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  • 3 miles
  • 04:30 time
  • 781 calories
  • 4 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. FIT
    alright Wake up yoga 00:20

    Nice little yoga session to get the body woken up and stretched out a little. A few rounds through sun salutation then warrior 1/2 and triangle pose.

  2. FIT
    good Tour de France strength 00:40

    Same theory as some other workouts I have... Lots of squats and squat jumps today with yellow jersey and king of the mountains being mentioned a lot. Felt better as this went since I was a little ... read more

  3. walk
    Zoo 3 mi 03:00

    Beautiful afternoon at the zoo checking out all the animals. A little warm at times but not too bad overall especially with an ice cream cone break in there.

  4. FIT
    good Metcon/baseball strength 00:30

    It's official. I am out of shape. So getting back to basics this week.
    Did 2 sets of Inferno Metcon 1 (40 sec reps instead of 45) then finished off my 30 min workout with Brewers Baseball ... read more

  5. RUN
    Whitnall 2 mi 2 mi 00:21 10:16 pace

    stiff but i guess thats what I get for spending my mon - wed workout time reading (curled up in sweat pants under a blanket because it was 55ยบ in July)

  6. VELO
    good Power intervals 13 mi 00:45 17.3mph pace

    Not bad considering it's been 6 weeks since my last ride and even longer since my last intervals. Huge congrats to my friend Andrea for her 2nd place age group finish in her fist tri today fi... read more

  7. RUN
    good Trail 1.9 mi 00:21 10:52 pace

    Morning trail run before a long day.

  8. FIT
    good Doctor Who Strength 00:40

    Episode: New Earth
    Heavy on the lunges and jumping jacks but lots of gaps between exercises.

  9. RUN
    good Whitnall 2 mi 2.03 mi 00:20 09:51 pace

    Pretty nice weather for a run... warm but windy enough that it wasn't too humid. Changing around how my weekly workouts are structured to hopefully be more likely to actually do said workouts.

  10. RUN
    good Whitnall 2 mi 2 mi 00:20 09:52 pace

    Good run after work today... Lots of wasted time today with a 2.5 hour lunch between orientation events.

  11. FIT
    good Doctor Who strength 00:40

    Episode: Satan Pit
    Heavy on lunges and jumping jacks. Still have sore hip flexors and tight quads from Saturday's soccer game.

  12. RUN
    good Intern soccer game 2 mi 00:40 20:00 pace

    Intern picnic today with soccer game on a muddy but generally puddle free field. Lot of fun, though I was somewhat disappointed at the number of male spouses/boyfriends who played in substitution ... read more

    • Elizabeth

      Sounds like fun, and I second your comment on the lameness of males subbing for females. Boohoo to that.

      about 1 month ago Like

  13. RUN
    good Whitnall 2 mi 2.2 mi 00:22 10:00 pace

    Felt okay, a little stiff at first (glutes and IT bands still tight from Wed's run), but overall legs felt good. Shin had some twinges though. Still trying to figure out just what is going o... read more

  14. FIT
    good Doctor Who Strength 00:40

    Episode: Impossible Planet.
    Glad this was an easier one, my glutes were feeling it by the end. Like that the new living room doesn't shake and rattle when I do jumping jacks.
    And in other... read more

  15. RUN
    good Whitnall Park 2 mi

    Didn't realize until I was on my way out of the nature preserve that the sign says no jogging (does that mean running is allowed?). Maybe it will be okay if I limit myself to running early in... read more

  16. RUN
    Arb trails 2.5 mi 00:26 10:24 pace

    Hard to believe that after living in Madison for 10 years, I am moving this weekend. Becoming more real as I pack up all my stuff.

  17. VELO
    28ish 30 mi 02:05 14.4mph pace

    28 miles for my 28th birthday... and as the tradition seems to be had a bonus 2 miles as well. Couldn't have had better weather for this ride with one of my best friends and one of my last r... read more

    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth Congrats

      Nice! I guess this is one benefit the cyclists have. I try to run my age during my birthday week, but cycling means you can do it all in one day! Nice ride!

      about 1 month ago

  18. VELO
    good Paoli 26 mi 01:39 15.8mph pace

    Nice ride with Christine ... Maybe burned off my "blind special" from Short Stack (salted boston cream pie pancakes). Had a lovely post workout snack of fresh farmers market cheese curds.

  19. swim
    "Open Water Prep" 1100 m 00:32 46:49 pace

    3x100 warm up, 100 kick, 4x50 drill, 400 continuous, 100 cool down. Thanks to USAT for this workout. It was a good swim at the SERF with Christine .

  20. RUN
    alright 2.5 mi 2.5 mi 00:26 10:22 pace

    air was like soup this morning.