Friends (63)

  • Will D.

    Will D.

    Suburban Chicago , Stay fit, motivate, build knowledge.

  • Liz


    Boston, MA, Feel like I am a "runner" again

  • Adamm9


    MA, Never be 350 lbs again. Set a good example for my kids. Show others that you can lose weight and change your life. Run more ultras. Run happy.

  • Chilly B.

    Chilly B.

    Charlotte, NC, 2016 Goal is to run 1275 total miles. My goal is to run 3 races this year (again) and get back into runnin races regularly! I also want to end the year HEALTHY!

  • Danielle M.

    Danielle M.

    Evanston, IL, Maintain good health and goal weight! Get back in running shape!

  • Sel M.

    Sel M.

    Istanbul, TR, Run the Eurasia 15K Race under 60' This is the run which is from Asia to Europe unique on earth.

  • Harlemrunner


    New York, NY, Make running a consistent part of my life

  • Keith F.

    Keith F.

    Washington, DC, General health conditioning and target muscle toning, The stomach is BACK UGH!!!! Square 1 folks!

  • Tanya Patrice

    Tanya Patrice

    US, To improve.

  • Booker J.

    Booker J.

    Webster, TX, I need to loose weight! that will gradually happen,but I am a long haul trucker and over the years of just sitting behind the wheel has softened me up a bit.

  • J K.

    J K.


  • Rashad G.

    Rashad G.

    Washington, DC, make it count... 13.1, 26.2

  • Jonathan L.

    Jonathan L.

    San Antonio, TX, 2012 San Antonio Rock N Roll Half Marathon

  • Melissa M.

    Melissa M.

    Lathrup Village, MI, Think of my 10Ks like I do my 5Ks, lose 45lbs, train for another 1/2 marathon

  • Colleen H.

    Colleen H.

    San Antonio, TX, Stay fit and healthy and enjoy the run

  • Danyale N.

    Danyale N.

    San Antonio, TX, 2012 Austing Half Marathon, 2012 Dallas RNR Half Marathon, 2012 Really Big Free Half marathon, 2012 San Antonio RNR Half Marathon

  • Allie


    Graham, WA, Get ready for a half marathon in June.

  • Sarah H.

    Sarah H.

    Seattle, WA, Half marathon in under 2 hours! and a mile in under 7minutes.

  • Lisa


    Lincoln, NE, stay in shape, live a healthy life

  • Rachel C.

    Rachel C.

    Boston, MA, 2013 Goals -- 1:50 in the half; sub 4 in the full; run 8 miles in close to an hour; remain injury free through smart cross training/ancillary work

  • Madeline B.

    Madeline B.

    Austin, TX, Take it one step at a time...with a little pep to each step :)

  • Bianca


    New York, NY, Fit for Life... Only Way to Go

  • Jessica L.

    Jessica L.

    Modesto, CA, my goal is to get outside a couple times a week and run for the fun of it.

  • Miek S.

    Miek S.

    Washington, DC, To run the Yuengling Shamrock Half Marathon in 2:35 minutes or less.

  • Renisha J.

    Renisha J.

    Chicago, IL,