Wall of Motivation (25)

  1. Hugh B.

    Very respectable for no speed work. Great work Jen. on a workout

  2. Finster11
      You're Hot

    Amazing 10 today--great job of keeping up with my blazin' fast pace!

  3. Greg P.
      Great Performance

    Super work Jen! Congratulations on a good run on a tough course! on a workout

  4. Hugh B.

    Great job out there today and very solid given you haven't been banking that ... read more

  5. Hugh B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Man you picked a hot one to pound out a 20. Great job! on a workout

  6. David N.
      Nice Job

    Nice job getting out there. I wonder if our paths crossed! on a workout

  7. Steven S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Baby steps? You'll be bouncing back in no time! on a workout

  8. Greg P.
      Get Better

    Bummer Jen! Hope you are feeling better soon. on a workout

  9. Greg P.

    Wow! Sub 1:40 on a tough course, and with a little leg niggle? Super impressi... read more

  10. Greg P.
      Feel Better

    Bummer you're not feeling 100%. Sounds ike a smart move to take it easier tom... read more

  11. Rebecca
      Great Performance

    You're so fast! Nice run :) on a workout

  12. Greg P.
      You're Badass

    Wow! Great 10K Jen! Happy Thanksgiving. on a workout

  13. Hugh B.
      Great Performance

    Geewhiz, WTG Jen! Happy T-day. on a workout

  14. Greg P.
      Great Performance

    Super run Jen! on a workout

  15. Steven S.

    Nicely done Jen! Solid run after your ½! on a workout

  16. David N.
      Great Performance

    Wow great pace. Sounds like a fun race I'll have to mark this one for next y... read more

  17. Hugh B.
      Great Performance

    Still smokin' pace!!! on a workout

  18. Hugh B.
      Great Performance

    Wow you rocked this given your time off. Stoked to hear no barking from the a... read more

  19. Mike W.
      Get Better

    Definitely the right move to call it so you don't hurt yourself! Get better a... read more

  20. Finster11
      Get Better

    hey C.S.--sometimes life gives you lemons. but keep your eyes on the prize: y... read more

  21. Hugh B.
      Great Performance

    Wow Jen, a huge congrats on the PR and the screaming pace! on a workout

  22. Hugh B.
      Nice Job

    Awesome job! Sneaky using the Kennedy trick for a free 2.5 :D on a workout

  23. Mike W.
      Great Performance

    Sweet running Jen! congrats! on a workout

  24. Mike W.
      Good Luck

    Good luck Jen, and good running! on a workout

  25. Hugh B.
      Great Performance

    Damn fly gurl, that's some serious speed for a half. Congrats! on a workout