Friends (143)

  • Mohammed Faiz K.

    Mohammed Faiz K.

    Kuala Lumpur, MY, To take part in the KONA IRONMAN and finishing strong... hopefully one day...

  • Jimmy L.

    Jimmy L.

    Selangor, Malaysia, MY,

  • Kim G.

    Kim G.

    Madison, WI, ⁂ Staying with it daily ⁂ Complete a 1/2 in remaining states during 2015: AK CT HI MA ME NH OR RI UT

  • Sharifah A O.

    Sharifah A O.

    Kuala Lumpur, MY, Improvement in all benchmark wods

  • Duan


    Putrajaya, MY, returning from sideline injury

  • Kah Yen C.

    Kah Yen C.

    Kuala Lumpur, MY,

  • Ini E.

    Ini E.

    London, GB, "When I do the best I can with what I have, then I have won my race." - Jay Foonberg

  • Azmil T.

    Azmil T.

    Kuala Lumpur, MY, 10k: <0:50; 15k: <1:15; 21k: <1:45; 42k: <3:45

  • Hideo Y.

    Hideo Y.

    Auckland, NZ, * Coast to Coast 2015 - Done * Sprint Triathlon - Done

  • Tri S.

    Tri S.

    Petaling Jaya, MY, To be able to still do this when i am 80 or dead, whichever come first.

  • Jasmine Reese I.

    Jasmine Reese I.

    Columbia, MO, I cycled across the country. Now all that's left is to lose my remaining troublesome weight. I also hope to cycle South Korea and Spain 2014!

  • Shanaz S.

    Shanaz S.

    Kuala Lumpur, MY, Comrades 2015

  • Mas L.

    Mas L.

    , Improve Half Marathon, Full Marathon

  • Wayne


    San Francisco, CA, Staying healthy in my 2015 goal. 2015 bests: 5K: 24:07, 12K: 58:52.

  • Keni K.

    Keni K.

    Kuala Lumpur, MY, Eventually, IronMan.

  • Johan Johari

    Johan Johari

    Kuala Lumpur, MY, To be Fit, To be Happy,Healthy and to enjoy every minute in Life. To run more in coming marathons. Hope someday to do a full marathon.

  • Ted R.

    Ted R.

    China, keep moving!

  • Gus G.

    Gus G.

    Kuala Lumpur, MY, Ultra marathon. Iron Man.

  • Fadzlin A.

    Fadzlin A.

    Petaling Jaya, MY, Run happy!

  • Marlin Z.

    Marlin Z.

    Malaysia, MY, After 10 marathons, I broke my previous PB of 4:38:54 from my very first marathon in 2012 at the Chicago Marathon 2014 with a timing of 4:36:56.

  • Mims


    Malaysia, MY, finish a full marathon. at some point. get a sub 1hr 10K. get a sub 2.5hr 21K.

  • Yimster


    Puchong New Village, MY, 1. A marathon a month in 2011! 2. A sub 4 marathon would be lovely, thanks!

  • Peter G.

    Peter G.

    Hamburg, DE, Short term: Running a decent spring marathon in Hamburg

  • Mikael Z.

    Mikael Z.

    Kuala Lumpur, MY,

  • Puisan


    Kuala Lumpur, MY, For 2014.....i'm chasing the Ironman dream :)