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I want to figure out what' s wrong with me medically and get back to running.

Marlene E ran: I was feeling a littl...

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  • 14 miles
  • 02:03 time
  • 08:41 pace
  • 1426 calories
  • 734 ft climb
  • 0 max hr
  • 0 avg hr
    • Currently 4/5 Effort.
    effort 4/5
alright Junk Sick Miles 14.11 mi 02:03 08:41 pace

I was feeling a little better except for the lingering cough that both my doctor and pharmacist would persist. I promised not to push myself, just some junk miles like Joe M. and other suggested. The first 3 miles sucked. Not because of my lungs but because my legs that did nothing but lay in bed yesterday. My shins hurt like heck. It only lasted for the first 2 or 3 miles but man.

I'd go to a certain point on my route and say if my breathing was still good I would go a little farther. My mistake was that I took my normal route in reverse which meant running UP the hill in Georgetown at about mile 10. That's when my lungs started to protest. I came across Key Bridge back into Virginia and tried to talk myself into turning and going up into Ballston ... after all Panera and my favorite bagels are there. I looked at my Garmin and saw my pace was clear up to almost a 9:00 mile, I thought about how much uphill there was to Ballston and did what was probably the more prudent thing and headed home. My legs had more miles in them. My lungs, though not in full revolt, were telling me they'd had enough. I went into our gym to stretch and did something I have only done 1 before, I took a puff off my inhaler which hasn't made me feel any better. Then again there is a possibility that it is way outdated :-)

Again, thanks for all the notes and words of advice and encouragement this past week while I struggled with sickness. I won't say that the big red X through the 22 miles on my schedule for this weekend, instead of the strike through, won't bug the heck out of me because it will.

Now to continue to get better. THANK GOD FOR WHOMEVER FORMULATED PREDNISONE! Looking forward to a better week this week. Three more weeks until Shamrock Marathon!!

  • Jenny W.
    Jenny W.

    Great run today. No doubt you will still put the ROCK in Shamrock!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Joe M.

    Marlene- so smart, and such a
    Good job out there today. You'll feel like a million bucks next weekend!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Debbie

    Prednisone can do wonders. Feel better. You will do great at Shamrock! It is flat. Hoping the winds blow the right way that day!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Dianasaur K.
    Dianasaur K.

    Sometimes junk miles are great! Feel better!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Cynthia

    14 "junk miles". Sure. Nice job.

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Stephanie

    Nice miles, glad you are feeling a little better!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Dave N.
    Dave N.

    Great job, Marlene. You're gonna kill it at VA Beach!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Ines H.
    Ines H.

    I hope the pred will do the trick and you are back to your normal form for the shamrock marathon.

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Msasa

    Great effort getting your run completed.

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Rob B.
    Rob B.

    Wow, that was some amazing work out there Marlene. Way to dig deep!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Kelly H.
    Kelly H.

    Pretty amazing for "junk" miles! Just go on with your bad self, girl!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Rebecca S.
    Rebecca S.

    wow nice speedy run for a cold!! You are one champ!!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Sharon M.
    Sharon M.

    You impress me! It's hard to believe that those are junk miles they are so fast!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Heather

    One women's junk is another's kick ass 14. Feel better soon!

    over 6 years ago Like2 people

  • Jerry

    Hope that the cough goes away soon! Great run!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Kim B.
    Kim B.

    Your junk, sick miles are still better than what I do when I am well. :) I really hope you feel better. It bugs me to skip a run, too, but you did the right thing. Please don't beat yourself up any more.

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Bob N.
    Bob N.

    Nice run Marlene! Hope you feel better soon!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Allen

    Great effort Marlene! I sure you will be strong & in great shape for the Shamrock

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Allison S.
    Allison S.

    Huh, i wouldnt nec call that junk...beautiful run! Awesome job making it happen!!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Melinda M.
    Melinda M.

    I'm amazed at your ability to keep going Marlene! You are such an inspiration and I really hope that you are 100% soon. In the meantime, enjoy the prednisone! Amazing miles and pace!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Tom B.
    Tom B.

    hope you are feeling better Marlene. Nice 14...looks like a beauty of a route too. you running Shamrock also?

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Matt R.
    Matt R.

    Awesome..nice work

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Jenny J.
    Jenny J.

    Take it easy, girl! That's a long way to go when you're feeling icky.

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Charlie P.
    Charlie P.

    Wouldn't call 14+ miles in two hours junk! Nice run Marlene!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Linda R.
    Linda R.

    Nice run!!! I couldn't do that if I were 100%! HAHAHA! You are my inspiration!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Mike S.
    Mike S.

    Great "junk" run!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Martin A.
    Martin A.

    Nice job but now take care of yourself....

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Jeremy F.
    Jeremy F.

    Nice miles Marlene. Feel better.

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Elizabeth K.
    Elizabeth K.

    I'm with everyone else on this one - don't sell yourself short on a strong 14 mile run! Hope your lungs continue to recover well - you are going to do GREAT at Shamrock!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Ashley D.
    Ashley D.

    I'm stuck with that same lingering's so frustrating!! I hope it goes away soon! Great miles!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Kim S.
    Kim S.

    Stinks to get sick this close to a race, but you've still got time. Get lots of rest!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Mitzi

    I hope you're feeling better! Awesome run!!!!

    over 6 years ago Like

  • Chris B.
    Chris B. Get Better
    Get Better:

    Nice work even not feeling well,Marlene!!!

    over 6 years ago