8262 total / 191 in 2015

Primary goal is to run for good health, secondary goal is to run well and improve my times (5k to marathon distances) with the support of my DM friends.

Wall of Motivation (218)

  1. Doosti K.
      Nice Job

    Nice Running on a workout

  2. Doosti K.
      Great Performance

    Great 8x8 on a workout

  3. Doosti K.
      Nice Job

    Nice plan ,very good pace of New year ,,, on a workout

  4. Henning
      Get Better

    just stick to short and easy for a while. or lay off for two weeks or so. it ... read more

  5. Henning
      Nice Job

    a nice composition of hard and easy. opening the hurt zone lucker does not al... read more

  6. Doosti K.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great Running on a workout

  7. Doosti K.
      Great Performance

    Great Job on a workout

  8. Rgbytrtl
      Great Performance

    FABULOUS!!! Congrats on a great one!! on a workout

  9. Mark S.
      Great Performance

    Quite impressive, Keith! Wind can be a killer. Way to dig deep! on a workout

  10. Mark S.

    Just looked up your result from today. Very nicely done! Congratulations!

  11. Nic A.
      Good Luck

    Best of luck Keith, hopefully it will all click into place for you on race day! on a workout

  12.   You're an Inspiration

    Huge miles on this run Keith. You are so consistent with your training and I ... read more

  13. Henning
      Great Performance

    chin up! the eye might be too cold. it could be anything, really. a strong ru... read more

  14. Henning
      Nice Job

    what has to be done, hast to be done. enjoy your week-end, and fingers crosse... read more

  15. Henning
      Nice Job

    that question almost always answers itself post-run. on a workout

  16. Nic A.
      Nice Job

    Nice work. I bet you are pleased to have a good week ticked off. on a workout

  17. Nic A.
      Nice Job

    It's a no brainer - full belly homemade apple tart repeats would win in my wo... read more

  18. Amy M.
      Nice Job

    Every time you run I am impressed with your times! on a workout

  19. Mark S.
      Nice Job

    Scenery stops are always great, and hot runs should always include hydration ... read more

  20. Amy M.
      Nice Job

    Hotel Gym is always better than nothing! on a workout

  21. Alun
      Great Performance

    Good time on a tough course, well done Keith! on a workout

  22. Jon D.
      Great Performance

    Solid effort, Keith! You ran a good race - even if it wasn't the time you'd h... read more

  23. Ruth H.
      Great Performance

    Cracking job! on a workout

  24. Henning
      Great Performance

    …and it's only middle of the year. congratulations keith, that was a race run... read more

  25. Charles F.
      Great Performance

    Awesome race Keith! Congrats! on a workout

  26. Nic A.

    Awesome work on breaking 40mins!! What a tough field you race in Keith - you ... read more

  27. Tim D.
      Great Performance

    Nice job breaking the sub-40 barrier! on a workout

  28. Mark S.
      Nice Job

    I'm sure it will come back quickly. I say that because I'm sure it will and b... read more

  29. Henning
      Nice Job

    a nice summer evening. on a workout

  30. Henning
      Feel Better

    take it easy for a while. no shame after your big marathon. on a workout

  31. Tim D.
      Feel Better

    Heal that groin injury! May you find that balance of life, work, and running... read more

  32. Christian H.
      Post a workout!

    Everything OK Keith?

  33.   Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  34. Mark S.
      Great Performance

    So great to finally get to meet you, Keith, and twice at that. It was definit... read more

  35. Henning
      Great Performance

    it was a tough one. i also saw a lot of people dropping out at mile 21 passim... read more

  36. Mindi G.
      Great Performance

    Boston is a bear for sure. Great job out there. I wish I was there. on a workout

  37. Alun

    I think that's a great time & effort Keith! Hope you enjoyed your pints, you ... read more

  38. Trailplodder

    Good job, well done! on a workout

  39. Ruth H.

    Respectable time! You did brilliant Keith! Seems its a tough course, &, many ... read more

  40. Stefan

    Great time Keith on a really tough course, was thinking of you and cheering f... read more

  41. Rgbytrtl
      Great Performance

    You are an inspiration to so many of us on DM. Congrats on your Boston finish. on a workout

  42. Tim D.
      Nice Job

    Still a very respectable finish. What time were you hoping for? I seem to n... read more

  43. Jon D.

    supreme effort today, Keith! 3:20:00 is a mighty nice time at Boston.. and I ... read more

  44. Alun
      Great Performance

    Oh wow! What a looooong run :o You are ready for Boston Keith! Just keep it r... read more

  45. Stefan

    FANTASTIC time!!! Brilliant racing Keith and (belated) Happy Birthday! on a workout

  46. Mark S.
      Great Performance

    Perfect race, Keith! You're in great shape for Boston. I like the birthday pr... read more

  47.   Congrats

    Great race!! on a workout

  48. Alun

    What a great achievement on your birthday, really cool! on a workout

  49. Henning
      Great Performance

    a 10mile pr. what a nice birthday present! and perfect tempo training for bos... read more

  50. Trailplodder
      Nice Job

    Nice! on a workout