755 total / 0 in 2017

I created a running app for Android and iPhone called PaceMaker! It can post runs to Dailymile automatically.

Wall of Motivation (64)

  1. Barbara G.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice run! on a workout

  2. Jen W.
      Nice Job

    Nice run! on a workout

  3. Cyndi C.

    looks faster to me! Good run, John! on a workout

  4.   Get Better

    I hope your calf feels better soon, John! on a workout

  5. Ram
      Nice Job

    nice short run John! on a workout

  6. Vittal B.
      Feel Better

    damn. hate cramps. Hope you feel better... on a workout

  7. Barbara G.
      Nice Job

    Great run! Keep up the training! on a workout

  8. Barbara G.
      Great Performance

    Good pace! on a workout

  9. Deb C.
      Nice Job

    Great job John! on a workout

  10.   Hi-five

    Great 5k in the heat, John! on a workout

  11. Deb C.
      Great Performance

    Nice run John! on a workout

  12. Cyndi C.

    way to go, John! on a workout

  13. Barbara G.
      Great Performance

    Keep on running! on a workout

  14. Alma
      Nice Job

    you got it! on a workout

  15.   Feel Better

    Another solid 5k, John! I hope you feel better soon! on a workout

  16. Deb C.
      Feel Better

    Feel better soon! on a workout

  17. Barbara G.
      Great Performance

    great pace! on a workout

  18.   Nice Job

    Great pace on that 5k, John! on a workout

  19. Barbara G.
      Great Performance

    Good Pace! on a workout

  20. Gina B.
      Nice Job

    good morning john on a workout

  21. Clara L.
      Nice Job

    awesome 5k, john! on a workout

  22. 26x25
      You're Funny

    Odd friend's name that. Did PaceMaker keep up? ;-) on a workout

  23.   Get Better

    Ouch! I hope the calf is ok, John! on a workout

  24. Cyndi C.
      Nice Job

    nice run, John! on a workout

  25. Clara L.
      Nice Job

    well done! on a workout

  26. Werner
      Great Performance

    Great run bro!!! \m/ on a workout

  27. Cliff W.
      Nice Job

    yeah, you'll need to get used to the humidity unlike the dry climate out in b... read more

  28. Cyndi C.
      Nice Job

    welcome to the sunshine state! Be prepared for lots of heat and humidity, bu... read more

  29.   Post a workout!

    Oh no, 15 days without a run. Hope you are doing okay.

  30. Clara L.
      Nice Job

    great pace, John on a workout

  31. Cyndi C.
      Nice Job

    did you like the pacemaker? good miles, John. on a workout

  32. Shelly A.
      Nice Job

    Nice run!! on a workout

  33. Sarah W.
      Nice Job

    you're awesome! great pace... and you designed an app just for DM. you rock. on a workout

  34. Lisa K.
      Nice Job

    Yes! on a workout

  35. Shelly A.
      Nice Job

    Way to go! on a workout

  36. Dr Umesh K D.
      Great Performance

    Great run with pacemaker.. on a workout

  37. Sue R.

    PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on a workout

  38. Dustin V.
      Great Performance

    Nice job with the PR!! on a workout

  39. Victoria F.
      Great Performance

    Way to go!! on a workout

  40. Lisa K.

    Yee Haw! Time to celebrate. I hope you have a good weekend. on a workout

  41. Dr Umesh K D.
      Nice Job

    good nice run John on a workout

  42. Dr Umesh K D.
      Nice Job

    good run with Pace maker i phone John on a workout

  43. Petite

    No doubt! on a workout

  44. Francis Joseph K.
      Great Performance

    super fast. nice one. on a workout

  45. Petite

    Very nice! on a workout

  46. Pamela P.
      Nice Job

    I hear ya... i still haven't gotten up early enough to beat the heat. :) on a workout

  47. Ram
      Nice Job

    good pace John! on a workout

  48. Pamela P.
      Nice Job

    Supposed to be 113 here today. I chose the bike today. on a workout

  49. Florin F.
      Great Performance

    Nice job! on a workout

  50. Florin F.
      Nice Job

    Nice pace! And interesting app. I might try it too on a workout