Wall of Motivation (7)

  1. Wayne P.
      Post a workout!

    Why aren't you posting!!!

  2. Alicia A.
      Nice Job

    Do not get discouraged, some days I struggle with making it two miles! Most ... read more

  3. James K.
      Good Luck

    Have fun at the Warrior Dash and DM about it! My running partner wants to go... read more

  4. Duane N.
      Good Luck

    Have fun. I hope you get nice and muddy. on a workout

  5. Drew T.
      Good Luck

    Have a good time at the Warrior Dash. Can't wait to hear the stories! on a workout

  6. Roger R.
      Nice Job

    you are getting down to my pace :) on a workout

  7. Roger R.
      Nice Job

    You'll easily make the 3.25 next month - i just want to survive! on a workout