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I have 30lbs left to lose after having already lost 50lbs. This year I would like to run some 5k's and a half marathon by the end of the year.

Wall of Motivation (9)

  1. Michael T.
      Get Better

    Be careful! As a Type II diabetic, or was, I understand the risks of being di... read more

  2. Teresa G.
      Nice Job

    Awesome! Good job - take it slow & be careful. on a workout

  3. Marsi K.
      Nice Job

    YAY!! :-D on a workout

  4. Threekits
      Nice Job

    Good job Krystal. Adding distance requires your body to get use to it so goo... read more

  5. Marsi K.
      Nice Job

    yay!! the lungs will recover in time ;) on a workout

  6. Teresa G.
      Nice Job

    Very nice run - Great running when you got off work this morning!! I work nig... read more

  7. Marsi K.
      Nice Job

    Walking in the wind it tough! on a workout

  8. Marsi K.
      Great Performance

    woohoo!!! :-D on a workout

  9. Gavin
      Feel Better

    Rest is good on a workout