Friends (26)

  • Mike L.

    Mike L.

    Winchester, VA,

  • Wendy M.

    Wendy M.

    Winchester, VA,

  • Alex Lane I.

    Alex Lane I.

    Winchester, VA, Focus on health of overall body, and aim for a sub 1:20half marathon and a sub 17 5K!!!

  • Jason  Ultra H.

    Jason Ultra H.

    Vidor, TX, Compete well in the XTerra trail run series and get back to trail running like I was doing in 2010.

  • Amy F.

    Amy F.

    VA, To live each day with a grateful heart striving to be as healthy as reasonably possible!

  • Rick


    St Louis, MO, To beat BoDog...

  • Running Lady

    Running Lady

    , Half Marathon completed on May 20, 2012 with a time of 1:56:48 (PR) Full Marathon completed on March 16, 2014 4:06:52 Bring on the next MARATHON!

  • Daniel N.

    Daniel N.

    Charlotte, NC, nonconformity

  • Ally S.

    Ally S.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Javelina 100K October 2016,Cayman Half Dec 2016, South Downs Way 100 miler, UK June 2017

  • Erica V.

    Erica V.

    , General Fitness

  • Caleb K.

    Caleb K.

    San Diego, CA, Though I would love to continue setting PR's, I really just want to be healthy enough to run for the rest of my life.

  • Caleb M.

    Caleb M.

    Boone, NC, Team Wicked Bonkproof World Domination! 2013: More wins at marathon+ distance, 1:09 half marathon.

  • Thomas N.

    Thomas N.

    Baltimore, MD, Have fun. Stay Healthy.

  • Katie S.

    Katie S.

    Stoke Lyne, GB, Run London Marathon with Jamey.

  • Jordan C.

    Jordan C.

    Blacksburg, VA, 2014 BEAST SERIES Love what I do

  • Keegan D.

    Keegan D.

    San Diego, CA, 2013: climb something amazing at Yosemite, shut down a buffet, tackle a bear, eat a bear, run a long distance.

  • Trudy K.

    Trudy K.

    Capon Bridge, WV, Need a new goal--I'm thinking!

  • Jeff G.

    Jeff G.

    Bentonville, AR, Inspiring Runners to Run Happy Daily for Brooks.

  • Mike P.

    Mike P.

    Allentown, PA, Run a 5k in 25 minutes flat

  • Carrie K.

    Carrie K.

    San Diego, CA, Gain more muslce, enjoy running again

  • Loribeth C.

    Loribeth C.

    Winchester, VA, Stay in shape and challenge myself once in a while!!

  • Alison M.

    Alison M.

    Winchester, VA, getting out there and running more... Need to get back into shape and start feeling better about myself.

  • Veronica R.

    Veronica R.

    Redding, CA,

  • Bonnie K.

    Bonnie K.

    , Run the Philadelphia marathon to raise money for JDRF!

  • Steph


    VA, Shamrock Half Mar (1:55:33), 50 miler Cancer Ride April, MS 150 VA Ocean to Bay Ride 2010 June 4-5, RocknRoll Half Va Beach Sept, OBX Half/Full Marathon Nov