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2013 races - PR St. Cloud Half 1:26:57 again. Edmonton AB Marathon, complete first tri. Active in the community as a running mentor in our school programs.

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  • Kristi V.

    Kristi V.

    Sioux Falls, SD, PR half marathon

  • Jon D.

    Jon D.

    Fargo, ND, PR's 5k - 17:58 / 10k - 37:51 / Half Mary - 1:26:21 / Marathon - 3:06:37 / 50k - 4:58:30 Goals - 17:30 - 5K / 37:15 10k / 1:25 Half / <3hr marathon / run 50mi

  • Jessica J.

    Jessica J.

    Sioux Falls, SD, Living actively

  • Jenn J.

    Jenn J.

    Sioux Falls, SD,

  • Elizabeth V.

    Elizabeth V.

    Sioux Falls, SD, 1:45 half marathon, sub 4:00 marathon! Mainly, just to feel like an athlete again :)

  • Ed T.

    Ed T.

    Sioux Falls, SD, run hard and live easy

  • Andrew Z.

    Andrew Z.

    Shakopee, MN, 1) Drop down to a more runner-like weight of 180 (from 203 post-race season). 2) To improve on last year's times...

  • Angie


    Spearfish, SD, Improve Sprint Distance triathlon Times

  • Jen V.

    Jen V.

    Sioux Falls, SD, Short-term: To run! Shooting for 750 miles in 2013. Run 2 1/2 marathons (one at 1:50:00 would be nice). Long-term: To run 10 1/2 marathons before I turn 40.

  • Jeff


    Mankato, MN,

  • Zach J.

    Zach J.

    St Paul, MN, Chicago Marathon 2014

  • Sara H.

    Sara H.

    Sioux Falls, SD, SIgned up for the 2,015 in 2015. I'll have to start slow with walking since it's been ages since I've ran. Hoping this will help me get my mojo back & miles in.

  • Heather J.

    Heather J.

    Mustang, OK,

  • Eric H.

    Eric H.

    Sioux Falls, SD, 1) ??? Feels like I should do something big 2) Run a 10k in my age.

  • Francesco S.

    Francesco S.

    Chicago, IL, PR in the half and full marathon, re-qualify and run Boston.

  • Christopher


    Sioux Falls, SD, TC Marathon

  • Rob B.

    Rob B.


  • Chad B.

    Chad B.

    Harrisburg, SD, 2014 goals... PR's in the 5k, 1/2 marathon, Newton Hills Trail race, and TC 10. Run my first 50k and 50 mile ultra marathon!

  • Kelly M.

    Kelly M.

    San Diego, CA, To be more consistent, run healthy, and try a few new things.

  • Jeri


    SD, Enjoy the miles.

  • Mike


    Sioux Falls, SD, Achieve a new marathon PR.

  • Glenda O.

    Glenda O.

    Sioux Falls, SD, MY GOAL: Not to let crazyness of family life interfere with staying active! 10 miles by June, 1/2 mary by September.

  • Stacy T.

    Stacy T.

    , 2011 Fargo Marathon

  • David


    Boulder, CO, California International Marathon in December.

  • Lynn B.

    Lynn B.

    Harrisburg, SD, 5k on Sept 11 (for now)