Wall of Motivation (261)

  1. David M.
      Nice Job

    Nice run Jeff. on a workout

  2. Angie R.

    Nice job, Jeff! Way to go!! Great race. Your run time was awesome!! on a workout

  3. Kelly M.

    Sweet Stats! on a workout

  4. Sara N.
      Great Performance

    Wow!! Excellent pace after your swim & bike!! Congrats on another Tri in th... read more

  5. Sara N.
      You're an Inspiration

    You're doing awesome Jeff!! Swimming is tough & I am super impressed to see ... read more

  6. Maggie
      Great Performance

    WOHOOOO!!!!!!! Awesome job Jeff!!! You are in great shape wow! Ultra??? on a workout

  7. Tom N.
      You Rock

    You pulled off a 46 min 10K after a swim and a bike?!?!? AMAZING! on a workout

  8. Chris C.
      Good Luck

    Staying relaxed is key! think positive:D on a workout

  9. Sara N.
      Good Luck

    Breath in, breath out...you can do it Jeff!! Good luck with the HyVee Tri!! ... read more

  10. Maggie
      Good Luck

    Best of luck Jeff!!!! You will rock!!!! on a workout

  11.   You Rock

    Love it Jeff! Great brick work today!! on a workout

  12. Sara N.
      Nice Job

    What a fantastic feeling!! You've worked hard Jeff!! Keep it up!! on a workout

  13. Sherrie
      You're an Inspiration

    Love the progress! on a workout

  14. Angie R.

    Way to go, Jeff! Great sprint tri! You did aweosme!! on a workout

  15. Sara N.
      Good Luck

    Awesome end to your taper week!! Good luck tomorrow Jeff!! Enjoy it!! Nail... read more

  16. Karla
      Good Luck

    Good luck, Jeff! on a workout

  17. Sherrie
      You're an Inspiration

    Holy Brick....solid run! on a workout

  18. Chris C.
      Nice Job

    I don't know what wu/cd means...Wood cutting? That deserves a medaL! on a workout

  19. Sara N.
      Nice Job

    Ahh tabata!! YeeeeHaaawww!! Way to get outside to enjoy the beautiful morni... read more

  20. Sara N.
      Nice Job

    Excellent Jeff! I get your accomplishment...swimming is tough!! Congrats on ... read more

  21. Angie R.
      Nice Job

    woo hoo! Nice Tri, Jeff!! on a workout

  22. Maggie
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome!!!! on a workout

  23. Angie R.

    You can do it! on a workout

  24. Angie R.
      Good Luck

    Have a great race! on a workout

  25. Sara N.
      Nice Job

    7 mile recovery run in the heat & humidity! WOW!! WOW!! Tough conditions..... read more

  26.   Congrats

    Congratulations! on a workout

  27.   Nice Job

    Nice bike intervals ! on a workout

  28. Karla
      Get Better

    UGH - that is not good - hope you are back to yourself really soon :) on a workout

  29. Ryan K.
      Get Better

    Feel better champ! on a workout

  30. Sara H.
      Feel Better

    Way to start easing back in! on a workout

  31. Sara N.
      Nice Job

    Great ride Jeff! I took my first ride of the year too...not even close to th... read more

  32. Sara N.
      You're an Inspiration

    I think your mojo will be back sooner than you think! You're an amazingly sm... read more

  33. Sara H.
      You're an Inspiration

    You're my hero. on a workout

  34. David M.
      Nice Job

    Yes sir. It is a beast. Good work Jeff. on a workout

  35. Tom N.
      You're an Inspiration

    I'm glad you were there Jeff. I've already told you but you helped me through... read more

  36. Sara N.
      You're an Inspiration

    Congrats Jeff on getting 26.2 done!! Another marathon in the books for YOU! ... read more

  37. Maggie

    Jeff I am so sorry I was not able to meet up with you : ( My health was a bit... read more

  38. Tom N.
      You're an Inspiration

    AWESOME! on a workout

  39. Sara N.
      Nice Job

    Smokin' fast intervals Jeff!! Way to go!! on a workout

  40.   Nice Job

    Wow, great intervals workout. on a workout

  41. Dan A M.
      Nice Job

    Nice splits! I'm off to the track for my first batch of 800 repeats later to... read more

  42. Tom N.
      Great Performance

    Those look like unofficial Yasso's to me! You are exactly where I wanted to b... read more

  43. Maggie
      Great Performance

    Wow nice job! on a workout

  44. Tom N.
      You're an Inspiration

    Everyone has said it all already! Amazing! So you liking Heed for the long ru... read more

  45.   Nice Job

    Solid pace on your long run. on a workout

  46. Sara N.
      Nice Job

    Super impressive miles Jeff!! Way to kick ass on those hills!! on a workout

  47. Maggie
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow great stuff!!!! I would love to post those numbers! Nice work Jeff! Never... read more

  48.   Great Performance

    Wow! Look at that elevation chart! You were kicking it on some hills!! Well d... read more

  49.   Nice Job

    Awesome splits on your 1000m. on a workout

  50. Sara N.
      Nice Job

    Great road intervals Jeff!! Getting you ready for that Fargo wind! on a workout