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Laura logged 1266 miles.

Last workout about 3 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. walk
    great Fort Worth Main Street Arts F... 0.81 mi 03:00

    Quite frankly, there was a lot more walking back and forth and shuffling. I though I'd walked farther but it is what it is. The day was sunny with temps at 73F when Donna S. and I left our las... read more

  2. walk
    great Bachman Lake Trail 3.3 mi 01:08 20:36 pace

    Enjoyed a brisk walk on a remarkably cool day (63F) with good friends: Marietta & Victor.

  3. walk
    great AVA Walk: Allen Adventure Walk 5 km 01:20 25:44 pace

    We actually walked much faster. However, they were holding a Civil War re-enactment at the park so we stopped to watch and to talk to some of the re-enactors. It was a beautiful day to be outside. ... read more

  4. walk
    great Around the Neighborhood 4.42 mi 01:17 17:25 pace

    I had a horrible day yesterday so I needed some walking time. It's warm and humid but a beautiful night with lots of stars (for the Metroplex).

  5. walk
    injured AVA: Creeks of Lake Highlands 5 km 01:17 24:47 pace

    I don't know what I did but I know where I did it. I was walking down the trail, slowly because my foot was hurting, when we came to a turn in the trail. I took a turn to the right when all of... read more

  6. walk
    good Grapevine Mills Mall, etc. 4.6 mi 01:06 14:20 pace

    Spent the morning in training in an extremely cold room (AC set at 70F), so cold that my legs hurt. Fortunately, it's 100F so my muscles warmed up after walking a bit outside. Went to walk at ... read more

  7. In 2014, I have walked 321 miles here on DailyMile and more on my Fitbit. It's a bit past the middle of the year but I firmly believe I am finally going to accomplish my 365 miles for the year... read more

    • Les B.
      Les B.

      Way to go Laura! You can work your way up to 1k!

      over 3 years ago Like

  8. walk
    alright Setting Up Classrooms 3.1 mi 00:19 06:07 pace

    I won't have my usual helper to help set up my classroom so I hauled him in today. Met the new teacher and showed her around the building. Got some nice walking in.

    • Laura G.
      Laura G.

      BTW: Those are "active minutes". The Fitbit only monitors active minutes (still haven't figured out what those are).

      over 3 years ago Like

  9. walk
    good AVA: White Rock Lake 5.89 mi 01:46 17:59 pace

    We're getting up early nowadays to walk. We're under a heat advisory and temperatures were well into the 80s at 7AM.
    We were supposed to walk a 6k but we overshot our turnaround point. Oh... read more

  10. walk
    great Grapevine Mills Mall 4 mi 01:20 20:00 pace

    The mall is gearing up for tax-free weekend. 100+ degree temps predicted for the weekend. It's summer again.

  11. walk
    great AVA: SMU 6 km 01:20 21:27 pace

    The walk was longer than Sunday's walk by 1k but the neighborhoods were so lovely that we didn't even feel it. It was warm (85F at the start) but bearable because of a very light, sporadi... read more

  12. walk
    great AVA: Downtown Fort Worth 5 km 01:28 28:19 pace

    It's the last day of the cool front and temps got all the way up to 88F while we walked this. To tell the truth, I didn't think I'd be able to do this volksmarch until autumn but the... read more

  13. walk
    good Double Morrisdale Loop 2.36 mi 01:04 27:07 pace

    I spent most of the week doing the stuff teachers do before school starts. I missed out on some mighty cool weather. So I went for a walk this evening.

  14. walk
    alright Grapevine Mills Mall 3.72 mi 01:00 16:07 pace

    I will never ever ever go to Cracker Barrel again before going for our walk. The food was too heavy.

  15. walk
    good Grapevine Mills Mall 4 mi 01:18 19:30 pace

    My strides are definitely getting longer. I have to walk extra to accomplish my 10,000 steps a day now.

    103F today for a high. It's almost 9PM and it's 101F.

  16. walk
    good Northeast Mall 4.82 mi 01:17 15:58 pace

    We decided to mix it up by walking at a different mall. The music isn't as good at NE and there are too many nooks and crannies. I prefer the straight walking and music of Grapevine Mills but ... read more

  17. walk
    good Grapevine Mills Mall 4.62 mi 01:15 16:14 pace

    Got a new pedicure. Then walked at the mall. Walking in the evening is much busier than walking before the mall opens. We walked on the wild side: clockwise instead of the counter-clockwise which i... read more

  18. swim
    great Deep Water Aerobics 4000 yd 01:00 26:23 pace

    I was afraid that the water would be as warm as soup. Instead, it was refreshingly cool (compared to the 100F outside).

  19. walk
    good Grapevine Mills Mall 4.39 mi 01:17 17:32 pace

    Ugh! Level Orange Alert Day + Heat Advisory = sneezing, itchy nose + dry eyes (even in the mall!)

  20. walk
    great Grapevine Mills Mall 4.62 mi 01:21 17:31 pace

    Two days rest for my bruised foot helped. Ozone level orange day today is affecting Victor negatively.