Joanne it's been forever sin...

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It's been forever since I've logged on, as I've been tracking my training on RunningAhead. I like that as a log way better, but I miss my DM friends a ton! I may try to log a few runs here again, but wanted to give an update in the meantime. I'm less than 5 weeks out from Boston, and the training has been going ok. It took me what felt like forever to build the base back after the stress fracture. Once I hit a good base and the mileage/intensity started climbing, the old issues with my hip came back. In the past two weeks, even with PT & ART, it's gotten much worse. I can still run through it most of the time, and that's the plan. My PT is 99% sure we're looking at a labral tear, but putting off the the MRI until after Boston. (He's a gem--totally gets it.) So the goal now is to stay flexible and manage the pain so I can still get in the key workouts but maybe doing something else (pool, bike, etc) on the easy days. I felt a cold coming on yesterday, and today it is in full force (along with a very cranky hip after a tough tempo yesterday). So will rest now and stay positive. 33 more days until Boston!

  • Susan Jz H.
    Susan Jz H.

    hi good will always be a dailyMiler. it was because of your introduction to DM that dale and i have found such a great running support group. thank you so much. and how exciting to be so close to boston. your continued good health will be in my thoughts and prayers. you are an incredible trooper to work through the pain of such injuries. hang in there gal.

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  • Daisy G.
    Daisy G.

    Joanne, it's great to get an update! I'm sorry to hear about the ongoing hip woes but sounds like you have a sensible plan for dealing w/ it. Sending good vibes your way for the last 5 weeks and BOSTON!

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  • Gretchen L.
    Gretchen L.

    Can't wait to hear about Boston!!! Do you have "RunningAhead" friends? What's good about it? Hope you don't have a labral tear -- I have several friends who have. All fast runners :) (And ALL still running!)

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  • Joanne

    Thanks you guys! Gretchen, I don't really have any "community" on RunningAhead, but the analytics and details are so much easier to track/view and I can keep track of the miles on my shoes (I know, a dumb little thing, but it helps me a lot!). Plus, my coach has it set up so she can write my training plans in the log and they magically appear for me to see (and later do!). As for the labral tear, it is almost a certainty, but I'm not planning on letting it stop me from running!

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