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  • 29 miles
  • 00:58 time
  • 1392 calories
  • 2 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. VELO
    Pink Lake Reunion. 21.7 mi

    Thought I'd ride to Pink Lake in Gatineau Park and see how the autumn leaves were doing. They're changing, slowly but surely.
    On my way up the first big hill I passed a group of 15/16 ye... read more

  2. RUN
    I'm baaaack. ;) 7.3 mi 00:58 07:55 pace

    Holy cow! Europe is amazing!
    I can't even believe how many things they just have right!
    Every place has a tiny washing machine, but no dryer. So you wash often, but the spin cycle on the ma... read more

  3. RUN
    Lost in Paris 5.9 mi 01:02 10:30 pace

    Lost on the streets of Paris!

  4. RUN
    Chamonix, France 3.4 mi 00:33 09:40 pace

    Running in the mountains!
    Altitude is no joke!

  5. RUN
    Oviedo, Spain! 5 mi 00:50 09:57 pace

    Beautiful run to Santa Maria del Naranco!

  6. VELO
    commutes 4 mi

    wee commutes.
    Picked L up and he was having a great time. I knew it was for real when he told me at bedtime "Mama, maybe we can invite Mr. N over to our apartment sometime". When you get ... read more

  7. RUN
    quick shorty 3.2 mi 00:28 08:36 pace

    Took L to his first day of kindergarten this morning. Poor kid. He was really excited to go and then he lost it when he realized I really did have to leave him there all alone. It was a rough trans... read more

    • Ricardo C.
      Ricardo C.

      too fast, they grow!

      21 days ago Like1 person

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    • Barb G.
      Barb G.

      Aw. Jan, that's so sad. I have to say I was a bit teary when I left him this morning because he was so distraught, but I knew he'd be alright, and he was...but still, no one likes to leave their kid feeling really sad. @Pierre- haha. yea i LOVED school, but L really LOVES to be with us, so even with daycare he was always sad when we'd it wasn't too far fetched that he'd be upset. I was just happy he had a great day after I left!

      20 days ago Like2 people

    • Javaid I.
      Javaid I.

      Nice Run Barb! I am sure L will make a lot of friends there.

      20 days ago Like1 person

  8. RUN
    morning meander 5 mi 00:42 08:26 pace

    wee meander. stopped to grab some change for laundry. need to do the last of that before we pack!
    very sticky out there...kind of blech. but the meander was nice. leaves are starting to read more

  9. FIT
    lift stuff 00:25

    lest you think i've been lazy lately....lifting stuff while L screamed "MAMA!!" every, oh, I dunno, 45 seconds. :P
    It was so peaceful.........

    • Barbara

      Peaceful ??? with Leo yelling for you every 5 min .. I don't understand how you find the time to workout but looks like you've had a very productive weekend from all these workout posts Well done Barb

      22 days ago Like

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    • Vern M.
      Vern M.

      Sounds SO peaceful! :)

      22 days ago Like

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      And hit yourself on the head with a hammer, just to improve the experience! Got some lifting done!

      22 days ago Like

  10. VELO
    commutig 13.9 mi

    With L all one of his friend's houses for a little party (wherein we got lost and I ended up taking the least safe route possible.....why does that always happen to me? :P I saw a ... read more

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      Interesting! I have no recollection whatsoever of what I had to wear for shoes, but seem to remember some sort of thing with buckled straps? Kind of a mix of shoe and sandals? Haven't even thought of it for 57 years but that popped to mind. Nice commutig.

      22 days ago Like

  11. swim
    Runner pretending to be a swi... 1023 yd

    In the lake. Got some good tips on my stroke, breathing AND kicking from P's brother (who spent a lot of years being a swimming instructor!). Good things to think about in the pool tomorrow. A... read more

  12. RUN
    easy peasy 6.7 mi 00:58 08:37 pace

    Just an easy meander around...weird not having a training plan right now with everyone gearing up for fall races. I hafta say I am missing it right now. Instead of feeling the "peak" I&#x... read more

  13. VELO
    Commuting! 19.4 mi


    Busy busy. ;)

  14. FIT
    lift stuff 00:30

    i don't think i've log the last couple of times i've done my weights! things are clearly really busy around here.
    didn't get to squeeze in a run today, and tomorrow if i'm ... read more

    • Vern M.
      Vern M.

      Nice job picking stuff up and putting it down, Barb!

      28 days ago Like

    • Pierre M.
      Pierre M.

      I did my double planks and pushups while the yeast rose last night! But when I went for a run this AM, while the buns were rising, C. put them in the oven at 140F and pulled them out 30 minutes later, as I arrived home! I was freaking out. WTF? I put them back in at 350 for 18 mins and hoped for the best! (They came out OK, for a wonder.) Anyway, just another day in the life.

      28 days ago Like

    • Judy

      I have the same issue. I need to at least write it down. What you track you measure

      28 days ago Like

    • Kevin M.
      Kevin M.

      Always at it Barb :-))

      28 days ago Like

  15. swim
    open water "swimming" 1600 m

    haha. ohboy.
    this is the first time i've ever been in the lake with goggles on. I think i prefer not to see what's in the lake. ;) I swam out of the bay and then started to freak out a l... read more

  16. RUN
    sprints 3.6 mi 00:29 08:03 pace

    short on time, so 12x30/30s...though I was really tired and would have much preferred to just have a relaxed easy run...buuuut, I wanted to make sure I got the most out of what time I DID have, so,... read more

  17. VELO
    Commuting 16.2 mi

    All over the place again. Hot. Gross. Blech.
    Can't wait to get to the lake tomorrow. Try my hand at some open water "swimming". haha. Should be funny. ;)

  18. RUN
    Morning Meander 5 mi 00:42 08:19 pace

    This was from this morning, a meander in the soup. So hot and gross. Blech.

  19. swim
    Bilateral breathing.......... 1000 m 00:40 64:14 pace

    Yeesh. I was trying to work out this whole, breathe on both sides while swimming! thing, and uh, ack, it's hard! 3 strokes and then breathe, i dunno, i felt like i was gasping for air trying t... read more

  20. RUN
    8x800m progressives 5 mi 00:40 07:58 pace

    wee warm up (half a mile) then started to speed up every 800 meters. Buzz. Move a little faster. Buzz. Move a little faster.
    Remember when I used to HATE these workouts? Now I'm just doing th... read more