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To rediscover joy in training & running, possibly complete another half ironman in honor of my brother & TMM. Check out our story at

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  1. walk
    alright up to 4 miles now 4.1 mi 01:02 15:07 pace

    Yesterday's 3.5 mile walk went so well I pushed it to 4 today. Furthest walk since November. Weird intermittent stuff firing off and on throughout. Not sure what to think, but very hard not... read more

    • Scarlett E.
      Scarlett E.

      Kristin, all sorts of things fire off when I walk. In fact, almost more goes on when I do a long walk than when I run. I think it's part of healing and also that we're hyper aware of weaknesses these days. I totally understand feeling like you'll never get back to where you were--I so miss my long-run Saturdays--but things will get easier and you will get faster again.

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  2. walk
    good Frostbite 5k plus 3.52 mi 00:45 12:47 pace

    Well, well, well...numbness totally gone in the right leg, and only a patch the size of my hand remains on the left side under the gluteus medius. Hips achy and stiff, and still some clicking and ... read more

  3. FIT
    good PT exercises, jump rope and a... 7.75 mi 00:40 05:09 pace

    Hey, this was a fine spin! Did my long list of PT exercises, which takes almost 30 minutes, and now includes jumping rope. OH. MY. GOSH. my calves were absolutely screaming after three continuous... read more

  4. swim
    good getting the morning going 2000 yd 00:50 43:59 pace

    Redeemed Monday's sloppy tired mile with a strong swim to start off the day. Felt really good. Finished the last three laps at a sprint, peeled off goggles and cap to find coach Ivan Tucker,... read more

    • Nicole N.
      Nicole N.

      NOT zero. You have a history of good health choices, fitness, core work, plus the walking, cycling, and swimming you've been doing. Zero would be coming off the couch and you certainly aren't there!

      3 days ago Like2 people

    • Donna N.
      Donna N.

      Sending you high-fives and hugs -- this is a great report!

      3 days ago Like1 person

    • Kristin J.
      Kristin J.

      Thanks for that perspective, Nic! And thanks, D, for the high fives!

      3 days ago Like1 person

    • Scarlett E.
      Scarlett E.

      Definitely not ZeRo! You'll have more knowledge, more mental toughness and more perspective than before. And your body has memory!

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  5. walk
    alright 3.1 mi 00:45 14:30 pace

    Picked up the pace on the walk today. Some numbness in both legs starting just before mile 2, but lower back feeling pretty darn good. It was great to be off that treadmill and out in the fresh a... read more

  6. swim
    blah early swim 1800 yd 00:50 48:53 pace

    Blah. Just a slow, dragging slop. Arms and legs all over the place, no oomph. Still got it done but too slowly to escape the gagging oppression of the heavy floral jungle that arrived for water ... read more

    • Nicole N.
      Nicole N.

      Way to get an early start. Funny sensory images this morning. That was quite the game!

      8 days ago Like1 person

    • Scarlett E.
      Scarlett E.

      Oh my God this totally happens to me but it's the disgusting smell of men's shaving cream! Yuck!

      8 days ago Like1 person

    • Kristin J.
      Kristin J.

      Scarlett, I am almost never caught because I go on off times when most of the folks are lap swimmers like me, but every now and then (like this morning) I get a snoutful of nasty that just undoes me. How can people not realize?!?

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  7. walk
    tired more treadmill 3.5 mi 01:07 19:09 pace

    Still really sore. Got through the walking with no numbness in the leg at all, though, which is encouraging. Did all PT exercises after and followed it up with foam roller. Tired!

  8. walk
    good 'mill miles 3.75 mi

    Sorrrrrrre from yesterday's PT work and long swim. A good sore, though, and it is fabulous to feel it again. Like I'm actually doing something. Upped the pace and distance with no majo... read more

    • Donna N.
      Donna N.

      I just LOVE seeing that smiley face, Kristin! And I'm glad you enjoyed the book. :)

      10 days ago Like1 person

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    • Donna N.
      Donna N.

      Kristin, I did the same things! Love it. Let's see, as for what to read next... Have you read Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell? Or Fearless by Eric Blehm? (Nicole, I know you've read Fearless.) Or how about The Perfect Mile by Neal Bascom? Or Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer? I'll tag you guys on a facebook post so you can easily look these over. :)

      10 days ago Like1 person

    • Shannon H.
      Shannon H.

      Yay! Great post Kristin! I've heard great things about The Boys in the Boat, might put it next on my reading list:)

      10 days ago Like1 person

  9. FIT
    good 30 minute trainer 7 mi 00:30 04:17 pace

    hit this session after 3.75 treadmill walk and then my PT exercises. No more radiating numbness, but hip and glute on the right side still tight and tweaky in places.

    • Donna N.
      Donna N.

      Man, you're really putting in the time, and I am so glad it's paying off for you. Nice work!

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  10. FIT
    good physical therapy 00:45

    Yep, I'm logging physical therapy because he really worked me today. BOSU, push-up crosses, balance and strength, and my first experience with TRX. LOVED it.

  11. FIT
    good short one to limber up 7 mi 00:20 02:51 pace

    You know...we were born to move. Just the way we were made. Always feel better when you get going, so I hopped on the trainer quickly before everyone got up and did a quick spin. Feels tight to ... read more

  12. swim
    great 2000 yards 2000 yd 00:43 37:50 pace

    Sliced through that water for 40 laps in good time and could've kept right on swimming at not even full effort. A mile (36 laps) seems easy now and I am feeling pretty high about it. All the... read more

  13. FIT
    good short on time 00:20

    Didn't get to the trainer in time for the 30 minutes I had planned, but I was able to click into a more challenging gear for the middle 10 minutes. Felt pretty good!

  14. walk
    alright 3.5 before work 3.5 mi 01:04 18:17 pace

    Picked up the pace on the treadmill a bit. Stiff to start and little things tweaking here and there all over the lower half of the body, but by 2 miles they were warm and looser. 20 pushups and t... read more

  15. swim
    great early morning dip 1800 yd 00:40 39:06 pace

    up just after 4am to drive to the pool again. CRANKED IT through a mile in record time and felt awesome!! So desperate for some cardio these days I guess it's helping my swim pace when the g... read more

  16. walk
    injured another treadmill 5K 3 mi 00:55 18:16 pace

    Picked up the pace a bit and some of the numbness in the right leg returned. Bummer.

    • Scarlett E.
      Scarlett E.

      Ugh. This injury is frustrating! Great job being patient and I hope things improve this week.

      14 days ago Like1 person

    • Kristin J.
      Kristin J.

      Thanks, Scarlett. Gotta expect a few setbacks now and then on the road to recovery. I'm sure you could tell me a thing about that, yourself!

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  17. walk
    good a little more 3.25 mi 01:00 18:24 pace

    No numbness today!!! Went a quarter mile further at the same pace, did 20 pushups, then all my PT exercises and an easy 30 min spin. Sounds like a lot. We'll see what the hips and back tell... read more

  18. FIT
    good 30 minute trainer 6.75 mi 00:30 04:26 pace

    A bit faster, not wanting to push it too early. Yesterday afternoon I felt just awful, but that had way more to do with spending the whole day taking down all the Christmas decorations than with t... read more

  19. FIT
    good Easy paced trial session 6.5 mi 00:30 04:36 pace

    First time back on the bike in about 5 weeks. Kept the pace very, very low (miles are a bike computer). Experimented with lower gears and position. Aero seems to be more uncomfortable... read more

  20. walk
    alright around the country block 3.12 mi 00:50 16:03 pace

    Nice to get off the treadmill, but I seem to feel better in the hip/leg area when I walk on it as opposed to the road surface. Still, got it done and was able to up the pace by one or two minutes ... read more