Randy Coffee ran: Injured-Spring Marath...

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  • 10 miles
  • 01:40 time
  • 10:02 pace
  • 1455 calories
  • 0 ft climb
  • 0 max hr
  • 0 avg hr
    • Currently /5 Effort.
    effort /5
injured Green Valley Road Race Report 10 mi 01:40 10:02 pace

Injured-Spring Marathon is off.

Remember yesterday when I said I didn't know what to expect from today? I really meant that just in terms of my breathing/cardio after being sick all week last week. I didn't expect the ole IT Band to make a strong reappearance.

After a warm up jog around, I was feeling really good. For most races I really amp up the pressure on myself for some reason...but this time I didn't. I felt really relaxed. I felt like I covered most of the Furman campus; getting registered at one place, seeing Christy to the 8K start at another, finding a bathroom, then finding my start line. It was NOT a good setup. I know the University layout well, I feel bad for the people who didn't. I get to the Start area, and I'm chatting up a few folks (@ Dawn R...tell Whitney it was great to see her today! And thanks for the encouragement on the race course) when all of the sudden the horn goes off and the crowd starts moving. No announcement, no nothing. There were still people stretching against trees and milling about. A very odd start.

Despite this, I was feeling great. I wasn't sluggish from my time off and I felt really fluid. Clicking along at around a 7:30-7:45 pace. I felt like I could keep my pace comfortably under 8 for the 10 miles, and get in around 1:20.

Around mile 3, I started feeling an old familiar twinge in my leg, but reasoned with myself, as long as it didn't get any worse, I'd be ok. I backed of of the pace somewhat, and kept going. By mile 4 the twinge had gotten worse, it was VERY noticeable, and all sorts of thoughts started to go through my brain...

...do I push through it?
...do I stop?
...can I call Christy to come get me?
...what happens to my marathon plans for Spring?
...where does Tim live? Maybe he can take me home..haha

I kept pulling back...getting slower to ease what has become a full fledged pain by mile 5. So there I was...almost exactly 5 miles from the start, and 5 miles from the finish. By mile 6 I decided to walk it out for a little while. I tried stopping and stretching too. People were so nice as they passed, they could see me in pain. I must have walked for a quarter-mile and picked up a jog...stop...jog...walk...jog..walk...rinse repeat. I made a deal with myself that I'd walk the uphills (since they were killing me) then jog the rest...so I did. I saw Kevin out on the course around mile 7 or so and we chatted and I appreciated his encouragement to "live to run another day". I finally made it back on to the campus and my amazing wife finished the race with me, encouraging me every step of the way. With shouts from Jessica, Kevin and Billy at the finish!

I'm glad I didn't quit. I avoided my first DNF. I PR'd the 10 Mile Distance (my first race at this distance). PLUS.next time I'm virtually assured to CRUSH my previous 10 miler PR haha.

Maybe its the good Lord looking out for me...Christy wouldn't be ready to run the Knoxville Half...so when we thought about doing Nashville...the race and hotel was so ridiculously expensive, I had been planning to sell a kidney to swing it...so this is perhaps for the best. Gives me plenty of time to rehab, build mileage and strength to rock out the Marine Corps in October.

Thanks to all my DM friends who were there (Jessica, Billy, Kevin) and those anonymous people on the course who were so nice to me today. Your encouraging words and offers of help really helped me make it through. Happy running everyone!

  • Christy

    You are so amazing! And you had just about the best attitude I could imagine after ward. (MUCH better than I did in December!) It felt rather odd waiting on you at the finish and knowing something had to have went wrong...just like you must have felt with me in December. I hated to see you in so much pain, but I am proud of you for finishing the race! We have plenty of time for October...it will be awesome!

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Christy

    p.s. In case you forgot, you did NOT have this good of an attitude after your 1st injury a year ago - lol. But that just goes to show everyone how far you have come as a runner - mentally and physically. Great example!

    over 7 years ago Like1 person

  • Jessica W.
    Jessica W.

    I did hate to see you hobble-jogging to the finish. When you weren't back by 1:20ish, Christy and I started asking questions aloud, hoping that you were okay and nothing had gone wrong. Glad you were able to finish the race, and really glad to have met you today!

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Bill O.
    Bill O.

    Very impressive job Randy !! I was so excited to see you make it to the finish and live to run another day !! It's always great to talk with you and I truly hope you'll rehab the ITB !!! Great race !!!

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Tim B.
    Tim B.

    Sorry to hear about this Randy - that really stinks. Great job gutting it out. I hope you have a fast recovery - we haven't gotten our run in this month (or last)! Looks like your going to be spending some time with El Diablo!

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Bob B.
    Bob B.

    Randy, So sorry to learn of your injury. Please forgive me for not sticking around long enough after finishing myself... that was my bad. I guess I was too wrapped up in getting that water in me they just gave me. Congrats to Christy... a 9:13 pace for 5.05 miles is great in my book. Oh... I was by myself today which was probably another reason I didn't stick around long afterwards. Brian, my daughter's fiancée - was getting moved into a house over in Easley - he would have run with me, but had to move.

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Kesha K.
    Kesha K. Get Better
    Get Better:

    NOOOOOOO! Total bummer Randy. Sorry you have to go through this again. Great positive attitude though! You're lucky to have Christy there to coach you along in the rehab! I'll look forward to seeing you in October ;-)

    over 7 years ago

  • Kevin G.
    Kevin G. Get Better
    Get Better:

    Great to see you and Christy today. I am impressed that you overcame the pain to finish today. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    over 7 years ago

  • Erica M.
    Erica M. Get Better
    Get Better:

    So sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you feel better soon!

    over 7 years ago

  • Jenny B.
    Jenny B. Get Better
    Get Better:

    oh, no! so sorry to hear...but i think you're right about it being for the best? glad you were smart about it, and you *still* turned in a fantastic time!

    over 7 years ago