20295 total / 0 in 2018

3HR marathon, full IM, 50 mile ultra, Maui Run To The Sun

Friends (62)

  • Olanna G.

    Olanna G.

    New York, NY,

  • Deb


    Chandler, AZ, Stronger, Faster, Leaner

  • Michael S.

    Michael S.

    Los Angeles, CA, Run with an aesthetic that makes movement into art; complete an 100 mile ultra marathon; love and play in the wild places still left.

  • Mark W.

    Mark W.

    Oceanside, CA, A second marathon, and an ultra.

  • William Rogue
  • Doug L.

    Doug L.

    San Francisco, CA, Keeping it awesome in 2015 ... stay fit, stay healthy, stay lean!

  • Diane D.

    Diane D.

    Highlands Ranch, CO, Be Healthy, Train Smart, Have Fun

  • Scott M.

    Scott M.

    New York, NY, To get back to enjoying my running, not training and logging miles but just running.

  • Janeth R.

    Janeth R.

    Ventura, CA, Finish a 50k, 50mi, 100k, 100mi at least once in my life. Continue to find adventures and allow adventures to find me.

  • Marc K.

    Marc K.

    Spring Hill, TN, Qualify and run the 166 km UTMB (Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc)

  • Ms C.

    Ms C.

    Los Angeles, CA,

  • The Sf Marathon

    The Sf Marathon

    San Francisco, CA,

  • Janice Galvez M.
  • Olivia U.

    Olivia U.

    Santa Barbara, CA, She is Beautiful 10K (PR) 09.22.13 CAPR TRI (Finish) 09.29.13 SBMI (PR) 11.09.13 Santa to the Sea 1/2 (PR) 12.08.13

  • Thomas K.

    Thomas K.

    Flower Mound, TX, I used to be overweight and out of shape but I decided to do something about it! I've transformed from fat to fit; now I am training for my first ultramarathon!

  • Chris J.

    Chris J.

    Fort Mill, SC, Keep on keepin' on

  • Matthew I.
  • Kathy G.

    Kathy G.

    Pasadena, CA, To better myself spiritually, physically, and emotionally. To continue to grow daily. To re-fall in love with mileage and a good run :) (651 mi in 2010)

  • Mike M.

    Mike M.

    Dallas, TX, Rev3 Knoxville Half Rev, Rev3 Portland Half Rev, Rev3 Cedar Point Full Rev. Stay healthy and get stronger in all disciplines. Sub 6:00 70.3. Sub 12:00 IM.

  • Minimalist E.

    Minimalist E.

    Mc Minnville, TN,

  • Alicia


    CO, marathon #1: san diego rnr- 5:36 marathon #2: nike womens- 4:53 marathon #3: la marathon- 4:55 (ugggh! rain!) marathon #4: NYC- ???

  • Gina Lee E.
  • Ted R.

    Ted R.

    , Half Marry, Dec 11th 2011

  • Koby R.

    Koby R.

    Thousand Oaks, CA, Exploration. Next event, Ojai. in next 2 years, would like to run the Santa Monica range in one day.

  • Shirley K.

    Shirley K.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL, Play mind games with myself and trick my body into doing things it thinks it can't do.