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  1. been floundering along for long enough! it is time to get serious about something. unless someone has a better suggestion I'm signing up for the Delaware Canal Half marathon on 11/15. will be ... read more

    • K R.
      K R.

      Good for you! If it were closer, I'd join you. And you can totally nail that goal!

      about 1 hour ago Like1 person

  2. FIT
    5.1 mi 01:00 11:45 pace


  3. FIT
    2.6 mi 00:32 12:18 pace

    craptastic day. did not want to do anything but veg but got something done today.

  4. FIT
    2.56 mi 00:30 11:43 pace

    easy elliptical miles while reading about internet frIends epic day at iron man boulder. next best thing to doing crazy cool stuff is knowing someone who is doing it I guess

  5. FIT
    2.61 mi 00:30 11:29 pace

    easy elliptical after a day at the beach. two lessons learned n there are a lot of bad tattoos out there and 42 years old don't bounce do well body surfing. tomorrow will hurt. best song he... read more

  6. FIT
    good 3.87 mi 00:45 11:37 pace

    Listening to untitled songs on the iPad while reading about the world going to hell. Some of the songs (and most of the news) gave me chills

  7. FIT
    good 2.46 mi 00:30 12:11 pace

    Easy one after a stressful day

  8. FIT
    2.51 mi 00:30 11:57 pace

    elliptical day

  9. FIT
    2.59 mi 00:30 11:34 pace

    elliptical before movie night

  10. FIT
    tired 3.92 mi 00:45 11:28 pace

    didn't post last night but after dealing with grown up stuff I took some me time and did elliptical cause I just too tired to deal with a night run even when it is just perfect weatherwise

    • Trish S.
      Trish S.

      Sometimes we get in what we can..!

      19 days ago Like

    • Sue

      Being an adult sucks sometimes. Glad you got some stress relief in!

      17 days ago Like

  11. RUN
    3.13 mi 00:30 09:39 pace

    Did some hill repeats. was going to quit after four but was passing some awestruck football players as they were going downhill so I did one more for the sheiny high school cross country runners o... read more

  12. RUN
    great 4.03 mi 00:38 09:29 pace

    Got lucky and had some free time but sadly only had my back up rubbing shorts and no socks so had to cut it short. also too many unleashed dogs on the pennypack trust/mason mill trails

  13. essay contest to get into Ironman Arizona by the nice folks at BOA

  14. VELO
    5 mi 00:30 10.0mph pace

    easy trainer ride

  15. RUN
    4.24 mi 00:40 09:28 pace

    well today was just one big kick to the groin. At least it made today's run in the great and humidity feel like a vacation. now for a cold beer in the shower.cheers

  16. RUN
    4.04 mi 00:37 09:08 pace

    good run in the sun. I miss being a good runner but at least I can enjoy a good run. have a good one kids

    • Glenn S.

      It is a pleasure to see you having a good run Joe. Soon you will be a better runner. Keep at it.

      about 1 month ago Like

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    • Jen R.
      Jen R.

      Great run!

      30 days ago Like

    • Michelle N.
      Michelle N.

      Being a "good runner" is definitely a changing phenomenon. Life (work, kids, etc) will definitely change your perspective on your running. Enjoyment is such a big part! You got out there despite all the chaos. Well done!

      30 days ago Like

  17. FIT
    2.63 mi 00:30 11:24 pace

    done at 12:30 @ night. not such a great idea but had to be done

  18. another busy day here at the office so here's a cool race video from Ironman Austria:
    so put another shrimp on the barby and enjoy