Friends (52)

  • Jay Y.

    Jay Y.

    Atlanta, GA, Chicago - New York - Great Wall - Boston

  • Martin Y.

    Martin Y.

    Gaithersburg, MD, Aiming for 1,000-mi this year, a coule of half-marathons, and possibly a sub-70min 10-miler.

  • Brian J.

    Brian J.

    Indianapolis, IN, Build more muscle and fitness. Get back to running more.

  • Mike D.

    Mike D.

    Auburn, NY, Build mileage back up and run some more marathons and/or ultras.

  • Diane


    Rochester, NY,

  • Greg G.

    Greg G.

    Mount Pearl, NL, Run, have fun, improve these times: mile (5:36) , 21.1k (1:28:31), 10mile (70:11), 10k (40:32), 5k (18:56)

  • P Mark T.

    P Mark T.

    Knoxville, TN, I create customized training plans: half marathon - 12 weeks for $100 full marathon - 16 weeks for $120 Message me!

  • Billy B.

    Billy B.

    Redding, CA,

  • Jenny P.

    Jenny P.

    Chicago, IL, Sub 19:30 5k, Sub 1:28 Half, Sub 3:05 Full

  • Jeff N.

    Jeff N.

    Lewisville, NC, Become fit! Run some fun races in 2012 and try my hand at a CrossFit competition.

  • Ty G.

    Ty G.

    Denver, CO, Run Boston in April. Break 20 min 5K, 1:29 half, and 3:20 marathon. Continue to try and improve my triathlon game...oh...and eternal happiness.

  • Brad


    Brea, CA, Sub 2:15 Half Marathon

  • Michael J.

    Michael J.

    Cincinnati, OH, To stay consistent and injury free. And I'd like to get back where I left off before my knee surgery.

  • David M.

    David M.

    Wasola, MO, To see how far I can go....

  • Jolie H.

    Jolie H.

    Santa Ana, CA, Stay in shape!

  • Kylie U.

    Kylie U.

    Cincinnati, OH, Flying Pig Marathon, May 3rd... 4 hours

  • John S.

    John S.

    Brookline, MA, The Rock Run 50-mile Relay Race (as a soloist), UROC 100k

  • Tim T.

    Tim T.

    Columbus, MS,

  • Matthew S.

    Matthew S.

    Ocala, FL, Complete a 50k, Finish a marathon in under 4 hours - DONE, finish a Half in 1:45, Finish a 10k in 45:00, finish a 5k in under 21:00

  • Kgirltris


    IN, Triathlete and Coach. I swim like a fish, run like the wind and bike for the hell of it. It is my Love. It is my passion.

  • Stevin W.

    Stevin W.

    Saginaw, MI, To improve my health and fitness.

  • Stef F.

    Stef F.

    Montreal, QC, Me soigner d'une tendinite à la hanche et me remettre à l'entrainement pour un second marathon.

  • Mike


    Norwalk, CA, The LA Marathon

  • Steve K.

    Steve K.

    Boston, MA, Training for another Half Ironman this summer and thinking long term for a second Ironman in a year or 2.

  • Jamie L.

    Jamie L.

    Ladera Ranch, CA, Run without pain for one day. Stress fractures are no joke.