20295 total / 0 in 2019

3HR marathon, full IM, 50 mile ultra, Maui Run To The Sun

Wall of Motivation (63)

  1. Jason C.
      Nice Job

    Wow nice Job! on a workout

  2. Doug L.
      Nice Job

    Awesome ride! on a workout

  3.   Congrats

    great pace!!! on a workout

  4. Jason C.
      Great Performance

    Nice speed with all that wind! on a workout

  5. Michael S.
      Nice Job

    What up fasty-pants! Great run! on a workout

  6. Minimalist E.
      Nice Job

    OH!!!! LOL did not see the cycle in the top. lol thank god, otherwise why the... read more

  7. Lisa M.
      You're an Inspiration

    you had a nice week of training.. good job Jon, have a nice weekend on a workout

  8. Chris J.

    Smokin'! on a workout

  9. Mark W.
      Great Performance

    Faster and faster. 3:12 is outstanding. Was the course truly 26.5 instead o... read more

  10. Mark W.
      Great Performance

    Smokin'! 6,045 miles in 2011 (with a week to go). Anything in particular tha... read more

  11. Chris J.

    Awesome! I am jealous. Keep on keepin' on, brother. on a workout

  12.   You're an Inspiration

    great pace Jon.. keep it up on a workout

  13. Koby R.
      Great Performance

    nice pace Jon on a workout

  14. Takis K.
      You're an Inspiration

    ...and the 60 miles weren't enough! Nice speedy BF run. I have to admit that ... read more

  15. Takis K.
      Great Performance

    Amazing ride Jon, with awesome pace for such a long ride! on a workout

  16. Takis K.
      Great Performance

    Awesome venting Jon!!! Judging from the pace it had to be a lot of stress you... read more

  17. Chris J.
      Get Better

    Siwtch back to the pre-minimalist old clunkers and add some super-cusion inso... read more

  18. Takis K.
      Get Better

    Sorry to hear about your calf Jon. You did a Super miler ! Hope it gets bette... read more

  19. Takis K.
      Nice Job

    Very smart run Jon! Hope everything gets back to normal quickly for you! on a workout

  20. Takis K.
      Great Performance

    Awesome "hills" pace Jon! on a workout

  21. Janeth R.
      Great Performance

    ridiculous pace Jon! on a workout

  22. Koby R.
      Nice Job

    You lay down some solid ride times on a regular basis. When you going to star... read more

  23. Takis K.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  24. Takis K.
      Nice Job

    Awesome pace Jon! on a workout

  25. Chris J.
      You're an Inspiration

    Well done. I only run that fast when I'm asleep. What do you normally expect... read more

  26.   Great Performance

    That is a great set ,, nice job Jon on a workout

  27. Mark W.
      Great Performance

    You're an animal! on a workout

  28. Chris J.

    Insane, sir...insane. You are the next Wally West (aka "The Flash"). on a workout

  29. Genevieve
      Great Performance

    Nice, Jon! on a workout

  30. Mark W.
      Nice Job

    Cemetery tuberculosis!?!? Sounds like a morbid run. Hell of a pace for someo... read more

  31. Genevieve
      Nice Job

    Kick ass pace! on a workout

  32. Genevieve

    Congratulations in running a great marathon! on a workout

  33.   Great Performance

    Jon way to push on a workout

  34.   Nice Job

    for got the thumbs up lol on a workout

  35.   Great Performance

    nice ride on a workout

  36.   Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming! Not so bad yourself Jon,, thansk

  37. Krystal

    Great job! You did awesome. You are fast!!!!!!!!

  38.   Great Performance

    Doing great on a workout

  39. Caroline C.
      Nice Job

    3 miles - yahoo! on a workout

  40.   Great Performance

    Nice Job Jon... on a workout

  41.   Nice Job

    Family fun is always good on a workout

  42.   You're an Inspiration

    You are awesome on the bike!! on a workout

  43.   You're an Inspiration

    Good lil workout there Jon on a workout

  44.   Nice Job

    Ugh, but you did it!!! on a workout

  45.   You're an Inspiration

    Nice!! on a workout

  46.   You're an Inspiration

    Good mileage , nice pace on a workout

  47.   Great Performance

    Nice riding Jon on a workout

  48.   You're an Inspiration

    That was a good ride...a bit windy for my taste LOL on a workout

  49.   Great Performance

    Great ride Jon!! on a workout

  50.   Great Performance

    Great job Jon!!! on a workout