you???? You rock! on a workout

  34. Barbara K.
      Nice Job

    Your slow is my "speed pace"...you did great! on a workout

  35.   Nice Job

    Great mileage Lynn. on a workout

  36. Kris
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice work! on a workout

  37. Freddie B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow! Nice work Lynn, especially since you went 18 just last week! on a workout

  38. Traci
      Nice Job

    Awesome job Lynnie - so impressed with your running. Yeah! on a workout

  39. Freddie B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice run Lynn! I hop to tackle 18 on my next long one. on a workout

  40. Barbara K.
      You're an Inspiration

    Good gravy gal! AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!!! on a workout

  41. Freddie B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice job! on a workout

  42.   You Rock

    Congrats Lynn. You've recovered from Vegas. Seriously, that is some awesome m... read more

  43. Barbara K.
      Nice Job

    My knees are yapping too!! You did a great job!! on a workout

  44. Barbara K.
      Great Performance

    WOW!!!! You did great! on a workout

  45. Freddie B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome! :^) on a workout

  46. Barbara K.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wonderful job! on a workout

  47. Atl M.
      Nice Job

    Great pace. Are you training for anything? What time did you start running? on a workout

  48. Amy
      Great Performance

    seems like running beforehand really helps you with a fast pace! on a workout

  49. Amy
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome! on a workout

  50. Joe S.
      Good Luck

    You're going to rock it!