Friends (17)

  • Neil L.

    Neil L.

    Chicago, IL, First and foremost to stay fit. Work out at least 4 times per week. Improve on my mile splits and overall distances. Score with Milas Kunis this year.

  • Richard V.

    Richard V.

    Oakville, ON, To be a lifelong runner

  • Patrick T.

    Patrick T.

    China, Wenzhou, China Marathon November 27, 2016

  • Mike M.

    Mike M.

    Chicago, IL, Stay healthy, not lose too many toenails, and set a side-5 PR

  • Ashley H.

    Ashley H.

    Chicago, IL, Slow? I prefer velocity challenged. Either way, I'm embracing my inner turtle while training for my next half marathon and my first half ironman.

  • Dave Z.

    Dave Z.

    Chicago, IL, To teach as many people as possible about the benefit of Health and Fitness thru Running.

  • Cheryl B.

    Cheryl B.

    Chicago, IL, For this...the year I turn a half century old...I WILL complete a triathlon and I WILL do a sub-30 5k - and keep my perfect record of non-injury. That is all.

  • Mana I.

    Mana I.

    Chicago, IL, I'm a beginner. My goal is to run more confidently and make friends.

  • Nate R.

    Nate R.

    Bexley, OH, Getting back into race shape

  • Sara B.

    Sara B.

    Chicago, IL, Train my hardest and live up to my potential.

  • Brian T.

    Brian T.

    Las Vegas, NV, Run Chicago Marathon under 4:45 and complete a sprint triathlon in 2012

  • Fleet Feet C.

    Fleet Feet C.

    Chicago, IL, We are a group of athletes who share your passion for endurance sports. In order to inspire people to be fit we are sharing our training and events here!

  • Abe C.

    Abe C.

    Chicago, IL, Qualify for Boston

  • Paige W.

    Paige W.

    Chicago, IL, Ride for AIDS Chicago — 200 miles, July 14-15!

  • David M.

    David M.

    Lincoln, NE, A better life, and to inspire my kids to a active lifestyle. Olympic Triathlon in 2013

  • Carlos B.

    Carlos B.

    Chicago, IL, lose the gut, get fit again

  • C E S Sports

    C E S Sports

    Chicago, IL, With training schedules, expert coaching and more our goal is to prepare you for any endurance goal you've set!