Friends (277)

  • Bill S.

    Bill S.

    St Louis, MO, -stay in shape to lessen the effects of my Multiple Sclerosis. - Little Rock Marathon 3/5, Baltimore Marathon Oct -Stay healthy

  • Melissa J.

    Melissa J.

    Madison, WI, Half marathon in Spring - first since baby.

  • Teresa A.

    Teresa A.

    Washington, DC, Changes on a daily basis...

  • Eric D.

    Eric D.

    Chicago, IL, I'm hunting unicorns.

  • Timothy T.

    Timothy T.

    Milwaukee, WI, Ride, run, skate, play

  • Erica S.

    Erica S.

    Milwaukee, WI,

  • Laura A.

    Laura A.

    Rochester, NY, To maintain my Successfully Dysfunctional runner status. [PR's 5k-18:46, Half-1:24:51, Full-2:58:13, 70.3-6:09]

  • Tammi S.

    Tammi S.

    Baltimore, MD, Run healthy and be injury free for 2014!

  • Sue S.

    Sue S.

    Milwaukee, WI, Olympic Tri Spring 2014. Half IronMan Fall 2014. IronMan Wisconsin 2015 or Bust.

  • Maggie G.

    Maggie G.

    Madison, WI, Only using DailyMile to keep running log. Also crosstrain 3x/week at Orange Shoe for injury prevention. This year's goals: first Half 6/24. First trail race 6/4

  • Jessica A.

    Jessica A.

    Jacksonville, NC, 2016: Mud runs, half-marathons & getting back to ME.

  • Jenny P.

    Jenny P.

    Chicago, IL, Sub 19:30 5k, Sub 1:28 Half, Sub 3:05 Full

  • Jordan H.

    Jordan H.

    Milwaukee, WI, Complete another Marathon (2019?). Maintain a healthy lifestyle until then.

  • Nathan D.

    Nathan D.

    Lexington, KY, Strolling Jim 41 miler (May 2016), Vol State 500k (July 2016), Tahoe 200 (Sept 2016), Tunnel Hill 100 (November 2016)

  • Maureen


    Madison, WI,

  • Anne C.

    Anne C.

    Wethersfield, CT, To get strong and have an awesome second marathon this fall - NYCM 2015 or BUST! (It was so nice I decided to do it twice)

  • Justin S.

    Justin S.

    New York, NY, A half or full marathon in all fifty states.

  • Brooke R.

    Brooke R.

    Chicago, IL, losing a few pounds & not injuring myself doing it.

  • Blanda C.

    Blanda C.

    , Complete Xterra Guam 2013, do a couple cycling races, a 2 mile swim, and 1000 miles of running.

  • Kristin K.

    Kristin K.

    Madison, WI, Still determining 2014 goals...a 50 mile gravel ride in April, definitely some running/biking races, but nothing too crazy this year.

  • Dione T.

    Dione T.

    , IM WI - 2013 Ice Age 50 - 2014

  • Kim Ellen

    Kim Ellen

    Milwaukee, WI, My goal is to run and not use Dailymile.

  • Jessica P.

    Jessica P.

    Stuart, FL, 2016 miles in 2016

  • John C.
  • Carly N.

    Carly N.

    Chicago, IL, 4:45 Marathon. At least 20 miles per week in 2015.