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  1. FIT
    good DPAC Mez 00:40

    A little less today. Kind of tired from yesterday's run.

  2. RUN
    good NDH 12.25 mi 01:53 09:14 pace

    It's always sunnier (or less rainy) out NDH! And a race broke out too!! Runners World cruise was running a 10k from the end of NDH almost to the boat launch and back. So...I got some free g... read more

  3. RUN
    good Pace Run 3.25 mi 00:28 08:34 pace

    Klondike race pace...or a bit faster. Pretty comfortable Z3 run with my hr basically below 135 most of the time. I feel really good about this, but I also am not sure how to embrace success at th... read more

  4. FIT
    good DPAC Terrace 00:59

    Cry "Burpee" and let slip the dogs of war!!!

  5. RUN
    good Bbridge 3.01 mi 00:28 09:23 pace

    Set the metronome to 166 which is more comfortable than 170. Taking the easy days easy.

  6. RUN
    good Wednesday Track 4.75 mi 00:57 11:54 pace

    Warmup, drills, strides, 7 x 400 between 1:39 and 1:45. Cooldown. In the heavy mist with Brandon and Family.

  7. swim
    good Auke Lake 1873 yd 00:41 38:58 pace

    One week out of the water and my stroke feels all over the place. Buoy, buoy, buoy, buoy.....

  8. RUN
    alright Bbridge and Riverside 4 mi 00:36 09:05 pace

    Sprinted through a Strava segment and put myself into 3rd all time. Need to knock off 11 seconds to pass Jesse Miller. Likely, that is not happening. Did some cadence work with my metronome on t... read more

    • Scott M.
      Scott M.

      Did you, per chance, take a Mini break? On or around Kelly Court?

      10 days ago Like

    • Jim

      Yes I did. Don't you have a guard dog or two patrolling your premises?

      10 days ago Like

    • Scott M.
      Scott M.

      No... but Carol thought she saw you! I think the dogs were afraid.

      10 days ago Like

  9. FIT
    alright Day 12 00:54

    Added some green band pullups....which were pathetic...but better than not doing them.

  10. RUN
    good Whitehorse 10 mi 01:40 10:00 pace

    Schwatka. It's kind of fun to say. Schwatka....

  11. RUN
    good Wednesday Track 6.76 mi 01:18 11:29 pace

    A ladder set at 5k pace. 1 minute on, 30 seconds rest. 2 minutes on, 1 minute rest...up to 5 and back down. With Alaska Family Morrison and Alaska Family Cullum!

  12. swim
    great Auke Lake 2155 yd 00:50 40:33 pace

    What an A+ Day! The kind of day when your turn your head to breathe and sun is in your eyes.....

  13. RUN
    alright Bbridge 3.5 mi 00:33 09:20 pace

    The pesky metronome kept my cadence up, but it is kind of annoying. It also feels like it takes more energy to run at 170 than 160 with the same pace. #thesoundofonehandclapping

  14. FIT
    good Day 11 00:49

    This went surprising well considering I am a bit wiped from yesterday's run and last night's bottle of wine. #hydration

  15. RUN
    good Jim's Half Marathon 13.1 mi 02:20 10:41 pace

    From 4th and Gold to the end of Perseverance, back on the flume and then home. The wheels start coming off at 10 miles but maybe that was from beating it up and down Perseverance.

  16. RUN
    good Riverside Pace Run 3.5 mi 00:30 08:34 pace

    Half mile warm up and then 3 miles at 8:26. Doubt I could hold that for 13 or 16 miles, but I felt pretty darn good. I used to kind of dread two-a-days, but I kind of like it now :-)

  17. swim
    good Auke Lake 3123 yd 00:44 24:39 pace

    Didn't even know Jim U was out there.....Thankfully Strava lets me know where he was ;-)

  18. FIT
    good Day 7 00:45

    Boo ya!

  19. swim
    good In Search of Aukey 2116 yd 00:47 39:09 pace

    Feeling good!

  20. RUN
    good Wednesday Track 4.5 mi 00:57 12:33 pace

    6 x 400 averaged at 7:00 pace....a bit faster than prescribed but I was feeling really good!