Friends (26)

  • Rick


    St Louis, MO, To beat BoDog...

  • Mike L.

    Mike L.

    Winchester, VA,

  • Alex Lane I.

    Alex Lane I.

    Winchester, VA, Focus on health of overall body, and aim for a sub 1:20half marathon and a sub 17 5K!!!

  • Wendy M.

    Wendy M.

    Winchester, VA,

  • Amy F.

    Amy F.

    VA, To live each day with a grateful heart striving to be as healthy as reasonably possible!

  • Running Lady

    Running Lady

    , Half Marathon completed on May 20, 2012 with a time of 1:56:48 (PR) Full Marathon completed on March 16, 2014 4:06:52 Bring on the next MARATHON!

  • Daniel N.

    Daniel N.

    Charlotte, NC, nonconformity

  • Ally S.

    Ally S.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Ironhorse 100k Feb 2016,Shamrock half March 2016, 24hour race for life April 2016, Dawn to Dusk to Dawn 12 hour May 2016,Cayman Half Dec 2016

  • Erica V.

    Erica V.

    , General Fitness

  • Jason  Ultra H.

    Jason Ultra H.

    Vidor, TX, Compete well in the XTerra trail run series and get back to trail running like I was doing in 2010.

  • Caleb K.

    Caleb K.

    San Diego, CA, Though I would love to continue setting PR's, I really just want to be healthy enough to run for the rest of my life.

  • Caleb M.

    Caleb M.

    Boone, NC, Team Wicked Bonkproof World Domination! 2013: More wins at marathon+ distance, 1:09 half marathon.

  • Thomas N.

    Thomas N.

    Baltimore, MD, Have fun. Stay Healthy.

  • Katie S.

    Katie S.

    Stoke Lyne, GB, Run London Marathon with Jamey.

  • Jordan C.

    Jordan C.

    Blacksburg, VA, 2014 BEAST SERIES Love what I do

  • Keegan D.

    Keegan D.

    San Diego, CA, 2013: climb something amazing at Yosemite, shut down a buffet, tackle a bear, eat a bear, run a long distance.

  • Trudy K.

    Trudy K.

    Capon Bridge, WV, Need a new goal--I'm thinking!

  • Jeff G.

    Jeff G.

    Bentonville, AR, Inspiring Runners to Run Happy Daily for Brooks.

  • Mike P.

    Mike P.

    Allentown, PA, Run a 5k in 25 minutes flat

  • Carrie K.

    Carrie K.

    San Diego, CA, Gain more muslce, enjoy running again

  • Loribeth C.

    Loribeth C.

    Winchester, VA, Stay in shape and challenge myself once in a while!!

  • Alison M.

    Alison M.

    Winchester, VA, getting out there and running more... Need to get back into shape and start feeling better about myself.

  • Veronica R.

    Veronica R.

    Redding, CA,

  • Bonnie K.

    Bonnie K.

    , Run the Philadelphia marathon to raise money for JDRF!

  • Steph


    VA, Shamrock Half Mar (1:55:33), 50 miler Cancer Ride April, MS 150 VA Ocean to Bay Ride 2010 June 4-5, RocknRoll Half Va Beach Sept, OBX Half/Full Marathon Nov