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Jimmy logged 486 miles.

Last workout over 7 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. Yesterday's run made me 162/days straight, and the start of my 24th/week. We, (Andrew and Dad) have a custody hearing later today. I hope all goes well. After that I plan to start picking my m... read more

  2. Please give me advice on a good head band to keep the sweat out of my eyes. HEEEELP!!!!! Any advice or links will be greatly appreciated friends. Seems like it bothers me a lot more than it used to... read more

    • Doug L.
      Doug L.

      I use the Headsweats products, I use the sweatbands under my bike helmets and their hat for runs.

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    • Runfasterdaddy

      You can laugh if you want, but a good swipe of chapstick above your eyebrows will help keep the sweat from dripping down into your eyes. Old track coach trick.

      over 7 years ago Like1 person

    • Jonathan H.
      Jonathan H.

      I second the headsweat products, I wear their visors all the time when I run. Used their bandanas under my bike helmet

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    • Bill S.
      Bill S.

      I use a running hat. I've got one from Brooks and one from Adidas. They both have small headbands built in and they're reflective.

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  3. My running streak has made it 113/days straight. Today's run will be 114. God Bless All Daily Milers Is My Prayer..+ Andrew/Dad-Jimmy Jacobs. ( =

  4. I did my first speed workout yesterday. 2.5/mile warmup - 8/400's with a 200m recovery - 2.5/mile cool down. 400's = 137, 142, 137, 140, 136, 136, 132, 137. My legs were dead, but I loved... read more

  5. I'll do my best to get to the local library for now as much as possible for now. Later the internet at home, (which may take awhile), because this is still one of my favorite if not my favorit... read more

  6. Sorry friends I haven't been back. Things have been crazy, and I've not had access to the net in awhile. But things are starting to look up. I have my son with me again, and my running is... read more

  7. Yesterday I ran only 1-mile at the Lebanon Town Park to keep my streak alive, and rest my left calf. It's been a little tight. Yesterday, "With the Blessings of GOD" made 23/days str... read more

  8. RUN
    1 mi 00:11:00 11:00 pace

    1/mile easy today to keep my streak alive. My legs are still a little sore, but with God's help things are looking up. Today made 7/days straight. S/5 - M/6 - T/1 - W/1 - T/5 - F/1 ~ S/1 = 20/... read more

  9. Sometimes life feels like a Marathon. You've hit the ole wall but you haven't yet crossed the finish line. It's time for me to relive my 9th Marathon when I started feeling sluggish ... read more

    • Jimmy J.
      Jimmy J.

      I pray everyone has a great year training. I need to come back to daily mile more often and get me some more (Very Needed Inspiration). Thanks guys and gals for all the inspiration thus far. Great Site. God Bless..+ Your Friend, Jimmy. ( =

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    • Judy

      We are here for you Jimmy.

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    • Amy P.
      Amy P.

      Lots of support and inspiration here

      almost 8 years ago Like

    • Debbie

      Hope everything is alright Jimmy. Life can feel like a marathon. You can do it!!!!

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  10. Hello friends. I hope you're having a good year. Things are good so far. Take care, and have a great week/weekend. (I just turned 48 on January 17th). Wow! Another year older. It's time t... read more

  11. Hello friends. I hope you're having a good year. Things are good so far. Take care, and have a great week/weekend. (I just turned 48 on January 17th). Wow! Another year older. It's time t... read more

  12. RUN
    great Home Town Run..+ 3 mi 00:32 10:41 pace

    it was cold out at 12 degrees. Very easy run around town, and back to my house. I felt awesome this morning, and I have GOD to Thank for that. RUN2WIN, oh yeah!!!

  13. Hey Friends. I got me a new cell phone so I thought I would say hello. God Bless You is my daily mile prayer..+ Have a great day, Jimmy. ( =


    • Jimmy J.
      Jimmy J.

      This time for sure with no looking back. I must be like I was in my 9 Marathon right after I hit the ole wall. I prayed for 6-miles to God that he would let me finish. 6-miles later I crossed the finish line feeling like I would die, but I didn't.
      ...In this recent valley I've felt the same way, but I know if I pray to God he will help me cross that spiritual finish line someday. (I must run on until I get there). God Bless..+ Jimmy. ( =

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  15. I'm slowly trying to make a comeback. Trying to get my life back together after me and my wife seperated just over 4/months ago. I'm still running a little. I will post when I can. I'... read more

    • Jimmy J.
      Jimmy J.

      Funny Story - I finally got my cable/phone/internet straightened out. Not. They made a mistake and put it back in her name, sent her the recent bill, and she had it turned off. So a few more weeks until I have it at home again. (local library today). God Bless..+ Jimmy. (=

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    • Lenny G.
      Lenny G.

      I'm sorry that you've had to suffer through a separation Jimmy, but your spirit of getting through this relatively optimistically is very encouraging. Keep your sprits high and good luck!

      almost 8 years ago Like

    • Jimmy J.
      Jimmy J.

      Thanks so much Lenny. God Bless You, Your Family, and Your Training..+ I plan to be here a lot more often when I get things going again at home. This time for sure. I miss all my daily mile friends. Your Friend, Jimmy. ( =

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  16. I have been running again with GOD leading the way. I am actually using the "Blog" I started a long time ago, and never really blogged any. I'm taking the low/slow/easy approach for ... read more

    • Jimmy J.
      Jimmy J.

      I started 2 goal streaks on my Brother Charlie's Birthday. Sunday - September 12th, 2010. 1) GOD, and 2) RUNNING. Today makes ELEVEN DAYS. Day 2, my Mom and my Nephew Noah had a Birthday. Monday - September 13th, 2010. 3 really cool people in my life and all the inspiration I needed to get going and keep it up. "Thank-God". God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are my strength to run. Andrew, my son, is Dad's Biggest Running Fan. God Bless All..+ Your Friend, Jimmy. ( =

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    • Bill H.
      Bill H.

      Welcome back.

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    • Jimmy J.
      Jimmy J.

      As soon as I get things going at home again I will post a lot more. This time for sure. I plan to "Let God Help Me Take My Life Back". So my wife is gone, but I still have my salvation, my son Andrew with me, my family, my friends, and my running.What more could a guy ask for. All because God still loves me. Have a Great Day Friends. God Bless..+ Your Friend, Jimmy..+

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  17. Hey guys and gals. I finally got the cable bill paid, lol. They are supposed to come and hook everything back up on the 29th. I will try to post my runs daily then. I hope everyone is doing fine. I... read more

  18. Have A Great Day Friends. If I get my internet turned back on this week like planned I'll start posting my workouts each day I run. I hate going to the library, so I never get here that often.... read more

  19. I haven't been able to post any of my runs, but lately I've did a few runs. 2 x 6-miles/easy, and 7.5-miles easy. I hope to get my past due cable bill paid off soon, lol, and get the inte... read more

  20. With God's help things are looking up. I will post a workout tomorrow if I run. Beginning tomorrow I have 8-days off. Time to take the rest of some stuff off, (mostly to the good will with som... read more

    • Michele K.
      Michele K.

      God is good Jimmy. Stay strong in your faith and He will walk you through it.

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    • Jennifer H.
      Jennifer H.

      Glad things are looking up on your end Jimmy. You've got the right power on your side.

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    • Monica

      God is good and He never fails. Aren't we blessed by that? He loves us no matter what. Bet your son is excited for his Soph. year. Fun, fun, fun. Anxious to see you back and running. Take care.

      about 8 years ago Like

    • Mike D.
      Mike D.

      Good wishes to you and God bless.

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