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Jennifer logged 77 miles.

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  1. FIT
    good Progression by 10's (37:27) 01:00

    400m run, 10 muscle ups, 20 hand stand push ups, 30 overheard squat (35#), 40 pullups, 50 thrusters (35#), 60 box jumps (12 inch), 70 push press (35#), 80 pushups, 90 deadlifts (35#), 100 air squat... read more

    • Jennifer B.
      Jennifer B.

      when I saw this was the workout of the day, I was a little nervous but really wanted to try it. I told myself that if I couldn't finish, I could at least try. Well, once I started, I knew that I had to finish because I couldn't bear knowing that I didn't. So, I finished every rep! Scaled some of the movements (haven't gotten to full pullups yet, and I usually use a 20inch box, not a 12) but I am very proud that I did it all regardless!

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  2. FIT
    great 01:00

    4 rounds of: 10 toes to bar, 20 kb swings, 40 air squats, 400m run. For time. 21:16 was my time and it was a tough one today (when is it not?)!

  3. VELO
    great trail loop 8.6 mi 00:45 11.5mph pace

    fun to be out with my hubby, enjoying the nice weather and good company. Haven't been on the bikes in over a month so it was great to break them out again :)

  4. FIT
    good Severin 00:43

    Benchmark workout today: 50 pull-ups (jumping for me), 100 hand release push-ups, and a 5k run (and since this was a surprise, I had no iPod :( ) 43 minutes, don't know how much of that was p... read more

  5. FIT

    3x20 Romanian deadlifts (hello hamstrings), 8x50m sprints

  6. FIT

    rope climb progression, I still have a long way to go, but getting the basics down. The WOD: 15 min AMRAP of 1 rope climb, 3 snatches, 11 pushups, 13 v-sits. I got 6.5 rounds in.

  7. FIT
    good Birthday surprise 01:00

    today was a celebration of 3 of our athletes birthday's, one who is 18, one 47, and the other is 60. So, WOD was: 600m run, 18 hand stand push ups, 47 weighted situps, 60 kb swings, 500m row,... read more

  8. FIT
    great Nasty Girls!! 01:00

    Holy workout Batman! This was intense! 3 rounds of 50 air squats, 21 ring rows, 21 chair dips, 10 hang cleans (65# weight for me). RX was 7 muscle ups instead of the 21 rows and dips, but I am n... read more

    • Jennifer B.
      Jennifer B.

      Nasty Girls is the actual name for this workout, I didn't mean that it applies to me (hopefully not anyway!). :D

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    • Sterling K.
      Sterling K.

      Interesting title! :) sounds like a great workout. Hmmm you might just be a nasty girl! ;) whatever that means.

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    • Eric

      That's an interesting name. Sounds like you had a great workout.

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  9. RUN
    great The Dirty Dash 10k 6.2 mi

    what a muddy mess this turned out to be! So much fun to "run" this with my family and spend that time with them laughing and eating mud and acting like little kids. My daughter was jeal... read more

  10. FIT
    great 01:00

    500m row, 50 air squats, 40 situps, 30 pushups, 20 ring rows, 10 kb swings: for time. 7 min 53 seconds. I did my fastest ever 500m row today, 1:58! Been trying to get under 2 minutes for a while ... read more

    • Sterling K.
      Sterling K.

      This list just doesn't sound like a good time! :) lol I still need to see this in action. Go Jenn!

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  11. attempting to "retrain" myself running after getting some pointers from a running coach I workout with. A little nervous about it since I tire much more quickly so far, but when I do the... read more

  12. RUN
    alright 5 mi 01:00 12:00 pace

    it was hot and I was tired, but I have had a very stressful week and rather than sit down and eat chocolate, I ran. Totally made the right choice!

    • Sterling K.
      Sterling K. Feel Better
      Feel Better:

      Good for you dear!! Its sometimes much easier to eat then to workout! I am proud of you!

      over 6 years ago

  13. RUN
    alright 2 mi 00:20 10:00 pace

    CrossFit today was 4x800m run. Try to keep within 4 seconds of previous run. I did my first one in 3:57 which is crazy fast for me for a half mile! Then the second one was 4:13 and I felt like c... read more

  14. FIT
    great "Murphy" 00:42

    1 mile run, 50 pullups, 100 pushups, 150 air squats, 1 mile run Completed in 41:39 Next time we do this I want to do the full Murphy (100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats) rather than the half. ... read more

  15. FIT
    good 3 mi

    rowing intervals at CF today, times were my best yet but felt like I was going to hurl. Ugh, rowing.

  16. FIT
    good KB swings and jumps over pipe 01:00

    12 min AMRAP, 5 single arm kb swings (35lb kb) per arm, 15 jumps over the pipe (12 inches high) I completed 12 rounds. We worked on clean and jerks before hand, I got up to 75lbs (2 sets of 3), t... read more

    • Sterling K.
      Sterling K.

      Pesky injures!!!! My week has not been kind to me. I haven't gotten any workouts in. On the up side I think foot is healed.

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  17. FIT
    great 3.5 mi

    great, I love spending time with my best friend and her hubby and this gave us a chance to talk about next year's Ragnar, we will all be on the same team! :) Now, to convince my hubby to joi... read more