Friends (321)

  • John B.

    John B.

    Davis, CA, 1:25 Half, >18:30 5k, >5:15 Mile PR @ Boston '14 Stay Healthy and Inspire Others

  • Sarah C.

    Sarah C.

    Seattle, WA, Running for fitness and fun. PR in the half (sub-1:45). Training for Chicago Marathon 2013.

  • Tony B.

    Tony B.

    Evansville, IN, recover from hip replacement surgery to continue fundraising for cancer research via participation in the 2014 Pan-Mass Challenge

  • Todd


    Parker City, IN, Keep running, stay fit, & be happy. And maybe do a few races along the way. :)

  • Thomas G.

    Thomas G.

    Tucson, AZ, Win an Ironman

  • David M.

    David M.

    Wasola, MO, To see how far I can go....

  • Bob


    Lenexa, KS,

  • Ellen


    Fort Collins, CO, Help others meet goals, run 100 miles, a sub-20 5k, climb a 5.12 and have fun :)

  • Hannah M.
  • Chris K.

    Chris K.

    Superior, Wisconsin, Beast Mode “You can't stop him you can only hope to contain him.” In 2000 I ran 16:13 5k @ CIF State CC Meet my goal is sub 16 5k and Run my first Marathon

  • Jessica B.

    Jessica B.

    Los Alamos, NM, Current: not dying at 7300ft. 10ks, halfs, and a sprint triathlon in 2014. Future: sub 4:30 marathon, sub 2:00 half, Athens/Berlin/London Marathons.

  • Sam R.

    Sam R.

    Northampton, MA, I'm a freshmen at Bridgewater State University; on the Cross Country Team, and I already ran my first half-marathon!

  • Pat


    Amherst, MA,

  • Britt C.

    Britt C.

    Louisville, KY, Run a sub 3 hour Marathon! (my current PR is a 3:09 @ Boston '10). Finish an Ironman in under 11 hours (current PR is a 11:42)

  • Mindi G.

    Mindi G.

    Madison, WI, Columbus Marathon 2013 - 3:20

  • Jamie


    Rochester, NY,

  • Blue B.

    Blue B.

    Malibu, CA, to RUN!!! ... FAST! WIN!! ..or LOSE ENJOY!! ..for the PEOPLE I meet along the way! ..for a good cup of COFFEE!! see the WORLD!! ..for ADVENTURE!!

  • Tara


    MA, to keep going

  • Bill H.

    Bill H.

    Nashua, NH, 2014 goal. Complete 3060 total miles. Patriot 70.3 and Timberman 70.3. 2015 IMFL or IMMD

  • Lena C.

    Lena C.

    Portland, OR, To maintain a healthy and fit body and self.

  • Peter L.

    Peter L.

    Concord, NH, To run in lots of shoes. Lots of shoes.

  • Amy S.

    Amy S.

    Leawood, KS, Stay healthy, fit, and enjoy doing what I love!!

  • Nathan F.

    Nathan F.

    Dover, NH, Eastern States 20 Miler '14

  • Heidi W.

    Heidi W.

    Granville, NY, Woodlands Half, TX (ck), Long Branch Half, Get a new Bike, Summer Tri, Wineglass Full

  • Lindsay B.

    Lindsay B.

    MN, My goals for 2014, Train Hard for my 5th & 6th, 7th Marathons ~ complete 14 OFFICIAL Half Marathons in 2014. Sub 1:55 1 of them & lose 15 pounds FIT 4 LIFE