Wall of Motivation (43)

  1.   Nice Job

    Great effort out there, Lynn! on a workout

  2. Steve P.

    Way to go, Lynn...you nailed that PR! Your training has taken you this far wi... read more

  3. Sarah S.

    The hard work is paying off!! on a workout

  4.   Feel Better

    You got this Lynn. Running should help out with the stress, relax and focus b... read more

  5.   Nice Job

    Awesome run, Lynn!! on a workout

  6. Pavlos
      Nice Job

    Great miles Lynn! on a workout

  7.   Nice Job

    Way to get it done, Lynn! Come and get it! on a workout

  8.   Good Luck

    Good luck with your marathon training! I'm very excited for you! Disney will ... read more

  9.   Good Luck

    Congrats on completing the HM training. Good luck with the marathon training.... read more

  10. Chris
      Nice Job

    Nice to see you post again. Keep it up. on a workout

  11.   Nice Job

    Signing up for a race always works. Gives you motivation to train. Go Lynn! on a workout

  12.   Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  13. Christopher P.
      Post a workout!


  14. Christopher P.
      Post a workout!

    Hows the foot?

  15. Tracy W.
      You're an Inspiration

    Congrats on your first half!!!! I hope to do a half someday too!! on a workout

  16. Amy T.

    WOW. Way to go, Lynn! What an accomplishment to finish your first half! :-) R... read more

  17.   Congrats

    Awesome job Lynn! Congrats on your first 1/2 Marathon! I'm proud of you!!! Re... read more

  18. Janie C.
      Nice Job

    Hey, it's a PR!!! Great job! on a workout

  19. Carolyn S.

    Great job! Give yourself some time to relax and let your aching muscles heal. on a workout

  20. Rgbytrtl
      You're an Inspiration

    WAHOO!!!! on a workout

  21.   Good Luck

    Good luck Lynn! You're going to rock it!

  22.   Great Performance

    Nice 10 miler Lynn! Good luck at the half marathon next week! Be proud! on a workout

  23. Rgbytrtl
      You're an Inspiration

    This is fantastic!!! on a workout

  24.   Nice Job

    Look at that pace!!! on a workout

  25.   Nice Job

    Awesome pace my friend! on a workout

  26. Molly E.
      You're an Inspiration

    So proud of you! Look how far you have come in just a short amount of time! Y... read more

  27.   Nice Job

    Nice job Lynn and congrats on the farthest miles! Those hills starting at mil... read more

  28. Arpita B.
      Great Performance

    You. Are. Amazing! :) on a workout

  29.   Nice Job

    There you go Lynn! Good job coming back! on a workout

  30. Becky M
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  31.   Great Performance

    Nice 6 miler Lynn! I hope you did some stretching... it will get better down ... read more

  32. Molly E.
      Great Performance

    GREAT JOB Lynnie! It's all mental...you KNOW you can do it, so just keep tell... read more

  33. Arpita B.
      Great Performance

    great pace! on a workout

  34. Molly E.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great workout Lynnie!! I need to get back into some kind of weight training. ... read more

  35. Arpita B.
      Nice Job

    Nice! I wish I had done better this week but I"m not going to let it get me d... read more

  36. Megan F.
      Get Better

    Hope ur thumb gets better! Darn car door! on a workout

  37. Megan F.
      Nice Job

    Great job. on a workout

  38. Molly E.
      Nice Job

    Welcome back, Lynnie! Hope you had fun in Vegas. Make sure you do plenty of s... read more

  39.   Nice Job

    Nice job considering the tweaked knee. Smart idea on the run/walk strategy. G... read more

  40. Katie L.
      You're an Inspiration

    wow great job Lynn!! im so proud of you! on a workout

  41. Arpita B.
      Nice Job

    Yay us! Good work girly! on a workout

  42.   Feel Better

    It will be better tomorrow! Go for it Lynn! on a workout

  43. Veronica
      Get Better

    thanks for your words of encouragement on my post! hope you feel better! on a workout