Wall of Motivation (353)

  1.   Nice Job

    Good job Kelly - hugely jealous of where you are running :) on a workout

  2. Jason W.
      You're an Inspiration

    Hey, update your 2011 goals mister!

  3. Laura A.
      Nice Job

    Nice bike ride! sounds like a nice route too! on a workout

  4. Ova60runa
      Post a workout!

    What no training? How are you going ot be ready for Hardrock?

  5. Ova60runa
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  6.   You're Hot

    The spandex and tan-lines are super hot.

  7.   Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  8. Travis H.
      Nice Job

    Nice! 10 miles aint no thang! on a workout

  9. Nicole L.
      Nice Job

    Hey Kelly! Good seeing you guys today!

  10.   You're an Inspiration

    rub it in, so beautiful on a workout

  11. Ace C.
      Nice Job

    Nice to see you back. on a workout

  12.   Get Better

    Hope it all feels back to normal soon Kelly on a workout

  13. Agus K.
      Feel Better

    You'll make it right in no time =) on a workout

  14. Larissa M.
      You're an Inspiration

    coolness!!! on a workout

  15.   Nice Job

    nice run on a workout

  16. Oksana
      You're an Inspiration

    :) on a workout

  17. Annie
      Nice Job

    Great job on the improvements! The site's looking good and working well! Thanks!

  18. American Psycho
      Nice Job

    Isn't this why we run in the first place?? Eating without regrets?? on a workout

  19. Mike L.
      Nice Job

    Great Job at Western States!!!

  20. Alain C.

    Kelly, I followed the last 20 miles on line. My own calves were hurting seein... read more

  21. Sean B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Unbelievable job at the Western Staes. Absolutely incredible.

  22. Samantha G.
      You're an Inspiration

    Friggen amazing job! Congrats on completing the Western States 100!!!

  23. Mike D.
      Nice Job

    Go Kelly go!

  24. Mike M.
      Good Luck

    Good luck this weekend Kelly!

  25. Marvin C.
      Good Luck

    You'll do great Kelly! on a workout

  26. Katie H.
      Good Luck

    Go kick ass! Rah! Rah!

  27. Cleo
      Good Luck

    Cheering you on! on a workout

  28. Becca
      Good Luck

    You're going to rock it! I will be thinking of you this weekend Kelly- best ... read more

  29.   Good Luck

    Western States....You're going to rock it!

  30. Stanley
      Good Luck

    well WS100 is around the corner. Have fun and good running this weekend. on a workout

  31. Jonathan J.
      Good Luck

    Best of luck on the Western States 100!

  32. Bradee E.
      You're an Inspiration

    Seriously. I've never even met you in person: but every once and a while I ta... read more

  33. David S.
      Nice Job

    Great workout on a workout

  34. David S.
      Nice Job

    Good job sounds like a fun run on a workout

  35. Ainsley D.
      Good Luck

    Good luck at Western States! Kick ass!

  36.   Get Better

    Good call then to not run it. I hope your ankle gets better fast!!!!!!!! on a workout

  37.   Get Better

    Glad you're still able to run. Take care of that ankle and get it healed. on a workout

  38. Michelle R.
      Good Luck

    Hope your ankle holds up! on a workout

  39.   Good Luck

    Good luck and have fun! on a workout

  40.   Good Luck

    RUN HAPPY!!!! on a workout

  41. Barbara W.
      Good Luck

    Have a good one tomorrow! Good vibes for your ankle. on a workout

  42.   Good Luck

    Good luck on your race on a workout

  43.   Get Better

    Hope your ankle is feeling better Kelly!! Hope you recover soon!

  44. Sarah M.
      Get Better

    Feel better soon... on a workout

  45. Brooke H.
      Get Better

    Hope you recover soon!

  46. Christine
      Get Better

    Take good care of the ankle! on a workout

  47.   Get Better

    Glad your ankle is healing and that you're taking the slow path to recovery. on a workout

  48. Renata B.
      Get Better

    get better soon! on a workout

  49. Paul S.
      Get Better

    Sorry man about the ankle! Fingers crossed! on a workout

  50. Courtney B.
      Get Better

    Sorry about your fall. Hope the ice and a good night's rest will heal it. on a workout