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Jackie logged 2363 miles.

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  1. RUN
    good EC-Zollinger-Clifton-Glenrich... 2.91 mi 00:31 10:40 pace

    50 degrees, evening run before sunset.
    1.8 mi @10:56
    1.11 mi @10:16

  2. RUN
    great RPAC Treadmill @OSU 3.11.18 4.5 mi 00:55 12:13 pace

    So happy to squeeze this run in today. I didn't even mind the dreadmill.

  3. RUN
    good Farleigh-Mtvw-Zollinger 2.74 mi 00:29 10:40 pace

    Well, dang! Even with walking for 1:30 of this run, those weekly Sunday treadmill runs were enough to keep me under 11:00 for pace. It's just easier to run outdoors. So beautiful out today, to... read more

  4. RUN
    Treadmill @RPAC 4 mi 00:55 13:45 pace

    I forgot to choose a virtual location, so the treadmill chose for me: Auckland, NZ. I wanted to run outside, but the streets and especially the sidewalks are not conducive to running and/or dry fee... read more

  5. walk
    Campus Errands - short walk 1.3 mi

    Just curious how far I walked around before and after class :-)

  6. RUN
    great RPAC Treadmill - Pacific NW V... 3.68 mi 00:45 12:13 pace

    In my opinion, running outdoors is less arduous, but I still have a cold and the melting snow made for really dirty and wet conditions.

    • Andrea S.
      Andrea S.

      Outside IS easier! Well done! Which piece of the Pacific NW did you get to virtually run in?

      4 months ago Like1 person

    • Li V.
      Li V.

      You get bonus points for the treadmill boredom. :)

      4 months ago Like1 person

    • Jackie F.
      Jackie F.

      I got to see a waterfront path, historic and/or famous Seattle spots, and then a trail run that pieced clips of various waterfalls and uphills. Not too bad! Much better than staring at my time and distance with a blank screen LOL

      4 months ago Like

    • Andrea S.
      Andrea S.

      Sounds lovely!

      4 months ago Like1 person

  7. walk
    great Highbanks Metro Park: To Over... 2.98 mi 01:03 20:58 pace

    Lots of other trail walkers today at Highbanks. Glad I got this in on New Year's Day before making dinner - needed the energy boost and fresh air!

    My legs were slightly sore from running on... read more

  8. RUN
    good ZZ-Cant-Redd-Springhill-Shrew... 3.88 mi 00:45 11:33 pace

    Sooooo slooooow! Like molasses LOL. Pretty sky - it felt good to get fresh air.

    Not everyone had shoveled/blown their sidewalks, so it was like running an obstacle course through tires at times ... read more

  9. RUN
    good Clifton-Glen-Dorch-Cant-Mtvw-... 3.17 mi 00:34 10:44 pace

    It feels nice to get this in before the festivities kick in later. Short, but necessary.
    34 degrees
    Splits: 10:54, 11:30 (gradual uphill), 10:38, 8:57 (last 0.16).

  10. RUN
    great Donna-Woodbridge-Lane-Reed-Fi... 5.05 mi 00:54 10:45 pace

    54 degrees, shorts, shortsleeve top - can't believe we're getting a mild weather day just before Christmas. I was itching to get out and run!
    2.57 mi @11:01, 1.82 @10:35, 0.66 @10:11

    • Andrea S.
      Andrea S.

      Great run, but what's up with your weather? We're hunkered down with a winter weather advisory.

      5 months ago Like1 person

    • Li V.
      Li V.

      Nice that you got break in the weather and could enjoy it! You'll have cold stuff soon enough. :)

      5 months ago Like1 person

  11. RUN
    alright EC-Clifton-Glen-Dorch-Glen 2.69 mi 00:27 10:12 pace

    Didn't want to go. Got it done anyway. Short, but strong effort - actually had to walk for 0.22 mi.
    Splits: 1.15 mi @10:17, 0.22 mi walk @16:55, 0.43 mi @10:48, 1.11 @9:53 (woohoo! considering... read more

  12. RUN
    great Zoll-Dorset-Northam-NWblvd-Zoll 4.78 mi 00:55 11:29 pace

    Slow, snowy run tonight at 8:30. 20 degrees: thermal top under jacket, gloves, wool neck gaiter, fleece headband, hat, headlamp. The snow cycled between light sparkly flakes to regular snow, to sno... read more

  13. RUN
    great Clifton-Glen-Dorchester-Cant-... 4.84 mi 00:52 10:41 pace

    25 degrees: Asics running jacket, longsleeve top, pants, fleece headband, hat, headlamp, gloves. My first below-32 run of the season. Not too bad since I dressed warmly, though I'm glad to be ... read more

  14. RUN
    great Sunset-Edgevale-Woodstock 2.96 mi 00:32 10:38 pace

    Short one - had to get this in before the rain and cold come!
    56 degrees

  15. RUN
    great Misty River Hills 6.88 mi 01:16 11:02 pace

    41 degrees when I started; 36 when I finished. It was really misty out tonight! Sometimes my headlamp actually made it hard to see, even if I tilted my chin up. So I occasionally had to turn my hea... read more

  16. RUN
    Zoll-Redd-Fish-Mtvw-Nott 2.96 mi 00:32 10:38 pace

    Meh. Didn't feel like going further.
    2.36 @10:56
    0.6 @9:30

  17. RUN
    good ZZ-Cant-Redd-WW-Ramsgate-Nott 3.46 mi 00:36 10:24 pace

    Perfect running weather: 53 degrees, shorts, shortsleeve top.
    1.09 @ 10:17 (faster at the start because I couldn't let two guys on Kioka be faster)
    2.37 @ 10:28 (back to a more normal pace)

  18. RUN
    great Turkey Eve 3.63 mi 00:39 10:41 pace

    33 degrees: purple jacket, shortsleeve, pants, headband, gloves.
    Thought about a friend who passed away today. Beautiful sunset.
    1.71 @11:10, 1.92 @10:16