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  1. FIT
    Weight machines at sawgrass 00:20

    Legs were 3 sets of 10. Leg press, inner and outer thighs. 2 sets of 15 for triceps, chest fly, rows, leg extension.

  2. FIT
    Spin at sawgrass 16 mi 01:00 03:45 pace

    After a horrible night of getting up at 3:30 with a toothache and not being able to go back to sleep until 7:30 (and having to wake up at 8:10am for class) I felt great on the bike, I had one of my... read more

  3. FIT
    Personal training/ Pilates re... 00:45

    Not easy today but my form has gotten so much better. Reformer, weight machines and core exercises.

  4. FIT
    Power yoga at big fish 01:00

    I haven't been doing baptiste yoga in a while, but I needed this today. Everytime I practice I'm amazed at my progress. Everything felt good with no pain. Room was heated to 83, which isn... read more

  5. FIT
    Power yoga at pv fitness 01:00

    After body pump my body felt like Jello, but I did the best I could. Pigeon felt amazing. Still working on my jump back and jump throughs. Was able to do shoulder stand and plow yay! With no neck p... read more

    • Ren K.
      Ren K.

      I cannot get the jump throughs for the life of me. I keep wondering how my very narrow shoulders can possibly make room for my very normal sized hips.

      12 days ago Like

    • Lisa P.
      Lisa P.

      Maybe try widening your hands making them wider than your shoulders? A yoga teacher told me you have to make yourself small so really bend the knees into the chest.

      12 days ago Like

    • Vern M.
      Vern M.

      Excellent power flow, Lisa!

      12 days ago Like1 person

    • Lisa P.
      Lisa P.

      Thanks Vern

      4 days ago Like

  6. FIT
    Body pump at pv fitness 01:00

    Happy that I did body pump this morning. Woke up late but still made it in time. I pushed through and the weight didn't seem as difficult as last week. Squats, chest, back, triceps, lunges, co... read more

  7. FIT
    PiYo class 01:00

    Combo of Pilates/ yoga. Stephanie taught a great class. It was hard but I could do it. I've made so much progress in yoga and Pilates! My strength is coming back, poses that were once hard are... read more

  8. FIT
    PT at smart body for pelvic f... 00:50

    Glad I went got to work with Vanessa the PT aid who is fabulous, gave me some new stretches and exercises to do at home. One legged bridges are so much better! It's great to see progress!

  9. FIT
    PT at brooks 3.5 mi 01:00 17:08 pace

    Really pushed it today. New exercises using back, chest using weighted pulleys. Hardest exercise was still my prone chin tucks raising arms into a T. Better at my birdie dogs (as my therapist calls... read more

  10. FIT
    PT at brooks 4 mi 01:00 15:00 pace

    Really didn't want to go to PT, I don't know I've been dreading it lately but today was great with new exercises/ harder exercises with progressions. I handled it well I thought. Wei... read more

  11. FIT
    great PT at brooks 4 mi 01:00 15:00 pace

    Didn't sleep well last night got up at 4:30am and couldn't go back to sleep. I was exhausted. But it seems like those days I push harder. Weight machines for lat pull down ,rows, and obl... read more

  12. FIT
    Weight machines at sawgrass 00:25

    Leg machines 30 reps. Triceps and chest fly 30 reps.

  13. FIT
    good Spin class at sawgrass 16 mi 01:00 03:45 pace

    Audrey's class. Didn't kill myself after yesterday (and having pain after), felt good after plus a massage helps!

  14. FIT
    Personal trainer/ reformer se... 01:00

    I love the reformer it's helped my yoga practice so much, plus it always makes my body feel better. Ashley (my trainer) also had me use some weight machines, cables and free weights, plus more... read more

  15. FIT
    Double spin class at sawgrass 30 mi 02:00 04:00 pace

    Killed myself in am class and afternoon class. Was hurting after second class came home and cuddled with the cats. Read an article somewhere (internet) that purring has healing powers, not sure if ... read more

  16. FIT
    blah PT at smartbody 3 mi 01:00 20:00 pace

    Focused on core, hip strengthening. Squats, planks, bridges using resistance band. Bike warmup.

  17. FIT
    blah PT at brooks 3 mi 01:00 20:00 pace

    Had a lot more of pain, so took it easy. Stretching using big ball, bike for 12 min. Massage at end.

  18. FIT
    Spin class at sawgrass 15 mi 01:05 04:19 pace

    Killed it, worked super hard with good motivating music from Crystal. Forgot I was doing a personal training session after and worked really hard.

  19. FIT
    Personal training/ Pilates re... 01:00

    Trained with trainer at sawgrass. Did 30 mins on reformer working core, legs, arm and stretching. Did some weight machines (legs, triceps, rows). Finished with more core on back with big Swiss ball... read more

  20. FIT
    good PT at brooks 3 mi 01:00 20:00 pace

    I'm finally starting to see progress in PT within the last two weeks. It's amazing. We worked on back, neck shoulder and hip stability and core. The exercises feel more natural and a part... read more