Friends (33)

  • Kyung L.
  • Kim G.

    Kim G.

    Madison, WI, Train wisely, and injury free.

  • Joy G.

    Joy G.

    Westminster, CO, Running, swimming, triathlons! Hiking 14'ers is my new hobby!

  • Pj


    WI, Running 5K's going forward to build my distance mileage base back up to where it needs to be.

  • Cecilia


    Keller, TX, We moved AGAIN! This time is the last! Discovering the bike trails and all there is to do in and around Keller, Texas.

  • Caolan M.

    Caolan M.

    Boulder, CO, 2017: Black Canyon 100k, Boston, Colfax Marathon, Leadville 100, So far...

  • Steve P.

    Steve P.

    Racine, WI, 2016 Goals Sub 5:45 - Half Iron Triathlon (70.3)

  • Gary F.

    Gary F.

    Salem, WI, PP Oly TRI (2:30) Racine 70.3 (5:45) Ironman Wisconsin (don't die)

  • Danica L.

    Danica L.

    CO, Ran the Boston Marathon (done!); Grow my blog, RunWorkLiveRepeat,; Help others; Have fun, stay healthy & keep running strong!

  • Doretha W.

    Doretha W.

    Savannah, GA, To run 1217 in 2017

  • Joe V.

    Joe V.

    Youngstown, OH,

  • Carilyn B.

    Carilyn B.

    Ada Township, MI, To maintain my status as "Goddess of words and all that is good" while having fun on the run.

  • Melissa E.

    Melissa E.

    Bartlett, IL, To lose 25 more pounds, run a half marathon and perhaps a full marathon in 2013, and become a better runner.

  • John - Old Dawg P.

    John - Old Dawg P.

    Broken Arrow, OK, Stay Healthy Encourage Others

  • Chuck G.

    Chuck G.

    Frisco, TX, Qualify for the Boston Marathon.

  • Eileen D

    Eileen D

    Tucson, AZ, Just keep runnin'!! =)

  • Kellie W.

    Kellie W.

    Chicago, IL,

  • Lisa


    Fort Collins, CO, Recently moved to Ft. Collins, CO and am exploring great places to run and people to run with. Running Colorado Fall Classic Marathon and a 50K?

  • Robert L.
  • Shareen


    Danville, IL, full and 1/2 marathons, I'd like to finish a 50K in 2015

  • Freddy L.

    Freddy L.

    Santa Monica, CA, Sub 4:00 marathon, Sub 1:44 1/2 marathon, Sub 46 10k, sub 22:00 5k, Olympic Distance Tri, Half Ironman. One day an Ironman....maybe.

  • Esther R.

    Esther R.

    Fair Lawn, NJ, I want to run strong, smart and happy for many, many miles. And if I qualify for Boston along the way, bonus! Edit, 11/23/14: Boston 2016, here I come!!

  • Janet M.

    Janet M.

    , Just to be fit & healthy!

  • Sheila P.

    Sheila P.

    Jefferson, WI, Recovery from SI-Joint Instability and train for 4th Half Marathon

  • Susane M J.

    Susane M J.

    Scottsdale, AZ, Ran Across Canada Sheet Harbour, NS-Vancover, BC:) 07/15/2012- 11/28/2012. Training for to Run Across the USA & BQ 2018