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Boston 2013. Get back to challenging PRs again. Time goals: 5k: 19:39 HM: 1:35:00 Marathon: 3:19

Wall of Motivation (37)

  1. Kate H.
      Post a workout!

    Checking in with you and making sure you are well!

  2. Slowtwitchsteve
      Great Performance

    Great race Joe! 186bpm's!! Wow!! You really pushed yourself!! You smoked tha... read more

  3. Slowtwitchsteve
      Good Luck

    I'm wishing you luck, but you DONT need it Joe!! Kill that course tomorrow, ... read more

  4. Loreen C.

    What Amanda said! on a workout

  5. Slowtwitchsteve
      You're an Inspiration

    Holy Cow!! 3:45!!!? That is PURE DEDICATION & COMMITMENT Joe!! Great job & ... read more

  6. Slowtwitchsteve
      Nice Job

    Great job Joe!! You are almost there!! TAPER TIME ROCKS!!!!!!! on a workout

  7. Michael O.
      Nice Job

    Solid work! on a workout

  8. Slowtwitchsteve
      Great Performance

    Awesome run Joe!! Those are impressive splits with no taxation on the HR!!! on a workout

  9. Loreen C.

    You are killing it! on a workout

  10. Anne L.
      Great Performance

    awesome run! you should be psyched! on a workout

  11. Chris F.
      Nice Job

    Is this DailyMile or DailyPuck? You posted the wrong stats. on a workout

  12. Michael O.
      Great Performance

    Awesome job! Quite speedy!!! on a workout

  13. Michael O.
      Great Performance

    Solid work!!! The pavement on that hill must be all burned up now after you g... read more

  14. Michael O.
      Nice Job

    Way to air it out! on a workout

  15. Michael O.
      Nice Job

    Very strong work! Hills force us to get stronger. on a workout

  16. Michael O.
      Nice Job

    Strong work & great miles. on a workout

  17. Anne L.
      You're an Inspiration

    wow, great job especially with the HEAT! on a workout

  18. Michael O.
      Nice Job

    Solid work in some serious HEAT! on a workout

  19. Loreen C.
      Get Better

    Good plan. Take care of that knee! on a workout

  20. Steve B.
      Get Better

    You're a mess! Rest sounds like the best plan. on a workout

  21. Kate H.
      Feel Better

    Oh, boo. Rest up and hopefully everything will be all systems go on Monday. ... read more

  22. Loreen C.
      Get Better

    Good strategy! on a workout

  23. Anne L.
      Get Better

    good decision! on a workout

  24. Michael O.
      Nice Job

    Well done! It's not easy to run that type of distance on such a small loop. on a workout

  25. Slowtwitchsteve
      Get Better

    Sorry to hear about your knee Joe. Hope it is nothing serious. on a workout

  26. Michael O.
      Nice Job

    Great work, Joe! on a workout

  27. Anne L.
      Get Better

    I know the clamshell well...had to do that a lot with my old hip problem. ba... read more

  28. Michael O.
      Get Better

    I'm glad that you have hockey as a great complement to running. It sounds li... read more

  29. Loreen C.
      Get Better

    Great XT and no impact, well not the same as you get while running anyway! on a workout

  30. Michael O.
      Great Performance

    Awesome! on a workout

  31. Michael O.
      Nice Job

    Great work, Joe! You nailed it! on a workout

  32. Loreen C.
      Nice Job

    Sub 8:00 with hills is awesome! on a workout

  33. Michael O.
      Nice Job

    Great track workout, Joe! Way to get that done in the rain! on a workout

  34. Anne L.
      Nice Job

    nice run! great job pushing yourself! on a workout

  35. Anne L.
      You're an Inspiration

    great pace over the distance! keep it up! on a workout

  36. Ryan M.
      Nice Job

    Treemendous run. on a workout

  37. Ryan M.

    100 miles a month is something to celebrate! on a workout