10543 total / 421 in 2015

To maintain my Successfully Dysfunctional runner status. [PR's 5k-19:09, 5M- 32:15, 10k-41:20, Half-1:28:44, Full-3:04:40, 70.3-6:09]

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  • 20 miles
  • 03:44 time
  • 1222 calories
  • 5 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    alright Treadmill 6 mi 00:49 08:09 pace

    The motivation was there, but physically I was glad today was an easy day. A little tired and my stomach was a little "meh". No biggie. Miles in the bank, 47 days.

    Tempo tomorrow!

  2. FIT
    good Core & Upper Body 00:30

    Stretching and rolling followed by core with medicine ball and a few upper body exercises with free motion machines.

  3. RUN
    good Treadmill 8 mi 01:05 08:09 pace

    Treadmill miles after work. The woman on the treadmill next to me smelled ridiculously bad. Perfume + alcohol + sweat + cigarettes. .. What I assume a brothel would smell like. I wanted to vomit... read more

    • Amy Lauren S.
      Amy Lauren S.

      Eww. I ran past some neighborhood kids playing in the yard yesterday and I knew they were smoking, I could smell it from the road. So yucky. It is even worse to smell someone inside a gym, when you cannot just run past. It looks like you had a great run, at least!

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    • Audrey Z.
      Audrey Z.

      OMG, I think the smell of perfume over cigarettes is the smell that will give me a headache the fastest in life...can't imagine trying to run next to that, gross! Glad she left and you could finish in peace!

      1 day ago Like

    • Karla G.
      Karla G.

      nothing worse than stinky people sweating all that nonsense into the air. pure sweat is so much nicer:-)

      about 23 hours ago Like

  4. FIT
    good Stability & Some Upper Body 00:30

    Played on the turf a bit after the elliptical. Then did some freemotion weights.

    Walking lunges with medicine ball twists
    Side bends with kettle bell
    Kettle bell swings
    Side lunge (with glider) me... read more

  5. FIT
    good Elliptical 6 mi 00:50 08:20 pace

    Cross training on the Elliptical to loosen up the legs. High incline low resistance, hips got good stretch.

    1 episode Chicago PD

  6. RUN
    good LFSD 22 mi 03:00 08:11 pace

    I did as I was told today. I stuck to the plan verbatim. No excessively challenging terrain (coach vetoed the route I planned, with 2k gain), and stick to pace plan between 8-8:30. So I ran all ... read more

  7. RUN
    good Sunny Saturday 6 mi 00:45 07:29 pace

    Heat wave! Sunny & 75. Just kidding, Sunny and 20 but a girl can dream. Got outside for some easy afternoon miles hit up Highland and Cobbs hill. The Sun made this very enjoyable, I almost wi... read more

  8. RUN
    good Friday Shake Out 4.72 mi 00:37 07:53 pace

    Afternoon miles outside. Cold but sunny out, which always makes it feel better. Wind was tough in a few spots but I didnt have a ton of exposed skin so that helped. First mile felt wonky, working ... read more

  9. RUN
    good Tempo 8.2 mi 00:54 06:38 pace

    Needed a mentally and physically strong feeling workout today, I got it. 1 mile warmup, 10k tempo, 1 mile cooldown.

    I effectively broke my 5 mile and 10k PRs in this workout (I'm not sure if ... read more

  10. VELO
    good Short Cycle 5.25 mi 00:20 15.8mph pace

    Easy bike time at home to warm up a little for some core and dynamic stretching

  11. Sunday didn't go as planned but I'm over it. Worst half in 3 years is good motivation to get back to the grind though! ---> ... read more

    • Kathy

      Considering the conditions--you did awesome!!! And you placed.

      8 days ago Like

    • Mark S.
      Mark S.

      Sorry to hear that it didn't go as planned, but I can tell that you've already screwed your head back on straight. It's tough and it downright sucks when you have a goal and things go horribly wrong against that goal. Most people don't get the frustration and would say you still ran a great race, but I know that those words ring hollow for a competitor like you. However, I will say solid effort for battling and continuing on. Chalk it up to a learning experience, and use it as fuel for Boston.

      8 days ago Like

    • Laura S.
      Laura S.

      So proud of you. We all have bad days, and that was a super tough one. Don't beat yourself up. Trail shoes and ice and snow and only ten secs/mile slower pace? That is an accomplishment. Also, come run marathons down here in winter! ;)

      8 days ago Like

    • Paul S.
      Paul S.

      Honestly I wouldn't give this race another thought...the conditions sucked...laugh about it and move're obviously better than the pace/time shown at the finish line. Onward!

      7 days ago Like

  12. RUN
    good Recovery 5.39 mi 00:48 08:51 pace

    Recovery Miles today. Last week I met a girl while running (her dog got off leash and I helPed her, then we chatted), we realized we only lived 1/3 mile from each other. Today her and her 2 dogs ... read more

  13. RUN
    blah Lake Effect Half 13.1 mi 01:35 07:13 pace

    Not a good day for racing for me. Physically I just didn't have it, add in the back half of the course being covered in snow and I was done. After the first 2 miles I threw out any time goals ... read more

    • Bob D.
      Bob D.

      Just finishing it under the conditions is an accomplishment, Laura - don't beat yourself up too badly on this one. There are plenty of races in front of you with PRs there for the taking.

      11 days ago Like

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    • Elliot W.
      Elliot W.

      Seems strange they would run the race with snow covering the course. But well done for getting through it and best to put it down as a training effort - you know you're much better than this.

      10 days ago Like

    • Karla G.
      Karla G.

      HAd to go back and read this. It happens, but really, still a mucho good time especially considering the snow!

      8 days ago Like

  14. RUN
    good Shake Out 3.08 mi 00:25 08:01 pace

    Snowy shakeout miles, legs feel so so. Need some good stretching for tomorrow. Felt like mass heat wave at 18 degrees compared to yesterday -30 wind chill

  15. RUN
    good 12x200 1.5 mi 00:07:09 04:46 pace

    Big thanks to Jess M. for getting me into RIT today on lunch so I could do my repeats on the warm indoor track instead of the tundra (or the mill). Plan was 12x200 from 38 down to 35, I pretty muc... read more

  16. RUN
    Warmup/CoolDown 1.5 mi 00:11:57 07:57 pace

    warm-up and cool down around the indoor track at RIT.

  17. RUN
    good 3 X 1 Mile 3 mi 00:17 05:48 pace

    3 x 1 mile today.... outside. Heat wave of 14 degrees, used the nice plowed roads in the cemetery for this workout. If you stay on the one side, it's only about 30 ft of gain/loss because ... read more

    • Norman M.
      Norman M.

      Sheebus! Look at those paces! And that heat wave, it's like a sauna in upstate NY! Happy to hear you stayed upright and didn't slip though, that's always a win in those conditions. You're getting faster and faster, dear!

      16 days ago Like

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    • Paul S.
      Paul S.

      Supa fast!! Well done! Love those paces!

      15 days ago Like

    • Laura S.
      Laura S.

      Amazing! Especially in snow and ice!

      15 days ago Like